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It's a new day, full of mysteries, ghosts, 60's dresses and fearful dog. Yes, there's some Scooby-Doo hidding in today's illustration! To those who didn't watch the tv show, we recommand you to go and rent a DVD now, because if you don't know who cool is this show you'll just be a moron, and for our precious one who followed religiously tose dog's aventures, just enjoy Fernando Sica's interview.



-Hello Fernando, you're our 100th artist! That's huge. How do you feel being that particular lucky man?
-Being the 100th artist it´s good because i feel like it´s a good luck sign for me and my work, plus I really enjoyed doing an FML illustration

-Where do you live?
-In México city! Ajjuuuuuuaaaaa!

-Oh let me put on my sombrero. There. So tell us, what México is really all about ?
-México is not only tacos, burritos and sombreros, it´s a mixture of crazy things taken from past and present culture, it´s a colorful and exciting surrealistic monster! thats my definition about my country, and particularly this citiy.

-What's your job?
-I´m a graphic designer and illustrator, but recently I have done animation and photography, I like to work in different disciplines to expan my creative possibilities.

-How did you become a graphic designer?
-Since I was a kid I spent hours drawing and doing all kind of stuff with cardboard, then I started to paint at the age of 10, and since then I knew I wanted to be an illustrator, I did the graphic design career, ended it 3 years ago, I work independently since then to have enough time for my personal proyects.

-What's great and lame about being a graphic designer?
-The greatest thing about being a graphic designer is that I love my profession! It gives you a lot of visual culture and knowledge to be later applied in many creative areas.

-And the lame side is..? (Oh, you know there's one)
-Maybe the lame part is that clients refuse to pay what it really costs! And you have to fight for your rights! It's a very competitive area, so you have to be the best one to reach what you want, but it's not a problem since I love what I do, so the lamest part is time! We have a lot of pressure and sometimes its really annoying to work like that, you dont really enjoy some projects.

- And what are your next projects?
-I will continue working as a freelance, but i have a new personal project called Rehägustovich ( ) that is my illustrated travel journal to an imaginary, quiet, subtly magical land that few people know how to reach! Later I would like to dedicate more time to write and illustrate children´s stories and start personal animation projects. Little by little.

- Ok, do you swear you're not using drugs to do this project?
- Ahahah, it seems to be like that! But the real aim of this new project is to magnify simple situations and give them a little twist of mystical colorfull magic! There will be many interesting characters and funny situations.


-So you like mysteries, that's why you choose this particular story?
-Yes, and also because of Scooby Doo! I used to watch it when I was a kid before going to school, so I thought it could be interesting to play with the cartoon from a different point of view, and with an older Fernando! Also it´s funny the mixture between a mistery cartoon and a pervert joke. I have no doubt that things like this FML story could happen in the Scooby Doo world, all the characters had masks and costumes, so in the background Scooby Doo was pervert.

-Yeah you just ruined some of the reader's childhood. Many thanks.




Fernando's website: 

That's all folks! And before you leave, don't forget to sing the theme song with us, right here !
See you next week, and move the kids away from the computer, because there will be some nudity. Oh yeah.




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  • I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!

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    See in context

  • and that dumb ass dog

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    See in context



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