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Cyanide, FML & Happiness

How was your week? Good? Great? Disastrous? Well at least it's Saturday, and you know what goes on every Saturday, right? It's illustration time !


After two years of being faithful to their blog, We must say we were pretty overwhelmed when getting in touch with such an exciting team (they invented AR  after all!). Updated daily, this website is the website that never sleeps, and if you hadn't realised it yet, you'll figure out that it's pretty impressive the way clicking "next" can become so addictive. This addiction is kind of pleasant because humour helps us on the path to happiness. And what's also really important in happiness? Love Cyanide, of course. 


So, here they are, please welcome our brand new artists: Cyanide and Happiness!

Rob DenBleyker, Dave McElfatrick, Kris Wilson, Matt Melvin, there's four of them, they're young, they don't live in the same city, but they know how to please us with Explosm, and have been doing so since 2004.


"At first, it was nothing more than a hobby. We had been running another site with stick figure animations while we were in high school, but we wanted to do something new. So we made Explosm to be our new creative outlet!" says Matt Melvin, today's illustrator.


Matt is 25, he's from California; when Explosm started he was studying graphic design and was working as an in-house web developer for a company in San Diego. He likes to read and write, and he's also a big Palahniuk fan. He's passionate about music, he confessed that he would go crazy if he hadn't some new tunes to listen to, in fact he likes it so much that he learned how to play the guitar! He's also starting a t-shirt collection/addiction, so come on girls, don't be selfish, take off your shirt and send it to him.

Matt meets the other members of Explosm only at conventions or when they have time to travel around. Rob lives in Texas,  Kris lives in Wyoming and Dave lives in Ireland, but despite the distance, Explosm is their full time job, and they've got many projects for the object of their affection.


-So Matt, can you tell us what your projects are?

-Well, we've got several things in the works that we can't talk about just yet, but we're working on several new animated shorts and we're putting together our first collection of comics into a book. Exciting!


Exciting for sure! Now here's the last question before we let Matt go back to a normal life (just kidding), why did he choose this FML?

"Children acting inappropriately is always funny. It's a rule of nature. Moss always grows on the north side and pissy children are always hilarious."

Correct answer. Thanks a lot Matt, once again, cyanide is a big part of happiness.

Clic Clic !

Here's the way:
Here's the way to Matt:
Here's the way to Twitter-Explosm:
Here's the way to Twitter-Matt:
And here's the way to Twitter-Rob:


Hey! What are you doing? Hasn't Susan Boyle taught you anything? Whoever you are, you can give it a try and send an email to [email protected] if you want to get the chance to be the next published artist. That's what it's all about.. and you don't want to upset Susan, do you now?

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