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Let's read this f*cking interview

F*cking goodmorning everyone, how was your f*cking week? F*cking great? That's awesome, because now it's time to enjoy this f*cking week-end, and you know what to do on every f*cking saturdays right? Enjoying a f*cking great illustration! Now that you did, let's read this f*cking interview shall we ?

-So ! Lynn, how are you f*cking doing ?
-Ha, Considering I'm 38 weeks pregnant I'm hanging in there! 

-Pregnant and doing such a naughty illustration? What are you, British ?
-I wish, at least I would have a cool accent then! I'm sure I'll regret some of the drawings when my kid is old enough to surf the web but hey why not live in the moment at the time 

-That's our leitmotiv here at FML. So, where do you live ?
-I currently live in the capitol region of New York State, but I'm originally from Washington State. Just moved to NY this past February.

-You're a lady, so I won't ask you how old you are. What's your job ?
-Ha I have nothing to hide. My current profession is being a housewife, which currently means I play video games, draw, cook and goof around. Before that I used to be a college student and worked as a coffee and tea specialist in the Seattle area. And somepoint in the next few weeks I'll be adding Mom to my job title. He is our first kid. 

-Tell us more about your husband.
-He is fricken amazing, named Ben. He's a mechanical engineer who  designs/ works on submarines. We met in college then got married this past January. He's the reason we moved to NY, for his job. We actually got the call to move 2 days before our wedding and moved 2 weeks's mainly thanks to him that I started doing a webcomic

-Tell us more about your webcomic !
-Well I have a little comic, that's pretty much a journal comic, though right now I'm in the middle of a story arc about Fun Zombies (Fombies) for the most part I color each comic in watercolor, which I'm finding out is not common. The idea when I started it would be to do little short stories in between the journal comics, which is part of the reason the comic is called 6 Color Stories. Originally I had planned to do the comic in marker, crayon, and whatever basic art mediums you'd find a kid using, but the watercolors ended up being a big hit.

-What (or who) are your inspirations ?
-What got me drawing a long time ago was a combination of high school French, Megatokyo, and Shaun of the Dead. My french teacher would make us draw pictures for every word and even make children's books. Megatokyo had some zombie arc, and I had really loved the Shaun of the dead movie, so I started drawing zombies for all my French homework including a children's story called Mon Ami Le Zombie. From that I just would draw a lot of zombie related things one of which was a series I did in college about a help desk for zombies that was a mirror of my experiences working at 24 hr housing help desk for students

-Sooo, let me guess, you like zombies ?
-Lol yes and no I used to really like them, but over the past year or so I started going away from zombies and moved to doing more of the daily life stuff. Mainly because I started doing art things for other people who didn't like zombies. And for current inspirations my top are Nerf This (Scott Ferguson in general), Girls With Slingshots, LAWLS, I Am Arg!, and way more than I can list. Been reading webcomics since I was 16 so I've got a whole folder of bookmarks.


-Would you like to make a book ? Or is webcomic enough for you ?
-Uh well I don't know. I don't see a book for 6 Color Stories anytime soon, but if people wanted it perhaps. I could see myself doing something like a sarcastic/ dark children's book. But considering I'm relatively new to all this I'd say it's a possibility, just not now. I'd actually like to re do the Mon Ami Le Zombie story but I'd probably do it in for an English speaking audience plus I know the current French it's written in is horrible. I do plan on making story/picture books for my son, which means he'll be traumatized from an early age lol.

-Why did you choose this story Lynn ? I see no zombies there !
-First reason was it was one of the least dirty/depressing stories on the list. Wow I really like those "/". Anyway. Second was I have a lot of friends in the military and a lot of them have experienced something similar. With this story, the mom's response that I came up with was actually my own sarcastic response to the story. Oh and my husband works with the military, so he really liked this story too.

-And thanks to him we'll ALL LIVE IN A YELLOW SUBMARINE, YELLOW SUBMARINE. Thanks Lynn, that was fun to do !




's website :




If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 



#1157 - Illustrated FML - On 11/30/2011 at 11:55am by Alice - 7 comments

Toonhole Month: final part

Get the tissues out, and no, we're not going to get dirty, it's just that it's a sad, sad day. The Toonhole month is coming to an end, and I just can't imagine the (FML) world without my daily dose of emails from Mike, Ryan, John and Michael. Maybe I'll pretend to be a spam-bot and keep emailing them about life, Viagra and stuff, we'll see. Meanwhile, it's time to do the last interview. Today, we're welcoming Michael who put down together pizza, turtles and sex in one single comic. Damn, I'm going to miss those guys.

