Pierrotlefou's Illustrated FML

Hi there! So, back from your holidays? Back to school, back to work, got the blues? Here’s the antidote: have you seen/heard the South Korean LMFAO? He’s called PSY, he’s very well known in his homeland and he’s got over 100 million hits on...
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Hi there! So, back from your holidays? Back to school, back to work, got the blues? Here’s the antidote: have you seen/heard the South Korean LMFAO? He’s called PSY, he’s very well known in his homeland and he’s got over 100 million hits on Youtube with his now famous clip GANGNAM STYLE. Crazy video, a choreography your gran could do and catchy melody, it’s got it all. Stick it on, get in the mood, and carry on reading this article.

This week will prove that age is just a number because our artist is 16 years old. He’s called Pierre Caroff, alias Pierrotlefou. He lives in France and describes his life as thus: “I sleep and draw, but sometimes I do other stuff, like going to high school, going to the toilet, putting my shoes on and other more or less amusing things.” 

So, he’s funny too. “What I like to do when I draw cartoons is to evoke an emotion in the person reading. To imagine that I’m making someone laugh on the other side of France, or even making them indignant at the crapness of my work is amazing! It’s even possible that I stopped someone from committing suicide, or pushed someone to commit murder without even knowing it! Maybe it’s because of me that François Hollande became President, who knows? Anyway, I like to set off emotions in people, however small they are (the emotions, not the people).”

Pierre reckons he’s good at drawing but lacks time to do so, but will find it eventually. His main problem is “coming up with decent stories.” His wish being to get people to feel emotions, storylines are thus important. We can speculate that this will come with time, at his age, ideas are continually rushing from one thing to another.

For the time being, Pierre takes care of his blog and takes part in a fanzine called Loboto’zine, of which the next edition comes out this month. He also has another fanzine project but which is a long way away from completion. As for school, he expects to go towards graphics studies, all the while saying that it seems “far away.” Not that far, dear Pierre! Have a good school year, you and our dear readers by the way!

“My projects are to get my high school diploma first, then get a job that makes me lots of dollars, then get a big house with three swimming pools, then become king of the world, then the universe, but first my high school diploma. And as I said, I have a fanzine project, but the way I’m going about it, it seems that the first edition will appear in 2023 so…”

We’re in no hurry then. Let’s slowly move on to the next part.

Cats or dogs?
Seeing as I’ve got a dog, it would be a betrayal to say cats.

What are the latest things you enjoyed in movies, music, books and comics?
I haven’t seen many things at the movies I really liked recently, except for the last Batman movie, which was good, but not much more than that. I saw an older movie last week called “Welcome to Gattaca”, that was really excellent! I was expecting a B-movie, but wham! A masterpiece! As for comics, I’d say “The fabulous autobiographical adventures of John Relom” by Relom, of which I’m a fan, and also “Batman: the court of owls” is really good. Greg Capullo is a genius and kicks ass!

Who are the main artists you appreciate and whose blogs you visit frequently?
Most of them don’t have a blog, but those that do would be Larcenet, Boulet of course, O.Texier, Eric Salch, Obion. Others too, but these guys are really good.

Tell us what you like in life, your pastimes, vices, and little everyday pleasures.
I like cassoulet, caramel, adding a figurine to my collection or a comic book to my library, I like Uncle Scrooge, zombies, car boot sales, I like finishing a drawing, I like ugly people.

Tell us a rubbish joke. You can also tell us your own FML instead.
- Do you know the joke about the guy in the toilet? No?
- Me neither, he’d locked the door!

Do you have a phobia? If so, what is it?
Yes, a huge one. I’m very afraid of heights. This year in gym class I had to climb up something, and the teacher wouldn’t take into account the poor saps like me who had vertigo! So as a result I tried to climb like a weakling but I couldn’t help it. The mark depended on how high we managed to get. Then all of a sudden, gnrrraaahhh! It’s unfair. Is there no justice in this world?

There, that’s a bit of an FML isn’t it?

To finish off, ask yourself a question you would like to have been asked, and up to you to answer it or not.
Do you like bread?
Yes! Gnyahahahahahahahhahahaaa!


To see this week’s illustrated FML, click here.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little presentation and the illustrated FML. We’ll go our separate ways with a video from the vaults. I don’t like dubstep, but I like the way this guy moves his body. I think you will too. See you next week!


If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!

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