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By Horn Ball - 22/3/2019 19:00 - Canada - Toronto
Today, I got news from my doctor confirming that my partner is too big for me. We've been together for two years and only recently began having sex, and I bled after every time. Well, we've only done it seven times, and now I have to choose between my vagina tearing or having sex. FML
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  siggy_mcsigx  |  19

Yeah but I've never heard of a baby descending the vaginal canal being pleasurable so that argument is BS when it comes to intercourse. Besides, cervix position and shape matters. During peak fertility the cervix lowers, ironically having more vaginal lubrication but a lot less space; therefore period sex could actually be an option; higher cervix and lots of lubricant. Or his issue could be girth not length which could actually tear the outer vulva rather than vaginal walls. In this instance it is also important for the male to be in control of speed, angle, force etc which is acquired through experience and it sounds like this dude might not be the most experienced if they're only having sex now. I've had a very large partner and it was thanks to his patience and ability that we were able to do it (not every time but most times).

  LunarDubstep  |  24

There’s a major difference between labour and sex. There’s more oxytocin released and the vagina has to dilate for the baby. A vagina only becomes wet and stretches a little during sex. Major difference. Sorry bud but that’s not how it works

  jriley4u  |  15

Actually that is how it works. The vagina isn’t some rigid thing that needs an exact size penis.
Either this guy has a mutant penis or her vagina is deformed.