-Michael hello, you're our LAST artist for our Toonhole month! How sad! How did you guys feel about this (amazing) month?
-Sad...and joyous.  But mostly, it's been great!  It's an honor to f*** with people lives in a drawing.  We've been pretty fortunate and honored to have been featured for a whole month.  Of course people can make it last longer than a month by (shameless promotion) checking out our comics and animation at our site

-And I'm sure they will, as the FML audience is pretty awesome (most of the time). Tell us more about you Michael, we know every dirty little secret your friends were kind enough to confess to us, now it's your turn. How old are you?
-a/s/l (anyone remember AOL chat...anyone anyone?). I'm 28 and live in the house with Chris and John and a few other guys.  So we act like we're 19.  But we're cartoonists to that goes without saying.

-You have all the attention of the 12 year-old version of me (please, don't say anything creepy, that would be just.. creepy.)
-Oh man, if you have the money of the nowww you, and the impulsive buying habits and sense of humor of the 12 year old you, we'll make BILLLIONNNNSSSS with an audience like you.  Ask your parents permission, but send me all their cash and I'll mail you a crappy photo copy of any 2 comics and the side of my face pressed against the scanner glass.

-Tempting. Well, if we were in 2005 on AOL, you being a young lady, totally innocent and prude, me being an middle-aged man doing nothing but drinking beer I would be like "wat r u wearing doll?" but I won't ask you such an inappropriate question. If you want to answer, that's fine too. Are you working for Nickelodeon too?
-I'd always say I'm wearing one of these. No, I'm working at Six Point Harness Studios with John out in Hollywood.  We don't get free bagles at work, but we get donuts sometimes, and we get to watch netflix without it being blocked when we're doing more mundane tasks like inking a character, So it's a wash. 

-(Oh there's even a dog version, how nice.)
-(I know, super cute. And the commando version is almost serious enough to take out into the field).

-Why being an animator is better than being an illustrator?
-Being an animator is a double edged sword.  If you get to draw something super funny or cool or interesting, you get to get really specific and draw all these micro expressions and get to draw it multiple times.  BUTTTT, I think illustrators get more chicks than animators on average soooo...again, it's breaks even.

-Ah, if you wanted girls, why didn't you became a rock star? Plus your name is so charismatic, I know you'd do great.
-Why thank you.  Strange,  you're not the first woman who's said that to me in this week alone.  Maybe you ladies are right, I'mma pick up the keyboard or tuba and put on sweet solos. We'll see what happens. As a lady, fill me in, are names ever hot?  Just the sound of the name?  Make you want the last name and it be attractive.  Are there sexy names?

-Keep us informed please. We'd love to see a song about FML come up.
-The world needs this kind of deep insight.  Forget solving world hunger, cancer, the economic crisis.  We need to crack the code on sexy names.

-Yes, names can be very hot (I feel like this interview is going in some strange place. Well.) For example, Daniel is one hell of a name.
-Hmmm quite. (let's get back on track, hahaha, no mure snuggie jokes) 

-What are your inspirations ?
-I'm inspired by good food, cold brew, and people who exercise more than me.  As well as Looney Tunes, European and Japanese animation (they do stuff that's so soo different than the US and at a high level of execution, it's so refreshing), Mel Brooks, and golden age illustrators like JC Leyendecker and Dean Cornwell.

-And last question of the article, and of Toonhole Month. Why did you choose this story?
-I like pizza and I had just finished a comic with a similar set-up and was hoping to do a little copy paste job to save myself an hour.  Unfortunately it didn't work out and I just went to town and fell back in love with doing silly drawings.  So it all worked out.

-Plus NINJA TURTLEEEEES. Thank you very much Michael!




 website :



If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 


#1153 - Illustrated FML - On 11/25/2011 at 3:58pm by Alice - 0 comments

Toonhole Month: part three

Hello everybody! It's already our third artist of the Toonhole crew and I see some of you crying by thinking this awesome month will be over next week. Let's not make it harder than it is. Let's celebrate Toonhole, love, John, and whatever you want. Included nachos.

-John, goodmorning, you're the second artist from Toonhole that we're welcoming. How does it feel to be a part of this special FML/Toonhole month?
-It feels great! I didn't know our comics were worthy, haha. Its a pretty big honor. Thanks

-Aren't you too stressed out about being interviewed after Chris? He made quite a good impression on the audience. And by "audience" I mean girls. And RuPaul's Drag Race fans.
-Haha, well, I shared a bathroom with Chris in college and if I can survive going up after him in those days I can survive anything. Chris is the man though, He's the best guy to gets things started for Toonhole Month.

