By Caci Johnson - / Sunday 15 October 2017 04:30 /
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you could try ripping the keys out and using an air compressor or a cloth with a bit of rubbing alcohol or mineral oil to clean under the keys. if your desperate for a replacement keybored most stores carry $15 logitech boards.

By  katluvr  |  21

$10 will get you a working keyboard, just plug it into a USB port. Also, brush your cats too remove excess fur and/or feed them a better quality food to reduce vomiting.

By  GamerChickxoxo  |  8

I'm currently using a Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2(yellow switch edition) and id definitely recommend it as a replacement, razers store,amazon, and newegg all carry them and frequently have sales and promotions. razer has a few decent boards anywhere from $50-500cad

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