By emeraldapostle - 10/11/2018 14:26
Today, while dreaming, I was thirsty and grabbed a glass of water to drink. The taste was so horrible that it caused me to wake up and realize I was drinking the isopropyl alcohol I keep on my nightstand for my CPAP machine. All Poison Control had to say was, "Uh oh." FML
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Hey all, OP here. I'm fine, and Poison Control helped me out after saying, "uh oh." Now I keep my isopropyl somewhere besides my nightstand
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  Gamessence  |  18

Maybe they said uh oh then said what to do. Op probably left out the what to do part to make it more comical

By  weaboo  |  12

Have you never put water on the nightstand because if you keep the cup full of poison always on your nightstand then you can never put water there. Also, I don’t know how important it is to you but shouldn’t you put it somewhere else

By  wanted_2_want  |  40

In those cases you need to drink milk.
A lot.
It neutralizes MOST household chemicals.

Or, Alternatively, drink a litter of Coke. Squirt a lemon in your mouth. And you are ready to PARTYYYY ! Jk


You do realize that alcohols are a chemical group and most of them are highly poisonous? In fact every Alcohol is poisonous. The only reason we cam drink ethanol, is that it's not poisonous enough to kill us before our body got it out of our systems.

By  ViviMage  |  38

I use a CPAP and I don't rubbing alcohol. What do you use the alcohol for?

  Vian Valiant  |  2

I wanted to ask exactly the same question (also on CPAP). Disinfection is possible explanation... but why to keep that stuff in glass where it evaporates instead of a bottle?

  Yudith  |  18

It was in a glass. He poured himself a nice glass of isopropyl alcohol before going to sleep, I guess because the childproof screw-top cap was too difficult to unscrew while sleepy?