-(Don't say that we'll have zero audience to follow what's next.) So, how's life in LA?
-Its fun! there is something to do every night of the week. Life drawing clubs, bars, music shows, if thats your idea of a good time. However, driving in this city is another story

-And living with the people you're working with?
-Yes, I live with Mike and Chris from Toonhole and a couple other guys from the animation program in college. Its the perfect setup for creative thinking. We come home from our jobs in animation and get right to work on our personal projects. I couldn't ask for a better living situation.


-So you're working at Nickelodeon too?
-Mike and I work at 6 Point Harness. Its a smaller studio. We did that "Goodvibes" show thats out on MTV

-Sounds like surfing to me. Tell us more about it!
-Its definitely surfing. Its a "coming of age" story about a kid who comes to a new school on the california coast. He has to meet new new friends, hit on the girl of his dreams and all that. It has your normal amount of pop-culture zingers BUT the art and technique in the animation itself is what sets it apart. Normally, animated TV shows are actually animated overseas, But this one was done in the US. Exciting times for animators in the USA

-That is good news (and exciting), when can we see it?
-It's on MTV every thursday night. I think they are on the 3rd episode. But replays happen throughout the week. You can catch the episodes on the web too

-What's the coolest and lamest part about being an animator?
-The coolest part is that your only boundary is yourself (unless you are working at a studio). Anything you can think up you can animate it and make it real. Its comeplete freedom.  The lamest part is that you spend most of your day sitting in front of a computer bugging out, You can spot an animator by how pastey their skin is and by the hunch in their back.

-What are your inspirations?
-Will Eisner, early American animation, heavy soul music

-Tell us 3 reasons why Toonhole is better than Facebook?
-Toonhole will never post pictures about our shitty cooking. However, we will stalk you relentlessly...
-Why did you choose this story?
-I saw some potential to do funny drawings for you guys.




 website :



If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 


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Toonhole Month: part two

STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING because today Ryan Kramer, our second artist from Toonhole, is here: he's funny AND he likes to answer all type of (weird and brutally honest) questions. Plus, we'll talk about thongs. You don't want to miss that.

-Ryan, you're the second Toonhole artist to be published on FML (what an exciting month) how does this sound to you?
-It sounds awesome!  When Toonhole gets love, it makes ME feel loved.

-Do you need love Ryan? You know we have a lot of lady fans and they have a thing for artists. Go on, introduce yourself to those lovely women.
-*cat growl*  Hello ladies out there.  I'm short, balding, have mild anxiety issues, and I'm 2 years married. What a catch eh?!

-There. We lost half of our audience (but we welcome cougars and perverts, yes, they're always there.) Where do you live? Oh, let me guess, because you're married, I'm assuming you don't live with the rest of the Toonhole crew... am I right ?
-Haha, yeah.  I live in the suburbs of LA.  If I could convince my wife to live with me in a house full of cartoonists, I'd probably make a better lawyer than an artist.

-Tell us more about the artist's life.
-It's pretty great.  I work a day job at Nickelodeon studios where I can cut my teeth and sharpen my skills.  Then at night I work on my own cartoons for toonhole.  I somehow squeeze a social life in there somewhere too.

-How do you know the other guys from Toonhole? From Nickelodeon?
-I went to college with them.  We were all into the same cartoons/humor.  Chris and I are working at Nickelodeon, Mike and John are both at 6point Harness studios, working on some cool projects.

-Which one is the coolest? (you can tell us, we won't tell.)
-Mike is the one who can probably kick my ass out of the three. So, Mike.

-Roger that. How old are you anyway?
-I'm 28...and I must apologize for throwing you off course with my manly physique and dashing good looks.  Even though you can't see me, I know I can have that effect on women.

-Yes, it's pretty impressive, I'm doing my best to not screwed everything. What are your biggest inspirations ?
-My favorite stuff is like old Playboy cartoons, Mad magazine, old Looney Tunes.  But lately I've been getting a lot of inspiration from stand-up comedians.  Making people actually laugh is what I want to do and those guys are the masters!  Louie CK, Dave Attell, Greg Fitzsimmons, Chris Hardwick, Aziz Ansari, Adam Carolla... all I do is listen to podcasts these days.

-How would you like to see Toonhole evolve?
-It would be great to make a living doing it!  (Everything always seems to come down to money... geez)  I love growing as an artist, but to see Toonhole grow as a successful independent business would be super rewarding.

-I read on some forums, theories that Toonhole could possibly save the world. Maybe can you tell us more about that ?
-We've all been working on one particular three-panel comic strip for the past 7 years that we're planning on hand delivering to all the leaders of the free world. That's all I can say before I put myself in danger.

-Oh give us an hint, is this going to solve the financial crisis?
-Okay, okay...I'll give you a small hint.... Yes.

