What's Going On On The Technical Side of FML?

Our friend Fleox give us the low-down on all the updates and changes to come.

Hear ye, hear ye.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, fine people of Fmylife.com, I’ve come here today to bring you up to date on the current standing of our precious site, the honorable FML.

It is true (and therefore, not false) that it has been many a fortnight since I last paid a visit to share with you my goings-on. I have heard your tired cries of boredom and your pleas that I hire some new developers to fix the bugs. But I haven't the need, for I’ve got my trusty intern Why with me at all times (whom I'd rate 6/10 on the scale of interns). To pass to the next level, though, he must only ask "why" 10 times a day. But I understand, there is work to be done and for that reason he is currently standing at an average of 18 whys per day. Even now, he just asked me why I didn’t put a classic menu in the app and while maybe I deserved that blow and yeah, perhaps it was a bad idea not to include a classic menu, this why is still going on the daily count!

Let’s get straight to the point, where are we exactly?

In the first place, I would like to thank TMC bringing back its airing of Columbo because had I had to wait any longer, I would have fled the country! Anothing important thing to note is that some of you have pointed out to me that the Appletini was a drink intended for a rather feminine demographic. I would like to defend the young men among us who drink those. Be not ashamed, go forth to the mountaintops and proclaim at the top of your lungs in the deepest, most dignified voice you can muster: “I am an Appletini drinker!” Be proud!

No one, really? Fine then, from your silence I gather you’re still not with me on this one. No matter, won't stop me from preaching the good word.

Seriously, Fleox, can you stop your babbling?

But I’m not babbling, I’m defending the honor of some young men! Okay, I must confess, my rambling has been to loosen you up before talking about more serious subjects, and there are quite a few... so let’s start at the beginning of the beginning:


The Egg Hunt


Our big Easter game was a great success. So many of you played and tried your luck for the chance to win a number of prizes. There are still four or five chickens to clear out of the office and quite a mess to clean up (there are feathers everywhere!). Don’t worry, the clucking machine shall return next year. ;-)

Since we here at FML are nice and we’d like to offer you a new game each season, we took to the Himalayas for a brief interval of transcendental meditation to come up with the game for the summer. It’s still top secret but here's what I can tell you: it will begin on July 1st, there will be pirate ships, treasures to hunt, ancient relics to restore, and a parrot. :-) In short, we’re on it and I can assure you it’s going to be AWESOME.


The Timeline


I will come back to this in a follow-up article dedicated exclusively to this new project, but since it's currently in BETA and available only on the website for now, let’s talk about it for a couple seconds:


So what is this Timeline?


It’s an important addition to FML that allows you to follow one or more users and share your activity on the site with others. Of course, you can also share FML-worthy links and photos.


What if I don’t want to share my activity?


Easy, go into your profile settings and find the checkbox.


So it’s like Tweetbook or something?


Okay, fine, so we didn’t invent the wheel, but the objective here is to act as a tool for sharing and communication in the spirit of FML. So yes, you share, but only FMLs.


The Application


As you may have noticed, we’ve been putting a lot of energy into the stabilization/optimization of the FML app. In addition to the forthcoming update, which will come with a handful of new features, we are finishing up a version of the app with Timeline integration coming that we expect to be released by the end of June.

By Fleox / Tuesday 16 May 2017 17:33 / France
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Top comments
By  pjsr  |  31

The mobile for iOS still cuts off many comments. Many comments can't be voted on. The orangish OP comments are never the actual OP's comments.

By  Zufallian  |  34

I wish FML actually had a team of real developers. I remember suggesting a simple feature that most apps like Reddit can do easily (hide vote numbers until voted), and they're like "we can't do that".

Also, for some reason they feel the need to change the UI every week and make the app more buggy. When I had an iPhone, there was an update that required me to re-log in. Every time I went to go restore my premium it would crash, so I couldn't even get the service I paid for.

  Alan  |  48

We do have a team of real developers, the problem is that changing a feature on the app means a lot of work, fine tuning and the re-submitting it to Apple for their approval. So every little step takes time to implemented. We're getting there, though! Please bear with us.

By  pjsr  |  31

The mobile for iOS still cuts off many comments. Many comments can't be voted on. The orangish OP comments are never the actual OP's comments.

By  species4872  |  19

Five months on and it's still crap.

By  Leeono  |  26

Make it easier to check our own comments from our profile would be nice instead of looking through old fmls to find the one you commented on to see if you have a reply...

By  Brightbulb  |  39

while yes there are some bugs with FML I still strongly remember the excitement of when FML released their iPhone iPod app in 2009 (I had just left for college and was incredibly stoked to read/laugh during boring lectures) and I was happy to find an Android app when I got my first cell phone a year or so later. This place has come so far in just 9 years since fmylife.com came into my life (a teacher introduced it to me in Feb 2008). Any bugs are just a sign of moving forward and up. (However not being able to edit my submitted comments, and having those comments we can't even vote on or read the replies can get frustrating. But it's growing pains I'm sure.) You all rock!