The "What's Happening?" of FML #2

In this weekly column, we tell you everything that happens at FML, what is coming up, and what we wear to bed.

Hello dear friends of FML,

Not too much blahblahblah this week... Okay, just a bit.

Last week I introduced you to our staff, and then I got told off by two very important people: Leslie and Stephanie. Who are they? They take care of all things com (communication for neophytes) around FML. They handle everything from special evenings to special operations to open-heart operations. We commend them for their hard work.

Another thing that was pointed out to me: the Survival Kit posts don't necessarily include the same people as those in the presentation last week. This is totally normal; the article is always made up of the bricabrac ideas of colleagues, former colleagues, and friends. It's a semi-external team, much like the A-Team. I post on Thursdays every week, so be sure to check it out if you haven't already!

So, what's new this week?

We have over 7 million fans on Facebook across the world! It's huge, but we don't like to brag (too much). We're pretty happy, of course, but never arrogant!

We established weekly and monthly schedules. It is not obvious at the moment, but for example, you'll get these weekly updates every Monday, Survival Kit posts each Thursday, and an illustrated FML every other Friday. This past week, we also launched FML Videos created by our dear friend, Louis. We think we should keep the pace of a video every two days... Let us know what you think! There will be other additions as we go... to be continued!

The iPhone app joins the clan: Today the iPhone app is now updated. It presents itself just like the Android app, and both have the same features as the site. Tell us it's beautiful. TELL US!

As mentioned last week: in a few days, or perhaps next week, there will be a new "Portal" on the site. Through the portal, it will be the possible via tabs at the top of all our sites to navigate to... all our sites! This will be especially cool for all you multilingual kids. I hope to have screenshots for you very soon!

That's all for this Monday! Don't forget that this Friday is my birthday, and that my favorite gift is a crisp $50 bill.

See you soon,

Alan and the FML Team

By Alan / Monday 6 March 2017 16:37 /
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Top comments
By  Welshite  |  39

So I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. How was this app released as is? It's practically unusable and full of bugs. Not going to lie, I was tempted to delete the app yesterday and leave for good. These new "features" aren't what made FML great. You got a lot of push-back last year with the unannounced "improvements" that didn't improve much. This is yet another step in the wrong direction. Simplify the site. Get rid of the "new and improved" features that makes this app/site unusable. Work on functionality. Anyone can throw a rainbow on a site and call it an improvement, but that's not going to help the main aspect of this place. The whole FML team has lost sight of their purpose. It's a travesty and a shame.

  Cali  |  54

Firstly, welcome to the Twilight Zone! Make yourself at home! The iOS app is indeed buggy but Fleox has already addressed a lot of the issues in an update that should come out very soon (it's currently being reviewed by Apple). If you'd like to know more about what's been going on with our tech and our team, feel free to check out some of our other blog posts from the last couple of weeks... Fleox's are particularly thorough!

By  em_iweird  |  25

I purchased the ad free version of FML before you guys did the changeover to the new FML and now I am getting ads. Do I need to repurchase the ad free again?