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    You have looked through 5 pages of the website. That’s a start.
  • The Mixer

    You like to live life randomly, and we salute you.
  • I like your style

    You gave a Hug to someone. How cute!
  • Happy ending

    Brandon may have an FML, but he ended up marrying Jessica. You found this out by reading “FML, the follow up.”
  • Mobility

    You are connected to FML via the mobile site or an app. How modern.
  • Socialite

    You used FML’s private messaging service for the first time. Will they reply? Wait and see…
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    Love knows no boundaries. You’ve already added 50 FMLs to your favourites list!
  • I'm a rock star

    You have 100 followers. Your head's in the game.
  • Tommy Wiseau

    You have 50 followers and we quite frankly don't know how you managed it.
  • Godlike spy - level 007

    You're following 200 people
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    You're following 100 people
  • Amateur spy - level Johnny English

    You're following 50 people
  • 100 kick-ass comments

    100 of your comments are neither buried or moderated. Popular is your middle name!
  • A new thumb

    You’ve used your thumb on 1000 comments.
  • One more and it's business time

    You've received 68 Hugs on your profile. Kinky.
  • 50 quality comments

    Clicking to reply to a comment is a worthy thing to do. To do so without getting buried afterwards is even worthier.
  • The return of the thumb

    You have thumbed 5000 comments.
  • The thumb strikes back

    You have left your thumbprint on 2500 comments.
  • Censored

    Not one, not two, but 50 pages of the Intimacy category read. No comment.
  • Gandhi

    You have 200 followers. Everyone follows you. You should watch your mouth.
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