By rachelhope - 11/7/2014 17:07 - United States - Dundalk
Today, I was in a restaurant bathroom, when another girl walked in. I have anxiety issues, and couldn't leave my stall until the other person went first. She rushed into a stall and had violent diarrhea for a good 10 minutes. FML
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To those telling me to leave while she was in the bathroom: you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how anxiety works. My mind was in a state of "The minute I exit my stall she is going to as well." While I knew this was unlikely, I still couldn't physically bring myself to leave. Additionally, I'd like to thank those of you who left positive comments. I'm trying to overcome this. :)
By danielzcwu - 29/12/2015 19:11 - Taiwan - Taipei
Today, I slept on the plane ride home and had a scary nightmare. I started screaming in my dream, so loud that it shocked the old lady sitting next to me into screaming as well. The whole plane began laughing as we were both screaming. FML
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Here's my original post on FB. FML condense make us condense it to 300 words :p aww man.. Just went through one of the most awkward moments of my life. I Just got off the plane from Taipei to hk, during the flight I fell asleep and had a nightmare. I can't remember what it was about. But, I think I was being attacked. So anyway, I started screaming in my dream, unfortunately that translated to screaming...