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Toonhole Month: part one

Good morning everybody! Remember the awesome Cyanide and Happiness' month we had one year ago? Well, this November we're going crazy again and we're welcoming the guys behind Toonhole. Wait, what, you don't know this amazing website? Don't waste a minute more and go check it out. For now you get the chance to know Chris Allison, one of the artists behind this amazing website, so let's talk to him!

(After this optimist touch, let's start the interview)

-Hello Chris ! It's great to have you for this Toon Hole month, so first of all present yourself.
-I'm Toonhole Chris. I'm 26 years young and I'm currently trying to survive in Los Angeles.

-"Trying to survive"? In a beautiful city full of sunshine, amazing 'haute-couture' stores, milkshake and homeless people? Why is that?
-Well, I work in animation at Nickelodeon as my day job.  I can't complain, I draw furiously all day, and then come home and draw all night.  It's exhausting, but totally worth it.  That and traffic.

-How did you became an animator for Nickelodeon? Were you a Rugrats fan?
-I was a handful as a kid and got grounded a lot.  I would get sent to my room and to occupy myself, I would draw. I've been drawing back for as long as I can remember, whether it was on the walls with crayons, or on the sides of my notes in school.  There's no clear path of how I became a cartoonist for Nickelodeon, but somewhere along the lines I must've tricked them into thinking I'm actually a competent artist. I was more of a Ren and Stimpy and Looney Tunes fan.

-Basically you were a terrible kid, roger that. What's the hardest thing about being a cartoonist?
-Getting your father's approval. My parents are actually pretty supportive and that was actually the hurdle. I wanted to go to life drawing when I was 13, and my mother reluctantly asked "Well, can't the models just wear clothes?"

-She must be relieved that you're working for Nickelodeon now. It's not like you've got draw naked people... Right?
-Not during the day.  That's what Toonhole is for : )

-Okaaaay, let's talk about Toonhole I can see from 20 000 miles away that you're dying to talk about it. And me too actually, we don't make a special artist months for just anybody, the last time we did it it was for the Cyanide and Happiness crew, do you know their website ?
-Yeah, the Cyanide and Happiness guys were the first webcomic I was really into.  I haven't met them in real life, but if I get to, I'd like to drink a beer or seven with them.

-Acually, they live separate to each other too, is this the same about you and the other guys from Toonhole?
-No, us Toonhole guys are actually living in a house together, except for Ryan Kramer.  He's a nomad.  It's great to be in a house surrounded by cartoonist.  It's like Animal House, except with more drinking and fun.

-It sounds like "America's next top model" to me.
-Probably more like RuPaul's Drag Race, in reality.

-Isn't it too hard to live with the people you're working with (or inversely)?
-No, before we were making Toonhole, we were all friends.  And despite Toonhole, we're still friends.  I feel lucky to have found the greatest group of guys to work with because we're constantly joking around and working hard.  We're all not bad lookers, either.
-How did you create Toonhole?
-We didn't do much.  On the 8th day, God created Toonhole.  We just had to register the domain. We all met in college at Cal State Fullerton, and each of us were making comics/films.  We figured we could update things more often if we all pooled our content together. Plus, we have a pretty similar sense of humor, but our own individual styles. It just seemed to make sense that we work together.

-How would you like to see Toonhole evolve?
-I'd like to follow the path of Cyanide and Happiness and other webcomics guys that make a living solely doing their own content.  I'd like to sell merch and be able to leave day jobs behind.  If I could spend more time doing Toonhole stuff, I could make more films and update comics daily.  We have some plans to do some live action shorts in the near future, and we have some longer projects written, but the main thing is finding the time.  If I could generate an income from Toonhole, I spend more time on these projects. Oh, and I'd like to see 257% more butt gags.

-Of course. It goes without saying.
-I'm glad we can at least agree on something.
-Last question Chris, and after you'll have to go work to that terrible, awful place, why did you choose this story?
-Because I'm the guy that got the girl. This is the best interview I've ever had. Not that I've had many. But you were much more pleasant than the police interrogator.
-And we got way more answers than the FBI.



 website :



If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 


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Resounding with FML

Crazy week, don't you think? I see some readers paying absolutely no attention to this introduction. You just want to know more about today's artist, right? I understand. But how would you feel if I told you more about seahorses instead? Not interested? Okay; let's start the interview then.


-Hellooooooooooooooo Jessie, you're our today's artist. How does it feel to be an FML artist?
-Pretty awesome. I've checked out FML many times and get a good laugh from it. Feels good to be a part of it.

-Let's get a chance to know you. Where do you live?
-Monroe, Michigan - pretty small town south of Detroit


-How's life over there?
-Pretty mediocre really. The economy hit Michigan pretty hard but I can't imagine it's much worse than anywhere else. I've got my family and we are doing well, so can't complain.


