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  Timmo_fml  |  2

They broke up, she doesn't have to do anything. If he still loves her, he wouldn't be harassing her. If it was me, I'd throw a brick at him from out my window.

  badbe  |  0

L profound. I said call him and sort things out not to go back to him, get things sorted out so he knows his place. Wouldn't expect you to think a step ahead though

  Bees_fml  |  0

Two children fighting.

OP, why don't you get over it and accept his behavior? After all, you expect him to roll over and accept yours!

Seriously, go outside and talk through your problems like two adults. The decision to go out was mutual; the decision to part ways should be too (if possible). It sounds like you didn't even make an effort.


  c8750  |  2

48, usually in a break up it's not mutual. Although we don't know why OP broke up with her bf, it's safe to assume she's no longer into him & he's infatuated with her

  Bees_fml  |  0

My point is, it should be mutual. No longer being "into" the other person is no adult reason for a breakup. Unless there's something like abuse going on, unilateral breakups are disrespectful and immature.

And yes, I realize my outlook on this is atypical (just like any other form of consideration/respect).


#98, you said "it should be mutual. No longer being 'into' the other person is no adult reason for a breakup." So you're saying that even if someone no longer loves, cares, or is attracted to another person they should stay with them because no longer being "into" them is immature? I think it takes a lot of guts and self-knowledge to know when the person you're with isn't the right person for you. In fact, to stick around just because seems like a really immature reason to stay with someone. It's not fair to the other person to deprive them of the opportunity to find someone better suited for them or even the ability to enjoy single life or travel on the path of self-discovery.


OP if it bothers you that much & you know for sure you don't want him back call the police & tell them he's stalking &/or harassing you. they can issue him a CTW (Criminal Trespass Warrant) & if he breaks it he'll spend a night in jail. Then you can file a Restraining or Protective Order. The End.

  jeremy418  |  0

104 .. your kidding right really are you all that shallow that you don't get it ok here you go what 98 meant/ or what I got from it is this if you split you should both talk it out see if both can agree and if not what else is there to do leave but that should be the last thing you do. I swear ppl are just too shallow these days and only think about them self ....

  Bees_fml  |  0

110 gets what I was saying. I wasn't saying don't break up. I was saying don't dump. It's arrogant to assume your self-knowledge (no matter how accurate) is all that matters in continuing or ending a relationship once founded on mutual attraction/respect.

  docscientist  |  9

That's a bit hasty for a restraining order. if the guy carries on over a few days however, with the girl making her point clear, then a restraining order is in order

  Molkerei  |  0

when does ignoring stuff ever works it's the cowards way. she has been ignoring him for the past 3 hours and that did nothing. pick up the phone and say listen we broke up and the way you are acting just confirms that was a good call. you have 10 min to leave before I get the police.

  starile  |  19

"Then it should be fine"? What's "fine" about creepy stalker ex on the front yard? If she broke up for the right reasons, a good ol' shotgunnin' is due.

By  SomePinkTape  |  0

that's what you get for breaking his heart!

By  lunargh  |  7

Give him a day. If he's still psycho, tell him to go away or you'll call the police. If he doesn't go away, call the police. Trust me, you don't want a stalker ex boyfriend. You need to make that clear to him.

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