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  bmoney2011  |  29

Seriously though? There's only 1 way, 2 say, 3 words 4 you! I love you! How do you get that wrong? Even if English isn't your first language, there's not really many ways to fuck that up unless you use Ebonics? Ay guh, I jus wana let u no...dat I luv u. Mmmmmk!" ?!?!?!?!?


Actually, my husband's French and the first time I told him I loved him, he replied by saying "Me too, I love you" because it works in French. I had to inform him that it was incorrect, but encouraged him to continue saying it because it's cute.

  dudeitsdanny  |  46

You suck nerds? Hit me up for my address. ;D Anwyayssssssss... Unless he was like "Yo betch me love you long time"... It's a major FML, and she's just... Sad. At #4: =( Sorry. That really sucks.

By  TheLoneWolf87  |  26

Ah, what a good perspective it is, #4. Here's another. If a man speaks his mind in a forest, and no woman is listening, is he still wrong? Expect her to have to correct you till you die, OP.

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