-Are you living with your family? How old are you?
-I'm 32, married 12 years to a wonderful woman and we have 3 children together.


-How's your family's reaction to you being an artist? Are they proud, or do they just wait for you to pay the bills?
-Well in hopes it will help pay the bills.W hen my wife and I got married I pretty much gave up on any creative pursuits I had to provide for us. After about a decade of hardly putting pen to paper my wife talked me into going back to school. She is nearing the end of her college career and should be able to support us financially so I can pursue my lifelong dreams. My children love it. Every time I finish another page of Dax my kids rush in to read it.


-You don't even let them read it before you publish it? That's mean.
-This has also sparked their creativity, my daughter (who is 11) has begun seriously writing a short story. They see it in progress but the love seeing it completed. My 8 year old is my proofreader. 


-Are you planing to do a webcomic with one of your kids? (That would be awesome.)
-I've told my daughter when she gets going on her story I would love to help her illustrate it. If it could be made into a graphic novel we would definitely add it to the Dax site. I only illlustrate Dax, about 98% of it is written by my long time friend Aaron Balogh.



-Are you going to publish the Dax stories as books?
-We would like to once our readership reaches a level that would warrant it. Since webcomics don't normally reach that level for a few years, we are doing our best not to rush into things.


-We know so little about Dax. Tell us more.
-Well, earlier this year I asked my friend Aaron if he would be interested in doing a webcomic with me. He came back with a character based on a drawing I did back in 1996. Being a space story it would give us plenty of freedom story-wise ... and since he is a huge Sci-Fi buff, would give him a lot of ways to give all of his favorite movies and TV shows a healthy nod. The Girl in the story is sort of a blend of my 3 kids. She is rambunctious, very intelligent, and can be pretty sassy. She is my daughter's favorite because I based "Girl's" look on her. Dax has entered it's fourth month online and we already have a lot of story changes in the works for 2012, mostly because I am learning how to use all the drawing tools available to me.

-Being a fan since issue #6, I can guarantee it's getting better and better. Last question before we let you go be an awesome dad again: why did you choose this story ? (I mean, besides the fact that farts are fun.)
-Well, after I read through the entire list a couple times, it was the one that I got a really instant visual on. There were a couple others I liked, but I didn't think I could give them the punch they really needed. But mostly I knew farts are funny. My kids were rolling when they saw it. At first the guy with the baseball cap was going to be the culprit - but then changed my mind that the "mom" would make it that much funnier.

-I bet your wife loved it too. Thank you, Jessie, for taking part!




's website :



If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 


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92 years old FML

It's been three weeks since that I've been searching (and finding) for w ays to make the traditional introduction as short as possible. I think I did well here.


-So, good morning Robyn, please, introduce yourself to our audience, which maybe doesn't know you yet.
-Hello all! I am a cartoonist, illustrator and tornado of awesome at least 80 percent of the time.

-What about the other 20%?
-I'm a dino wrangler. It's a slow industry right now. Tragic, really.

-Ah, because of the financial crisis, everything's changed... How old are you ? (Even thought I'd like to think you're 8 because of your love for dinos, or 230 millions years old because, you know, you know dinos.)

-Oh, I was close. Where do you live ?
-Missouri! If you immediately thought of corn and cows, you are dead wrong. We also have bait/tackle shop and restaurant combination businesses.

-What about tourists?
-Oh, I suppose we get those too, what with laying claim to St. Louis and the Arch.

-What's your job ? Something to do with fishing ? Are you trying to sell us fishing rods or something ?
-Nope! I currently work in IT (Information Technology, computer stuff, basically) and find fish to be super gross. I guess if dino wrangling doesn't work out, I can just give out fishing rods to fatherless Pokemon masters. Gotta have a backup.

-What about your artist?
-As an artist, I have a webcomic, The Watcher of Yaathagggu, and I'm also working on some printed comics through a small publisher.

-Tell us more about those projects?
-The Watcher of Yaathagggu is an ongoing horror comic about the last surviving city in a world that has fallen to Lovecraftian beings. I'm also working on a 3-issue comic, a surreal noir one-shot, for Broken Icon Comic's "Nightmare Unknown" series. The project's currently up on Kickstarter and looking for funding! The third is a one-shot comic that's in a larger "Urban Legends" Anthology, which will be printed in the UK in 2012-ish.

-Congratulations! Now last but not least question, why did you choose this story ? Attracted by old ladies ?
-Haha, no, but they are glorious. I can't wait until I get old and can get away with being absolutely weird. This story in particular was just an awesome chance to get to draw an old lady making duck lips. I'm easily entertained and this story made me laugh.

-And your illustration make us laugh, it's a good game, really. Thank you very much Robyn !





's website :


If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!


