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Sprawling FML

Slurp squish squish! Splash slurp-burp squish snort? Squi-sh slarp slurp shush, blurt. Blurt splash. Eek squis slurb strul snort slarp, shush. Slip haap eew squi ubb, twii. Slom urp slap swift, slup! Slup! Awss blupr squash splif, snort ? Snort slurp eek squish. Strul boow, squish Daniel Simon, slurp turp No Reason! (As today is the first time that we have an octopus-monster in the traditional Saturday illustration, we took some liberties and let the octopus write the introduction. There's nothing more to add, here's Daniel’s interview.)

Daniel is 29. He split his time between the beautiful city of Toronto, and the vast wilderness of his imagination where, he confesses, he walks into things a lot. And as Daniel is a freelance graphic designer, it's pretty good to have imagination (and energy, and patience, and culture...). But especially energy, as living thanks thank to our creations is much more difficult that we thought. Daniel is trying to break into illustration with Children's Books, Cartoons and some other comic related content, even if that means to do grunt studio work for Marketing and Advertising Agencies, Web Design and a smattering of other graphics related work for now. He also recently got approached to work on Graphic User Interfaces as a design consultant for a Business application developer. Yes, he's kind of a Jack-of-all-Trades when it comes to graphics, and gosh, what a great TV shows it was.

Our artist grew up drawing. As soon as he was able to comprehend and grasp objects that would make marks on other objects, he was drawing. He was terrible at it too. But he got better, he distinctly remember having a love of Superman and Spiderman when he was younger, and he started out by tracing the covers of his favorite comics, repetitively. Eventually he graduated to mimicry, trying to emulate the shapes and styles of things he liked. Magazine ads, Comic covers, porn he found under his parents bed, whatever captured his interest. His middle school art teacher recommended that he applied for a Regional Arts High School, so he did, and easily got in. He spent the next five years painting, drawing and learning all about art and it's techniques. But after that much art, he got pretty sick of it, as I'd been pretty much creating new work every day for five years. He stopped drawing almost entirely, and applied to an English Major Program at York University in Toronto intending to become a teacher. He's a pretty big reader, and he excelled in English. So, he figured teaching literature would be a good fit. Turns out, he hates Virginia Woolf. Enough so, that midway through his second semester, he grabbed all my old art, walked over the Fine Arts building and asked them if he could transfer. The professor who reviewed his work looked at it for a long time, looked at him and said, "I'm not supposed to tell you this now, but you're in. I'll see at the start of next semester." Which he didn't, because Daniel didn't have to take his class.

It turned out to be the greatest decision of his life. He got back into art, and learned new ways to conceptualize, and took classes on the side for New Media, Advertising, and Design. About the same time, he discovered Adobe Illustrator, having already worked with Photoshop in high school to do Photo-Editing. He spent a lot of time teaching himself how to use the programs, choosing to stay up late and work on websites and digital art, just for kicks. He got hooked in with some startup companies, and by fourth year he was balancing a full time job as a Media Professional designing template websites and being a full time student, which is where he learned to keep odd work hours.

In 2006, after reading through the entire archives of PVP, Penny-Arcade and Ctrl+Alt+Del and a few others, he decided he wanted to go lowbrow with his work. One sunny day on the dock at his parent’s cottage, he proposed the idea of starting a web comic with his best friend, Jeff Moss. It took some convincing, and some fisticuffs, but he finally managed to strangle out a couple of strips out of him, and so No Reason was born. 

Daniel loves drawing. Man, we feel like we say this every single week. We do in fact. It's pretty pleasant to work with happy artists! Any way he loves typography and package design. Remember that every time you buy a toilet roll or a Rolex watch, a designer created by his little hand the packaging and the typography to make you want this product, it's a communicative work that Daniel really likes: "I love creating things that communicate and engage people. I like that things I create affect people, which is one of my philosophies about art. I believe that real fine art is art that interacts and engages its audience."

At least, his "to do" list is enormous. He's currently working on his website and on top of that he has two client websites he's working on. Add to the list two different Children’s books (with two different authors), a short graphic story, and a few pitches for Cartoons, and you're just scratching the surface. He also has some scribbled notes about writing a book.

"-You sure do have a long list of things to do! Here are our last questions Daniel and we'll release you after, why did you choose this FML and why did you decided to send an illustration for FML?
-I had a hard time choosing one, and ultimately, Alice (you [me]) made the decision. When I wrote in inquiring about doing one, Chris Hallbeck's was held up as the gold standard, which I completely agree with as being one of the best illustrated FML's. The phrase 'Take it one step further' was used, so  I combed through the archives looking for just the right one. My only real parameters were 'Something vague enough to be taken to a weird place.' I found five or seven that fit the bill [we believe there's a lot more ..] , and bouncing the idea back and forth with Alice produced this one as the winner. I'm pretty happy about this one too. I love drawing monsters.
I've been reading FML for a few months. It's one of my time-wasters when I'm procrastinating. I'd been fighting the urge to steal some of them for scripts for comics, when I noticed Zach Weiners Illustrated FML. Then I didn't think about it for a while. Then I thought about it again. Then I was bored at a job and decided: I should do one too


click on this preview !

Brilliant idea, we love it Daniel, you should be bored at work more often !

Daniel's portofolio is right here:
No Reason webcomic is overthere:

Bulp slash squish stub? Slarp slurp urp eew [email protected] slish oow boow slurp!*
*If you want to be next published artist send an email to [email protected] which starts with a hello and ends with a goodbye, including your name, age, and a link to your website/blog. If you don't have one, attach some of your drawings. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with Alice, who has 8 tentacles, who will tell you what you have to do!

#241 - Illustrated FML - On 11/05/2009 at 6:11pm by FML Team - 7 comments

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  • I think Edward Cullen would have been a better thing to throw in the comic instead of the the Tentacle Mistress.

    THAT would be a true FML.

    *looks down*
    "Why do my balls look like a shaken up snow globe?"
    *looks over*
    "Hey there babyca-uh oh..."

    #1 - On 11/07/2009 at 11:55pm by allmidnighteyes

    See in context

  • :D Then he rolls away from Edward only to see Jacob. Twilight sandwich!

    #2 - On 11/08/2009 at 3:46am by PandaPandaPandaX

    See in context



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