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Put your FML hands in the air!

Nooooo, I'm not interviewing Candy Staton, and nooooo I'm not going to talk about the Avengers but guys this isn't 9gag so let me introduce you to the fresh new artist we're welcoming today! She's a lovely lady who lives in Vancouver and she's the author of ChinChatComics. You love chinchillas? This webcomic is for you. You love animals in general? This webcomic is for you. You love to laugh? This webcomic is for you. You are breathing right now? This webcomic is for you. 



-Jennifer welcome onto the FML boat, what's your name, surname, or nickname if you have one?
-I go by Jenn ChinChat, or just Jenn.

-How old are you?
-I'm 23, but 24 in July. And 12 years old at heart.

-What's your job ? (or imaginary job as you're 12.)
-I am a junior User Interface designer in Vancouver

-Ow, seems serious. So what job could you do after graduating?
-I recently finished my degree so I just started my UI position this Friday at LMWerks.

-What's LMWerks?
-It's a wonderful design consulting studio, and they are great about supporting ChinChatComics

-Tell us more about your webcomic then!
-ChinChatComics is a delightfully addictive comic with unforgettable characters! We publish twice a week and you'll fall in love with us.



-"We"? Are you schizo or do you work with someone else?
-Haha I do all the drawing and most of the writing, but Shakespeare and Rolo (my chinchillas) give me inspiration all the time. They are also characters in ChinChatComics! I have an IT guy who helps me with my site as well!

-What's the future of ChinChatComics? Can you give us some special news?
-Lots! Of course it's exciting to be part of the FML boat! Thank you very much. If you like ChinChat you can become a fan on Facebook and get access to exclusive ChinChat content! We will be a part of ExporAsian art exhibit in Vancouver at the International Village Art Gallery (May 5-25), so if you are in Vancouver please come take a look! As well if you have an iPad or iPhone, try our game Chinbounce in the App store! So I'm excited to say that the future of ChinChat looks very bright

-And we're pleased as well. What are your inspirations (besides Shakespeare and Rolo) and which webcomics do you read?
-Peanuts by Charles Schultz, Garfield have always been my favorite comics. Some web comics would be ZombieBoy, LoadingArtist and VG cats, Buni. I recently found ZenPencils and they are a fun web comic to follow,

-Are you planning on publishing a Chinchat book?
-Actually yes, I have been looking into doing an eBook and see how it goes, we would love to give an actual book or eBook to our fans to own.

-Does living in Vancouver somehow affect your way of creating?
-Vancouver is a beautiful city and full of interesting people from different places in the world. My friends and experiences have definitely affected how ChinChat is created.

-And last question Jennifer! Why did you choose this FML story?
-When I read it I was in class and I laughed out loud! I was embarrassed but that's how I knew it was the one!

-Thank you very much for taking part Jenn!
-Thank you Alice and FML! And thank you to my ChinChatters for your love and support!





ChinChatComics is right here :

If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 


#1269 - Illustrated FML - On 05/10/2012 at 5:06am by Alice - 2 comments

Dorian Danielsen's Illustrated FML

Hello! Or should I say… HI THERE KITTENS. I’m very happy to speak to you again, and this of course has nothing to do with the fact that I’m flying to NYC on Tuesday, not at all. I’ve got a meeting set up with Michael Jordan’s cat. He’s going to teach me how to play basketball, he knows all about baskets. (Kittens, baskets… I’m so ROLFCOPTER).

Anyhoo, I’m not just going to waffle on about my personal life and tell you what I’m going there for, so I’ll now introduce you to a young man who runs a very funny blog. He’s 27, lives in Paris, but is from further south in France. He’s called Dorian Danielsen, and his blog is called Facecam, and the concept is to tell the world stuff that is often funny, only him and his webcam, a bit like a video diary. “I share my troubles and elations, and it all becomes a joyful down-to-earth blog that the whole family can enjoy.”

What does Dorian do? “The short answer is foxhunting, deep-sea fishing and retirement home cheerleader, but to really earn a living, I’m a graphic designer for youth orientated publishing. In my spare time I procrastinate on the Internet.”

I think this interview is going to scare some people, but I’ll take a chance and ask two further questions about his life. What does he like? What does he miss? “What I really enjoy is human interaction. Unfortunately, due a judicial error, I’m forbidden from going within 150 meters of a school. So I just scream out against the injustices of this world in the only free space left: the Internet.”

His education started with a diploma in Taxidermy, then he started a flower delivery business. He was then mistaken for a graphic designer while delivering flowers to a publishing house, due to the fact that he was playing around with a drawing pad. “I’ve been there ever since. But I intend to go back to flowers one of these days!”

Such a rich life which makes me envious. I guess the next FML artists will feel a little jealous. And you haven’t seen everything yet!

Cats or Dogs?
Cats, definitely. They’re more convenient, they fit in a pie.

Your last favorite movies, records, books and comics?
The Avengers is very good, but I recently discovered Chronicle which came out not too long ago and which is well worth a look. Musically, besides Skrillex, nothing has recently caught my attention, so I’m listening to Tom Waits at the moment. As for comics, the list is long… very long, so to sum up, the latest BRPS is cool, Rabagliati’s Paul series is very sensitive and in a lighter style, Gen by Hiroshima is good too.

