By sucks / Thursday 12 March 2009 17:53 / United States
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By  RHK_fml  |  0

It's always hard to believe that there are parents out there that are this f***ed up. That sucks man, sorry to hear it.

By  RHK_fml  |  0

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By  jSOPURE  |  3

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  Etherial  |  0

I have a boyfriend who is very much into me and I into him, so believe me - I have a choice. And we've both chosen to wait until marriage.

Some people actually appreciate how special it is when both partners start off a marriage well, TOGETHER. All the time you are together, you're getting to know each other and building your relationship to be together for the rest of your lives and then when you get married - sex is the last link to your relationship, what helps the two of you become one. :)

And I gotta say, its been working great - my boyfriend and I have a better relationship than most other people around us.

So yes, some people have a choice. ;)


@179: 1. your bf fucks other girls
2. if not 1., you only going to find out how much he sucks in bed when you can't just dump him anymore


Ignore #225 and #211. I'm making the same choice to wait until I'm married before having sex. I've never cheated on a girlfriend before, I don't watch porn, and currently I'm 21. So those two, and anyone else who thinks that waiting is stupid, are wrong. And even better, by waiting you get to avoid EVERYTHING that comes with having premarital sex, from STDs to unexpected pregnancies. ^_^

  I_Bite  |  22

#305 I do agree not all are compatible in bed, however if you have nothing to compare it to and have built that foundation on loving one another for their personality and how well you work as a team, the sexual side doesn't mean as much to you :)

By  shimmyya88  |  0

Sort of what #5 and #6 said, get a friend to play along that you are/you got her pregnant. All the fun with getting her freaked out but no after effects...like a child.

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