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FML beats ya !

Is there a doctor in this article? Actually yes! Well, actually no. Grey's Anatomy's fans, Michelle is an artist you need to know. And for everybody else, well, you need to know her too. Don't wait a minute anymore and check out her surprising interview:


-Hello hello Michelle, can you present yourself to the FML audience?
-Haha, this is hard..

-Don't be vulgar please, we've barely started.
-I'm 23, I'm new to illustration! But I'm working very hard to get into children's illustration in particular.

-Where do you live?
-I live in New York.

-That seems exciting. What's so great and lame about New York?
-Um, well the obvious things are great about New York, there's lots of stuff going on here, there's a huge illustration community in Brooklyn, I can take classes in anything I want to know more about, like anatomy or the writing side of children's books. And the lame parts... I live on an island that's actually like 80 feet from downtown Manhattan, but it takes me 1 hour to get anywhere, so where I live it's pretty lame in general. Also it can be crowded and noisy, and smelly, but generally it's a great place to live, especially since 90% of publishing happens just across the street.

-Why did you want to become an illustrator?
-Um, well originally I wanted to be a Neuroscientist, that's what I got my degree in but I tried working in it, and a lot of the people I met weren't happy so I started asking myself what made me happy... and I remembered that my favorite part of college had been drawing all the diagrams and I'd done a lot of art in high school. So I started taking some continuing ed classes at SVA and FIT and everything about illustration just felt really right, like "yes! this is what I was meant to be doing all that time!". Plus it's super fun.

-This is pretty uncommon!
-Yeah, my family's pretty confused.

-I can't help asking: how did your parents react?
-Well, they're really supportive actually. When i quit my job at the lab, the economy was really bad, so my dad gave me a temp job to pay the bills so i could draw the rest of the time

-Wow they're cool. OK, you can keep them. Now, you just have to become the greatest illustrator to make them proud. No Pressure.
-Haha, pretty much !



-Tell us about your website
-I used to have only a blog but I wanted something more integrated with my portfolio, blog and anything I'm selling (so right now a link to my Society 6). So my brilliant web-designer husband built it for me. It's still a little under construction and we're doing small tweaks here and there, but it's everything I wanted. As far as the blog goes, right now it's just my ramblings and thoughts and experiences, but one day I hope to have something more geared towards people who want to become illustrators but have little or no background in art, sort of like Zero2Illo but since he started with an arts background more like, negative-a-billion2Illo

-What are your next projects?
-Well I hope to get hired to illustrate something for money, but in the meantime I have a couple of vanity projects I'm working on. Like a comic for 9 year old girls about a girl who finds a miniature circus under a rock. And I've also got a book dummie that keeps me busy and occasionally I get little fun jobs, like tattoo design or commissioned paintings

-Why did you choose this story?
-Haha, it was tough actually. I most do stuff geared towards children and my options were pretty racey! But I really liked the idea of the petulant teenager. I thought that it would be a fun opportunity to get to draw some snotty teenage facial expressions. Plus I loved drawing the little brother

-Because little brothers are evil, we aaall know that ... thank you for your contribution Michelle! And dear readers, next week, we're going down the "Hamster Boulevard". Yeah, spoilers, but can you guess which story is going to be illustrated ?




's websites :


If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!


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FML's leak

Vacation time is almost over now, and I can't find a way to start this article without remembering all the sand that got stuck between our toes (almost exclusively), the sun that burned our skin and hid our pimples for a while, and all the time we spent doing nothing. We'll miss you, procrastination. For now, let's focus on today's artist. He's young, funny, talented, and I just can't find a reason not to like him. I even forgave him for being Canadian. Need I say more ?

-Jean-Frederic Koné you're today's special artist. Do you have any idea why I labeled you "special"?
-Humm... Maybe because I mixed a toilet joke with a Legend of Zelda reference?

-You nailed it. Let's not talk about the comic you did, first tell us more about you. How's life in Montreal?
-Right now, very hot !! We had a heat wave recently. Generally pretty cool. Montreal is a very dynamic city with a lot of young folks so it's pretty fun to live there.

-Are you a student?
-Yeah ! I'm a Communication Student at the Université de Montréal. I just graduated (bachelor degree) but I'm starting a Master degree next year.

-So you didn't study Art... at all? (Can you feel the emotion/amazement in my font, readers?)
-No, never! I learnt everything reading comics and watching cartoons, I never took a real Art course.

-So, Michelangelo, what are your next projects?
-Besides that, finally publishing something! I'm currently working on comics that I won't post on the Internet, to send them to publishing houses. It's time to start doing something significant with my drawings! Besides that, I'm also working on a webcomics with a friend of mine, comics-artist Elosterv, it's called Trout & Salmon.

-Tell us more about it (yes, we're sort of curious).
-It's kind of an experiment; we have two characters, Karl Trout and Abby Salmon. I draw Abby's life and Elosterv draws Karl's life. It's about their lives and their friends, families, co-workers. We're still working on it but the feedback has been good for now. As for my personal projects, I'm working on an absurd comedy about young folks, who are kind of freaks... There's even a character with a dog's head.

-How would you describe your art style in a few words?
-I'd say it's a cartoonish mix of manga, American comics and "Franco-Belgian comics" because all these styles have been very influential at some point for me.