Which are the main artists you admire, and whose blogs you visit a lot?
YodaBlog, Bastien Vivès, Jaime de Paris, 20th Century Cowboy and in a totally different style, the latest Les3Gras.

What are your passions, hobbies, vices and favorite things in life?
Cf. Question 5: The short answer is foxhunting, deep-sea fishing and retirement home cheerleader, but to really earn a living, I’m a graphic designer for youth orientated publishing. In my spare time I procrastinate on the Internet.

Tell us a joke. If not, your own personal FML.
So, it’s the story of a nun… No wait, a crazy painter. Well, not really, he’s painting a wall. No, that’s not it. He’s painting a ceiling and Batman walks in and asks him the time, so the guy knocks his fries over. Or the other way around, I can never remember.

Do you have a phobia? If so, what it is?
I have two, dead birds and whales. But living in Paris, I only encounter the first category…

To end it off, ask yourself a question you would like to have been asked, and answer it.
-Do you think Scully should’ve got off with Mulder?
-No, she should’ve got off with me!


And to see this week’s illustrated FML, just click here.


Ok, that’s it for this week, but before I go, here are three videos because I’m happy and I’m off to pack my suitcase. Don’t get involved in stupid games with drunk guys from Eastern Europe. Never react like this when you get eliminated from a reality TV show. And finally, be careful, looks can be deceiving. See you soon!


You’ve got talent and would like to take part in an upcoming illustrated FML? Send me an email to [email protected] and supply your blog’s address or some of your work.

#1265 - Illustrated FML - On 05/04/2012 at 8:14pm by Julien - 1 comments

The FML cookie

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome today's artist! Today is special, because the artist is maybe a he, maybe a she, maybe his name is Harry, maybe her name is Paula, the truth is that I don't know much about him or her. I think it's a ghost. At least, if he/she's a ghost, he/she was kind enough to stop haunting the old manor he/she lives in, to answer my questions. Disrespectful kids from the suburbs, take your elders for example. 




-Shoe, welcome on FML, I guess Shoe Lace is not your real name... am I right?
-Oh no no, that's just some of my Internet account names, I usually just go by "Von" in the real world.

-So are you a lady or a gentleman?
-Haha! I like to keep it a secret. Then people can only judge me by my artwork and personality.

-Such a girly answer. Or boy's. Ah, I don't know! So you'll be Lorenzo Von Matterhorn to me. How old are you?
-Very obscure! I'm 23 now.

-Where do you live?
-The south of England, where the sea is brown and unwelcoming.

-What's your job? Or are you still a student?
-Ah neither, looking for a job, quit uni a few years ago.

-In what field are you searching? Maybe there's a potential employer reading this interview, go ahead and sell yourself!
-Haha, anything really! Need the money support my artwork, I'd like to just do freelance work, I also enjoy animating, not enough to do my own stories though. I'll basically take on any field of art but with normal jobs, I'd have to choose something stimulating as I get bored very easily. Though that's not exactly selling myself! Though if anyone needs a chocolate tester, I can make time.


-Oh and if you need an assistant, I'm here to help. Tell us more about your website!
-I'm just figuring out my art style. So I'm just putting most of my work up until I can figure out what's happening. Hopefully when I do have a secure style people can go through my website and laugh at all my old work and how bad it is. The black soup though, the name, its just meant to mean anything can come out of it. Which is a good excuse for me to not restrict myself and do as I please. The making of it was pretty special though as me and my partner, Joshua, were thinking of names for it and said it at the same time, in perfect scary sync. So it had to be done.

-Partner as you're working together?
-Yes yes.


-What are your next projects then?
-I'm remaking a plush at the moment, a kind of mascot for the site, and I'm waiting for an image of mine to be published in the pictoplasma character compendium. Which is out in about 2 days I think, but that's more present, for the future? I don't know, I like to work very quickly, so when I get ideas I usually get it done within a day or two, I'm very impatient but it makes me learn quicker so I can churn out work as it were. I never really have future stuff!

-That's kind of awesome. Which webcomics do you read?
-None! Though the FML strips do keep me entertained, I'm glad I could be part of that.

-And last for not least, why did you choose this FML story?
-It seemed funniest to me, it was the one that was open-ended enough for me to draw horrifyingly, haunted biscuits. Which is always fun to draw.

-Always. Thank you Lorenzo Von Matterhorn for your participation!
-Thank you Alice Cooper for letting me!
-SHHH don't reveal my secret!






Shoe's website :

If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 


#1261 - Illustrated FML - On 04/28/2012 at 8:30am by Alice - 1 comments

Julien Revenu's illustrated FML

Hello, you lovely people!

This week is yet again brought to you from our French website, so strap some baguettes on your arms, get the accordion out of storage and assume the mandatory position. While you do so, we’ll be off skateboarding, and then taking care of the trolls in the comments sections. So, ready to sing the French National Anthem?