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FML's hairstyle

This week was really awful, but not as much as your aunt's mustache. But you're here today to read Joel's interview and that's all that really matters. Plus, Reese's exists. And teddy bears. And Xanax.



-Joel, introduce yourself to the FML audience!
-I live in the capital of Canada, Ottawa Ontario. I'm originally from a small town called Cornwall Ontario and I moved here going on 12 years ago for college and never went back

-We've welcomed a few weeks ago Jean-Frederic Koné, an artist from Quebec. According to you what are the main differences between Quebec and Canada when it comes to art/webcomics ?
-There are many talented artists from Quebec! I know that Montreal is a city that's very rich in artwork. However, it's very hard to compare Quebec to the rest of Canada because they do have their own unique culture, so do people from Atlantic Canada or the prairies. I grew up in Cornwall, which is directly on the United States border, so I was very influenced by American culture growing up. I'm not so sure that American culture influences French-speaking Quebec as much as it does me, an Anglophone Canadian, because the language gap has to be crossed. So I think they definitely have their own thing going on.

-Jean-Frederic told us about his favourite webcomic, "L'ostie d'chat" ( which according to him reflects pretty well life in Quebec. What would be your favourite webcomic when it comes to Canadian life ?
-I'm afraid I don't read any about Canadian life in particular but I'm always on the lookout for work by other Canadian artists. Canadian life is hard to pin down, though because Canadian is a name for so many different people living under the same "roof". The neighbourhood I live in has so many different ethnic groups living in it and our lives are all very different. The thing that makes us all the same is we share the same freedom and rights to live the way that we want. If there's any Canadian webcomic artists out there that read this, I would like them to reach out and share their work with me. I'm so amazed by the stuff that's just floating out there on the web waiting to be discovered.

-Canadian webcomic artists, you know what you have to do now! Tell us more about you Joel, how old are you, and what is your job ?
- I'm 31 years old and I'm a graphic artist for a local tabloid newspaper. I do spec work for our advertising department. I make demo advertisements for the sales people to bring out to our clients and sell the advertising space. Most of the time my work ends up in the newspaper, though the excitement of that has worn off a little. I often joke about how I see my work trampled all over the floor of the bus the next day. I still think it's satisfying when a client is blown away by my work and wants to run the ad as-is.


-Does this work on women? Like "look how big my ad is"?
-I think I would brag more about my real art work as opposed to my ad work. I've been on a mission to get myself into an ad since I've started and so far I've been successful only once. I do have an ad waiting to be sold to a bowling alley where I used a picture of myself bowling and my butt is sticking right out at the camera. I'm hoping I can say "Hey did you see my ass on page 12?" (The ad where I successfully got myself in the paper, I needed a hand clutching lightning bolts so I used my own hand for the image)

-I can't understand why you haven't sold it yet, how can showing a butt not be effective? Well, it's a crazy world we're living in... Tell us more about your funny, amazing, awesome (no need to cross out the unnecessary as they're all necessary) webcomic
-I've been making comics since I was 10 years old. In 1990 Marvel put out trading cards with pictures and information about their character all the kids were trading them on the playground. The variety of different characters made me curious about comics and that led me to buy my first comic which was Daredevil #295 wherein Daredevil fights alongside Ghost Rider. There was ninjas and fighting and it just blew me away. My whole imagination exploded and I immediately went to work making my own characters. I'm trying in my 30s to recapture a little of that childhood enthusiasm I had for superheroes but put my adult experience into it, feed it my accumulated knowledge of pop culture and grow my own Superhero Universe. I have 5 webcomic series on the go including The Pigeon King, Mer-Lad, Sly-Borg, The Badger and Madam Trigger which have storylines all taking place in the same city and just recently the storylines have started to overlap. My goal is to create my own version of the Marvel or DC Universe, but in my own style and operating by my rules.


-Do you publish it as a book or are you planning to do so?
-Originally I had planned to print an anthology book that would contain the first episodes of all five of the comics, the second volume would have all the second episodes and so on. I'm a student of print, I went to college to learn how it is done, how to operate printing presses and how to design specifically for print. I thought it would be wiser to put my comics on the internet and grow a fanbase and most importantly develop my craft further before I try and sell them. Someday I will sell them, but for now they're really just a fun way to keep growing my craft.

-Now last question! Why did you choose this story? Are you hairdresserophobic?
-I went through the list one by one and tried to imagine how I could visualize the story and making it interesting. This one in particular I immediately had a clear vision of a decapitation/blood spray. That probably makes me a sick individual but I'm okay with that.

-It was awesome Joel, thanks a lot!



's website :

If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!


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FML video: Unintended Co-Worker Bashing

Here is a new FML video from the guys at Enjoy! And below you can also watch an episode of the web series "Ben and Burman" that our friend Ben Giroux made with his partners.


Imagine if your best friend was also the bane of your existence... 


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