-Nice. Ryan, now it's time to be honest, why did you choose this story? Is something going on between you and men wearing thongs?
-I love tapping into weird shit that really exists.  I wouldn't say I'm INTO wearing thongs, but I'm not opposed to it.

-And now we lost the last half of our audience. I guess it's time to end this interview. Thank you very much Ryan for your participation (and your honesty, and to give us your phone number, just in case one of us loses his thong, we'll know where to search.)
-Haha, it's been a pleasure! Thanks for putting up with me and my honesty.




 website :



If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 



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Toonhole Month: part one

Good morning everybody! Remember the awesome Cyanide and Happiness' month we had one year ago? Well, this November we're going crazy again and we're welcoming the guys behind Toonhole. Wait, what, you don't know this amazing website? Don't waste a minute more and go check it out. For now you get the chance to know Chris Allison, one of the artists behind this amazing website, so let's talk to him!

(After this optimist touch, let's start the interview)

-Hello Chris ! It's great to have you for this Toon Hole month, so first of all present yourself.
-I'm Toonhole Chris. I'm 26 years young and I'm currently trying to survive in Los Angeles.

-"Trying to survive"? In a beautiful city full of sunshine, amazing 'haute-couture' stores, milkshake and homeless people? Why is that?
-Well, I work in animation at Nickelodeon as my day job.  I can't complain, I draw furiously all day, and then come home and draw all night.  It's exhausting, but totally worth it.  That and traffic.

-How did you became an animator for Nickelodeon? Were you a Rugrats fan?
-I was a handful as a kid and got grounded a lot.  I would get sent to my room and to occupy myself, I would draw. I've been drawing back for as long as I can remember, whether it was on the walls with crayons, or on the sides of my notes in school.  There's no clear path of how I became a cartoonist for Nickelodeon, but somewhere along the lines I must've tricked them into thinking I'm actually a competent artist. I was more of a Ren and Stimpy and Looney Tunes fan.

-Basically you were a terrible kid, roger that. What's the hardest thing about being a cartoonist?
-Getting your father's approval. My parents are actually pretty supportive and that was actually the hurdle. I wanted to go to life drawing when I was 13, and my mother reluctantly asked "Well, can't the models just wear clothes?"

-She must be relieved that you're working for Nickelodeon now. It's not like you've got draw naked people... Right?
-Not during the day.  That's what Toonhole is for : )

-Okaaaay, let's talk about Toonhole I can see from 20 000 miles away that you're dying to talk about it. And me too actually, we don't make a special artist months for just anybody, the last time we did it it was for the Cyanide and Happiness crew, do you know their website ?
-Yeah, the Cyanide and Happiness guys were the first webcomic I was really into.  I haven't met them in real life, but if I get to, I'd like to drink a beer or seven with them.

-Acually, they live separate to each other too, is this the same about you and the other guys from Toonhole?
-No, us Toonhole guys are actually living in a house together, except for Ryan Kramer.  He's a nomad.  It's great to be in a house surrounded by cartoonist.  It's like Animal House, except with more drinking and fun.

-It sounds like "America's next top model" to me.
-Probably more like RuPaul's Drag Race, in reality.

-Isn't it too hard to live with the people you're working with (or inversely)?
-No, before we were making Toonhole, we were all friends.  And despite Toonhole, we're still friends.  I feel lucky to have found the greatest group of guys to work with because we're constantly joking around and working hard.  We're all not bad lookers, either.
-How did you create Toonhole?
-We didn't do much.  On the 8th day, God created Toonhole.  We just had to register the domain. We all met in college at Cal State Fullerton, and each of us were making comics/films.  We figured we could update things more often if we all pooled our content together. Plus, we have a pretty similar sense of humor, but our own individual styles. It just seemed to make sense that we work together.

-How would you like to see Toonhole evolve?
-I'd like to follow the path of Cyanide and Happiness and other webcomics guys that make a living solely doing their own content.  I'd like to sell merch and be able to leave day jobs behind.  If I could spend more time doing Toonhole stuff, I could make more films and update comics daily.  We have some plans to do some live action shorts in the near future, and we have some longer projects written, but the main thing is finding the time.  If I could generate an income from Toonhole, I spend more time on these projects. Oh, and I'd like to see 257% more butt gags.

-Of course. It goes without saying.
-I'm glad we can at least agree on something.
-Last question Chris, and after you'll have to go work to that terrible, awful place, why did you choose this story?
-Because I'm the guy that got the girl. This is the best interview I've ever had. Not that I've had many. But you were much more pleasant than the police interrogator.
-And we got way more answers than the FBI.



 website :



If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 


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