Today’s artist is, as we said (keep up) from France, he’s 27, and lives in a town near the Mediterranean Sea called Montpellier. He goes by the name Julien Revenu, AKA Revenu. So, what does he get up to? “I create cartoons and educational illustrations for various community projects, associations and communication agencies. I also create humorous comics for the press. I’m currently preparing a graphic novel about the urban riots that happened in France in 2005.”

What Revenu likes the most is to tell stories. He tries to transport his readers into his world. And if he can do so via humor, it’s even better. Here at FML we totally agree. “Creating a funny situation is pretty tough. Getting people to empathize with characters in sad situations is much more simple. What I miss the most is working in a team. It happens sometimes while working on scripts, but not often enough.”

Julien Revenu has stacks of humor, and his excellent drawing style makes it even more enjoyable. He wound up with this style after travelling all over France for his education, ending up in a Decorative Art School for five years. He’s now worked solo for the past two years in a workshop in Montpellier, where he works alongside other artists.

He has many projects on the go, such as a TV show that became a series of comic strips. “It’s called Quorum, and it’s about the associative community world told with an absurd/trashy humor. You can check some of it out on my blog.” He’s also preparing a documentary about Japan, but hasn’t decided on the angle yet. “I’ll be there during the summer, where I’ll travel to the Amani Islands.” Lucky guy.

Damn, he’s now made me want to travel as well. I now suggest we move on to the second part of this interview. (Yeah, that’s what’s called a professional transition.)

So, dogs or cats?
Dogs, definitely. This subject comes up often between my significant other and me.

What did you enjoy recently in movies, music, books and cartoons?
I’ve always dreamt of being a gangster in a movie. I enjoy both of Moriarty’s albums. I loved Ken Grimwood’s book Replay, the story of a guy who relives his life a thousand times, each time changing his destiny. As for comics, I like what’s being produced in Italy at the moment. Five Thousand Kilometers by Manuele Fior for example is a mighty fine book.

Who are the main artists that you like and whose blogs you frequently check out?
Charlie Poppins for the retro touch, Lapin, whose travel cartoons are magnificent, and Wulffmorgenthaler for the Anglo-Saxon humor.

Tell us about your passions, hobbies and vices. What make you happy to be alive?
I do a lot of theatre improvisation. I love it; it’s like my own adrenaline shot. It’s a wonderful laboratory for experimenting storytelling. It takes up a lot of my time.

Do have a phobia? If so, what is it?
Not really, but I’ll borrow King Arthur’s: snakes… because they travel around on their stomachs.

To end this interview, ask yourself a question that you would have liked to been asked, and then answer it.
-Out of all these objects, guess which one.
-That one
-My pleasure.


And to see this week’s illustrated FML, please click here!


Well, there we have it, another brilliant discovery, good old Julien Revenu, off he goes. I’ll leave you with two videos, as usual. When you get two “Talking Carl’s”, an iPhone app where a guy repeats everything you say, to talk to each other, this is what happens. And the second video is so good that it needs no introduction. Bye for now!


Got talent? Wanna take part in an upcoming illustrated FML? Send an email to [email protected] and don’t forget to include a link to your blog or a few examples of your work.

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Make that FML talk


Stop everything you're doing right now, there's an (almost) naked lady in today's illustration! Plus, there's a puppet AND doctors. It's the perfect illustration, made by Gemma Correll, our British artist of the day. Check out her interview!



-Gemma, welcome on board! First, what's your name, surname, nickname if you have one?
-Gemma - Correll - Bear (long story)

-(So I'm not allowed to ask you anything about it? Okay. Damn.)How old are you?
-I'm 28 years old.

-Where do you live?
-Norwich, England

-What's your job?
-I'm a freelance Illustrator - I design T-shirts and greetings cards (among other products), I draw pictures for magazines, I illustrate books - and I draw a lot of cats.

-What's your journey?
-I have drawn pictures forever, but I'm still surprised that I've made it my career.

-What are your inspirations?
-People and animals that I meet, Overheard conversations, the weather, coffee, my Pugs Mr Pickles and Bella, Books, Movies. I can be inspired by pretty much anything, to be honest. Even doing my Tax Return gave me some good ideas. Also it also made me want to kill myself.

-Do you read webcomics? If so, which ones?
-I love Kate Beaton's and Liz Prince's comics. I'm not sure if they are really "webcomics" but they are comics and they are on the internet, so I guess that will do.... and PUSHEEN. Pusheen is my favourite.

-Tell us more about your website and the creations you're selling?
-I wanted my website to be a reflection of my work and fun to use (so I hope it is). I make a lot of products, including comics, printed tote bags and badges and sell them in my online shop. I like making my own products, it's a bit different from the commissioned work that I spend most of my time doing. It feels more personal and fun.

-Aaaah, this is the last question! Even after two years I still hate this part. I don't wanna say goodbye... why did you choose this FML story?
-Gynecological stories are ALWAYS funny... aren't they?
-Yes they are! Unless you're the one with your legs open.






Gemma's website :



#1245 - Illustrated FML - On 04/11/2012 at 9:00am by Alice - 0 comments