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The FML ultimatum

Hey there everyone! Yay, it's Saturday! You can finally get some rest for at least 48h … Relax, no need to get all in a hurry about stuff. That's what basically sucks during the week, we don't have enough time to do things, always having deadlines to meet at school or work, there's always an ultimatum hanging over our heads. Except on FML. And that's not because we're not able to stick to one, it's just because we don't want to rush ourselves. Okay, we hear some of you laughing, so you know what? We'll give it a go: let's say we will do this article in less than 6min42s. Ready? So please welcome our "in a hurry" artist: Tucker Rzepecki!

BobTucker, also known as Bob, is a 26 years old cartoon-maker who lives in Olympia, Washington. He grew up, went to school and college in Brookings, South Dakota, where he had a variety of jobs including jewelry sales and food service. Despite the fact that Bob is currently unemployed, he hasn't given up hope, and as he says, at least he’s able to set his own hours! He's still planning to draw comics, and a career in art and cartooning has always been his goal, which is why he decided it was time for a change of scenery and moved to the Pacific northwest, with the hope that he could find a job once he got there.

Bob likes cycling and painting, but his very unique passion (and the reason why he's with us today) is cartoons. He loves talking about them, reading them and even drawing them. So three years ago, he decided to create his own blog to display his cartoons, and as he was dating a girl with a DeviantArt account, DeviantArt it was. The girl left the picture but at least his Deviant account remained, and it even grew in popularity! He could share his work, receive instant feedback, and that's what drove him to pursue his drawing.

What time is it? Okay, we still have 1min17s to talk to you about his DeviantArt account and why you have to take a look at it. Behind these falsely naive drawings, you'll find an absolutely irresistible acerbic humor dealing blows to our century. Progress, love, Ellen DeGeneres, Bob doesn't spare anything or anyone. What's even more amazing about it is the way his cartoons are set in real life, and what's cruel and funny about it.

Our last 30 seconds will be for this question: why did he choose this FML?

"As an artist I found it relatable, both from the student's perspective and from the teacher's. I also felt that this FML was a good opportunity to practice facial expressions! "

Our botoxed cheeks love it. Thank you Bob!

So, do you like it? Were we able to entice you with such a short and rushed article?

You have plenty of time guys, but don't forget to check his deviant account:


Who's going to be our next published artist after Bob? You don't have to be from the Black Lodge to be published, all you have to do is send an email to [email protected] !

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