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My cardboard FML

Hello everybody! We hope that you had a great week and that you're all ready for today's new illustration. As some of you may have noticed, yesterday we received Kevin Nealon who helped us select his favorite FML stories of the day. As the illustration section is also a huge fan of his, we didn't content ourselves with having just an artist today, we actually wanted to make distinguished jokes that we could put in our one-crew-show, if we had one. Of course, we weren't able to do it ourselves, that why we're welcoming with a great pleasure or host for today, Philippa Rice!

Philippa is 23, and for the first time, we crossed the Atlantic Ocean to find an artist living in North London, United Kingdom. It makes us want a cup of Hugh Grant and a tea autograph, or the other way around, either way is fine. She did A-levels in art and design at school, even if she was encouraged to do a degree in fine art, our artist of the day decided to go for Animation instead, because it seemed like more fun. At the moment, Philippa is between jobs. Since graduating in 2007, she has worked in a few different short term and part time jobs. She hasn't tried to get a job in animation because she wanted to carry on with that on her own rather than animating someone else's characters. As she says, it's a difficult time for employment at the moment, so instead of trying too hard to find a full time job, she has been creating work for herself with freelance illustration, and selling her comic books online and at craft fairs. And we can do nothing but encourage her, because her productions are amazing.

My Cardboard Life started almost a year ago now. It's a webcomic updated on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It's made out of actual cardboard and paper which she cuts out with her own cute little hands. You may ask yourself whether it's expensive to make. Actually we did too, but Philippa assures us that it's not. All the cardboard is recycled from old packaging; a lot of the paper is also recycled scrap paper. But she does buy a lot of glue however.

Originally, the idea was to create a children's picture book about recycling. Philippa moved into a new home, and had all this cardboard around from flat-pack furniture. She came up with the character Cardboard Colin and some other characters like Plastic Pete, Tin Tim, Paper Pauline etc... She never finished the picture book and she left the idea alone for several months before she decided to give Cardboard Colin another chance and make him into a webcomic. Cardboard Colin and Paper Pauline were the only characters to stay on board; even the recycling theme was dropped. My Cardboard Life is mainly about the friendship between Colin and Pauline now: Colin is naive and a bit childish, and Pauline takes advantage of this and is often cruel to him. But you know it’s like Wilson and House, we can wonder if love is not behind all this…

By visiting her blog, we discovered that MCL was one project amongst many others. Not only Philippa can handle an entirely hand-made webcomic (as does Becky that we met last week) but she also does illustrations, postcards, posters and even plush!
 “I learnt to crochet about six months ago, and my house is riddled with plush toys that I keep making. My Boyfriend complains every time I make a new one, but then he doesn't like it when I sell them either because he gets attached."
Another thing Philippa has been working on is a series of art-zines called Intricate Dwellings, which are made up of detailed drawings of landscapes, where Philippa hides little items for people to find, like the latest level of Waldo, except that Intricate Dwellings is harder and cuter.


“-Why did you choose this FML Philippa?
-I liked the fact that it was a bit mysterious. What was the ex-girlfriend so cross about? Did he deserve it or not, and what was the actual damage caused? Also, it gave me the opportunity to buy a bag of peanuts and eat most of them.
-Did you eat the bat too? Mh never mind, last question, why did you decide to send an illustration for FML?
-The FML stories are so addictive to read. I especially like the embarrassing ones. Cardboard Colin has a lot of FML moments too. I guess I must be a fan of misery and misfortune.”


At least your illustration is not made of misery! Thank you Philippa for your contribution, we'll send you all of our cardboard so you can continue your amazing job for the next few years!

My Cardboard Life webcomic is here:

Philippa’s blog where you’ll find other things that she’s doing (including a shop corner! Go crazy!):


And now here's a little instruction manual on how to be our next published artist: send an email to [email protected] which starts with a hello and ends with a goodbye, including your name, age, and a link to your website/blog. If you don't have one, attach some of your drawings.

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