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Je m'appelle pas Odella hein , j'aime juste bien ce prénom . Hm ... si vous voulez parler il me semble que vous savez tous et toutes comment faire . Je vais vous laisser ma musique favorite ( particulièrement originale) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ9rUzIMcZQ . Je pense qu'on peut se passer de l'originalité ... des fois , des fois la démarcation n'est pas une nécessitée , vous avez de la chance , j'aime pas trop ... partager mes goûts musicaux , peut être trop d'hétéroclisme , disons que si ça me plaît , j'ajoute a ma playlist et je cherche pas vraiment a identifié mes goûts a un style particulier , c'est comme ça un peu partout artistiquement parlant . Je dessine aussi , avec ma tablette graphique maintenant ... c'est triste mais j'ai un peu délaissé le papier , et ses qualités, par la même occasion . Et puis j'aime bien penser , réfléchir , pousser mes réflexions a leurs paroxysmes ( j'ai dis leur(s) paroxysme(s) avec des " s " parce que la pensée est une éternelle arborescence ) , si vous voulez penser avec moi , vous êtes les bienvenus . Bon et bien très chers personnes , peut être a bientôt . Partons du principe que tout est compliqué .
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  • Beginner

    You have looked through 5 pages of the website. That’s a start.
  • Perfectionist

    Editing your comments can help you avoid embarrassment, and it might make you seem smarter.
  • Up and coming moderator

    It’s nice of you to help us sort out the submissions, using FML’s moderate feature.
  • This isn't what should be happening

    You've set the cat off again, he's started pushing fruit out of bodies of water. Well done, wrong turn. Go back.
  • Socialite

    You used FML’s private messaging service for the first time. Will they reply? Wait and see…
  • Work is a 4-letter word

    Voting on an FML in the "Work" category on a Monday morning between 8 and 9 a.m. How ironic.
  • Checking you out

    You checked out the profile page belonging to one of the last people to have a look at your profile.
  • Happy ending

    Brandon may have an FML, but he ended up marrying Jessica. You found this out by reading “FML, the follow up.”
  • Happy month-versary

    You seem to be glued to FML. Shall we set a tent up for you to sleep in?
  • My name is, my name is, my name is... Slim Shady?

    You took your first steps inside the chatroom. Welcome!
  • Santa Claus

    You've looked for Santa absolutely everywhere, and you managed to find him. Well done!
  • I agree, my mouse works.

    200 "I agree" votes is a good start.
  • So, what happened next…

    You commented on a published FML that you'd submitted.
  • It's in the can!

    Hey, you uploaded your photo, and you’re cute as a kitten!
  • I like your style

    You gave a Hug to someone. How cute!
  • 50 favorites

    Love knows no boundaries. You’ve already added 50 FMLs to your favourites list!
  • Profile completed

    You’ve filled out the necessary details. Having done so will be much appreciated.
  • Inception

    You read an FML that mentions a badge, and in return, you've been awarded a badge. A badge inside a badge.
  • The Mixer

    You like to live life randomly, and we salute you.
  • The return of the thumb

    You have thumbed 5000 comments.
  • What'ch'all looking at?

    You have put three pictures on your profile, but not necessarily pictures of your profile.
  • Keen reader – Level: student ninja

    You have voted for 15% of the entire collection of FMLs to date.
  • Going for gold

    You looked for gold on FML. What more do you want, money?
  • Keen reader – Level: master ninja

    You have voted for 50% of the entire collection of FMLs to date.
  • Keen reader – Level: godlike ninja

    You have voted for 100% of the entire collection of FMLs to date.
  • 42

    See, son, moderating FMLs is like a marathon.
  • One more and it's business time

    You've received 68 Hugs on your profile. Kinky.
  • The thumb strikes back

    You have left your thumbprint on 2500 comments.
  • I’m your new creative director

    You had to give your opinion on this new “piece” that the whole world is talking about.
  • Picture this FML

    You left your mark on an illustrated FML’s presentation blog article.
  • A new thumb

    You’ve used your thumb on 1000 comments.
  • Censored

    Not one, not two, but 50 pages of the Intimacy category read. No comment.
  • Tweet, tweet

    You have shared 20 FMLs on Twitter, your followers love you and we understand why.
  • Judgmental

    You have voted "You deserved it" over 100 times.
  • YDI Master

    You made your 500th "You deserved it" vote.
  • Who’s the fairest of them all?

    This is now the third time you’ve changed your profile pic.
  • I moderated this!

    In "Moderate the FMLs", you voted Yes on a story that was subsequently published. Well done!
  • Multitasking

    You found out about the FML Forum, and checked it out.
  • Mobility

    You are connected to FML via the mobile site or an app. How modern.
  • The rules are the rules

    Reading the comment rules is a really good idea. This badge is sponsored by Alan, our moderator.
  • 50 quality comments

    Clicking to reply to a comment is a worthy thing to do. To do so without getting buried afterwards is even worthier.
  • Tell us what happened next

    You've commented on an FML that you sent in
  • I liked to the power of 20

    You've liked 20 FMLs, and your Facebook friends are going to like the FMLs you liked.
  • 100 kick-ass comments

    100 of your comments are neither buried or moderated. Popular is your middle name!
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