-Do you have some webcomics you'd like to share with us ? (Random incidental words)
-So, I read A LOT of webcomics but I really really enjoy Darwin Carmichael is going to Hell, the story is fun and the art is original, I like it. I've recently discovered Tune which is about an aspiring artist, so I can relate, obviously, but also some kind of sci-fi comedy. Finally, I'd say if you read a little bit French and you want to get a glimpse of what Montreal's life is like, you should check l'Ostie d'Chat about the lives of twenty-somethings in the city. There are a lot of other ones though ^^

-And, final question (yes, the interview is already coming to an end, don't cry, next week we're welcoming Michelle Chen) why did you choose this FML story ?
-Because when I read it, I immediately thought about an epic battle, with the prize being something as trivial as just going to the bathroom ! Then I thought I could make a parody of something and the name "Leak" came to mind. So that's that...

-As I said, you nailed it. Thank you for your time Jean Frederic !



's websites : 


If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!


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FML says Cheese !

Ahoy ship's boys and girls ! Today we're heading to France. Be ready to face rain, storm and beer because Lille is welcoming us, and believe me, it's not Los Angeles. Do you all have your raincoats?

-Bonjour ! First of all, present yourself ma jolie.
-I'm Marine Serre. As my parents love Brittany, they wanted to give me a name in relation with the sea.

-How old are you?
-24 years old.

-Where do you live?
-I live in Lille, a city in the north of France, and I work in Roubaix. Lille is a really pretty city with a lot of old buildings. It's smaller than Paris, but it's nicer to visit. It's not always sunny but at least you can eat great food, like the "welsh"… and drink beer.

-Okay, you have all our attention. What's your job?
-I'm a 2D artist, I currently work at Ankama, it's a French office who did Dofus and Wakfu, plus other animations. As far as I'm concerned, my job is taking care of the interface and icons on a hack & slash project.

-What is "hack and slash" ?
-It's a type of video game : Diablo and Torchlight are a pretty famous example of hack & slash.

-Here on FML we've welcomed numerous animators, or artists who work on video games, and they all told us it was originally a passion from when they were kids, a lifetime dream. Can you confirm this, was it the case for you too?
-Yes! When I was a kid I wanted to be an animator for Disney. Finally I didn't choose to create animations, I chose to do illustrations. But this passion for drawing has been with me since I was a little kid.

-Do you have some freelance projects?
-Not yet, my job takes up a lot of my time. But I have some personal projects moving slowly on the side!

-Can you tell us more about them?
-It's a little vague for now, but I'm doing some research on a project which would be between comic and an illustrated album. I would like to do some kind of travel journal, based on a fictitious character I imagined a few years ago.

-Why did you choose this FML and why did you choose to do an illustration for FML ?
-I accepted to draw an illustration because the contact went well! And I selected this story because I was immediately able to picture it, with the family's face in the background, it made me laugh so hard. Plus, it's the kind of thing that could happen to me, haha.

-That's the point, we all have a FML moment at one point in our lives. Before we end this interview, speak french, it'll make this interview seems cultural and sexy at the same time.
-Venez voir la bretagne, mangez des crêpes et beaucoup de muffins




websites :


If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!


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FML loses some weight

It's great to see you ! How was july ? Hot, sweaty, flirty ? How I miseed talking to you (and getting one or two comments if we're lucky enough). But let's not complain, a whole month welcoming artists for their second rounds who gave us brand new illustrated interview, that was cool. Artists never rest don't they ? And Andreas know what I'm talking about. This Swiss student half-artist half-genius, knows all about passionate work :



-First of all, present yourself (name, surname, nickname and why did you choose this nickname)
-My real name is Andreas (Andy) Halter. My nickname's elvish for three, one and two were already chosen. 

-How old are you ?
-23 years old

-Where do you live ?
-I live in Lucerne, in the heart of Switzerland.

-How would you define Switzerland?
-Hm…Switzerland's a tiny country that prides itself to be different than others, but really isn't that much different. The nature's beautiful and the people are reserved, but nice. And of course there's the chocolate, cheese, mountains, lakes and banks. 

-Plus, you have a Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux, what's cooler than that? What's your job, or are you still in school?
-I'm studying game design in Zurich and I work at a cinema theater on weekends.

-Do you get free tickets?
-Yes, that's the cool part. And I can take one person with me for free. 

-We'll publish your email adress at this end of this interview, for those who are interested. What is like to study game design?
-Haha, actually, my studies start in September, so I don't know yet, but from what I've heard and seen, it's great. 

-Oooh I see ! What are your projects ?
-Well, my biggest project at the moment is called New Paper Mario. It's a texture pack for the Paper Mario game for the N64. Basically, I'm replacing every texture in the game, thus giving it a new look. It's a huge project and will probably keep me busy for several years. Another project I'm working on is a "Legend of Zelda" themed set of Poker cards. I already published one suite on deviantART and thanks to the great comments I've got I'm designing the rest of the set, so that it will be playable some day.

-I was going to ask you what inspires you, I can already name Nintendo.. what else?
-Hm, books, for example, I like to read, especially during train rides. And movies, of course, which goes well with my part time job.


-Last question before I let you go eat chocolate riding a cow while going to your bank, why did you choose this FML story ?
-One reason is that when you asked me to a story, you said that you liked my New Paper Mario style, so I chose something to go with the Nintendo theme. Another reason is that I also own Wii Fit, but luckily I'm light enough to use it. 

-Tell the world the truth, how old are you, wii-fit nintendo speaking ?
-Haha, Wii Fit claims that my body is about 4 years too old. But that's much better now than when I started and my body age was around 30.

-We're proud of you, keep up the good work. Anyway, thank you very much for your contribution !



website : &


If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!



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Illustrated interview : WAKAWAKA



Meghan's website : &

If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!

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