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GOODMORNING READERS, PEOPLE, STUFF, HOW'S THAT SOUND? LOUD? Good because we all received our vuvuzelas to help us write the article and it's LITTERALY BREAKING OUR EARS and our nerves. It's Maxime Dupont's fault but we're not blaming him since he illustrated a FML story again, just for you. It is a good thing he's back, since the last time we featured him, he was about to travel all around Africa; now he's in France and he's ready to tell us about his wonderful trip. Get waka waka guys, Maxime is here !

-Tell us about your trip ?
-It was a little humanitarian trip to Africa, more precisely to Ouagadougou (in Burkina Faso). I went there with my girlfriend to discover Africa as we had it in our hearts, in a kids treatment center, called "Kheur guney"= "the children's house.” We spent 3 months there sharing the life of fabulous kids who delighted us with theirs smiles, laughs and immoderate joy of life, in spite of the horrible living conditions they were dealing with. We worked with them to help them succeed in school, and we created thousands of games with them. In addition to that, during the first month I had the hard task to create a 60-meter long illustrative fresco with three young people from 18 to 25years old. To help me achieve this project, went on some great motorbike road-trips without a helmet through the marvelous landscapes of Ouagadougou, not that it was like on tropical islands with heavenly views, but we were all alone in those almost arid areas, completely preserved from any civilization. It was a huge heartbreak when we had to tell all those orphans that we were going back to France, and a very emotional moment the day we left when we lost all those little brothers that we took care of during our journey. Amazing journey during which I made about thirty portraits of the kids and 1200 pictures that will help me create a comic book about the center some day.

-What are your projects?
-I registered for multimedia training courses, hoping to be in a company that works principally on web design so I can learn how to build web sites and be a polyvalent graphic designer/web designer/illustrator, but I know that someday I'll end up doing comics illustration exclusively. I already have some comic books plans and hope that someday I’ll contribute to a project that gathers lots of artists to create stuff such as dofus and wakfu.

-What inspires you?
-Artists inspire me a lot concerning the different styles of drawing or coloration techniques, movies inspire me more for their storytelling but also for the camera angles, dialogs, style effects, etc. My teachers used to compare me to a sponge, I absorb anything I can make use of, I'm open to whatever I come across, movies, comic books, illustrations, mangas, anything will do, and give myself the chance to learn whatever I can from everybody.

-What makes you laugh the most?
-FML makes me laugh a lot, so does the sharpness of some movie dialogs, I'm often the only one laughing at that, but otherwise I laugh all the time with everybody so everybody makes me laugh a bit. I even find myself laughing at my dad's old-fashioned jokes that are not really funny…

-Why did you choose this FML?
- I never know why I choose an FML in particular; if I had the time I would illustrate all of them. I choose very quickly, the first one that makes me laugh and that constrains me to try a new technique, or a specific drawing that interests me.





-Do you have your own FML anecdote that you can share us?
-Today I was doing cocktails in the bar where I work as a barman, while using peach cream (the one with alcohol in it) instead of syrup. All of my coworkers got drunk. FML


Clic to see the illustration on



Maxime's chili con carne:

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#582 - Illustrated FML - On 08/27/2010 at 1:12pm by FML Team - 2 comments

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  • Wow, coolio Maxime!!!

    #1 - On 08/28/2010 at 1:34pm by adaniscool

    See in context

  • That's really awesome that you had such an experience in Africa; most people will never get the chance and many wouldn't even want to.

    I like how open you are to ideas; some people don't even count manga as art and think it's junk. There's a lot of cool stuff out there and comics are great for inspiration. I also like how you don't just have one style of art.
    You've got some great work and I hope to see more soon on DeviantART, since you've now got yourself another watcher. ;P

    #2 - On 08/31/2010 at 12:30am by Riikai

    See in context



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