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Maybe OP could make up for her remark by giving him every season of Breaking Bad! Then he could have fun watching that, hopefully. Just keep an eye out for your grandpa wearing a black hat and hiding wads of cash throughout the house. On a serious note, my best wishes to your grandpa... I hope the treatments are very successful.


I'm actually guilty of this, lol. The times I would go through the drive thru and the window cashier would tell me to enjoy when handing my order, I would say out of habit, "Thanks, you too."


@15 Well, I was homeschooled by my mother until 2nd grade. So out of habit, I called my teacher mom a few times. just one scenario.

It's okay OP, we all slip up at some point in life & have a brain fart. Hopefully what you said didn't get to him, and I hope his chemotherapy goes well :). I'm rooting for him to beat the cancer.

By  jdw17

It's really not that huge of a deal. Is it a little fucked up, but what mood lightening comment isn't? If I was going through chemo I would rather hear stupid crap like that than "good luck" or "feel Better" all the damn time.


I said "have fun, and good luck" to my mother all during her chemotherapy treatment. She would always smile and say that she would try her best.

I use 'have fun' as a goodbye for anything for quick trips to the loo, go doctors appointments. Hopefully he understood the well meaning intent. I hope his treatment goes well

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