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Crooked Gremlins enjoy FML too

Today, we’re doubling up the fun. Usually, Saturday's illustration gives you a unique and talented artist. But on this new, shiny, sweaty day, we want to give you just a little bit more. That's why we’ve got not one, not one and a half, but two artists for the price of one. See, we think two is a pretty good number; it seems that everything that comes in pairs is made of win. Think about it: your body has two arms, two legs, two eyes… A couple (beside the Clintons) goes in twos, the Twin Peaks in Frisco are a set of two, U2 rhymes with two. Two seems just perfect as a well-balanced out set of scales. So, we without any further ado, here are today’s artists, please welcome Carter Fort and Paul Lucci the creators of The Crooked Gremlins!


Carter is the younger one. This 26 years old artist lives in Lexington, KY, whereas Paul,  a year older than his friend, lives in Pittsburgh, PA. The two of them were roommates in high school for grades 11 and 12, where they realized they had the same sense of humor and passion for comics, and so they became friends.

CarterPaulWhen Carter  grew up, he attended a middling state school and got a degree in Mass Communications, specializing in Digital Media. That's where he got his first taste of having an audience when he landed a gig writing a bi-weekly opinion column in the school paper. Reading the hate-mail opened his eyes to some of the worst tendencies that human nature has to offer. Some of the critics couldn't even spell "godless" correctly. Amateurs. After school, he started working in advertising, creating some commercials and print ads, but he really didn't like the structures that were in place to express himself. Carter quit and as he progressed into the Java-Wordpress world, he was able to combine his technophilia with his design skills so he started building a blog called The Crooked Gremlins..
As for Paul, he went to some Community College and took art classes. He didn't finish, but now works at a University in hopes of getting some more schooling in. Yep, that's it.


College is now over, so it's time for them to make a living. Carter became a web developer and designer. He’s been running his own business, Out to Lunch Productions since March of 2008, and he hasn't regretted a single day of it. During the 2009 inauguration, he was part of a team that was in DC doing a live 6-hour webcast from one of the Galas, named RealPolitech. He built the website and directed the webcast. Being a part of that team is what currently takes up the most of his time. They come up with web ideas for non-profit organizations and political candidates, and then they find ways to go about making those ideas happen. "It's really exciting!" confesses a smiling Carter.
For Paul, college isn't exactly over. He currently works as an administrator at a University in Pittsburgh, even though he doesn't think he will be working there much longer.


Let's get back to why they're here: The Crooked Gremlins. When the site started, there was no comic. It was a political blog written by the Gremlins, the characters that were there before the comic was. But issues started to turn up. People like reading blogs because they feel connected with the author, and it probably won’t surprise you if we tell you that Gremlins aren’t real. We swear they don't exist. Right, you trust Wikipedia but not the FML Team, which is really mean. Anyway, as TCG was bugged by conceptual problems, Carter called Paul to talk to him about the possibility of creating a comic based on these characters. That was in May of 2008, and after a while, the comic was the only thing on the site that everybody actually enjoyed reading. They got rid of everything else and redesigned the site to put the comic front and center. Now everyone is happy, and they are able, and proud, to talk about this successful project :

Carter :" The thing I enjoy most about making The Crooked Gremlins is knowing that people read it. Not a lot of people, admittedly, but I love knowing that this thing that I do can make someone smile or whatever, or it gives them something to look forward to. I like being entertaining. I really enjoy writing the posts, too. While the comic is very much a collaboration, the posts are a place where I can do my level best to place 400 words in a cunning order without external input. "
Paul:" I love putting the comic together. I wish I could draw a new comic everyday. Unfortunately, life does not let that happen. "


Now here is the last question for this lovely partnership: why did they decide to select this story?
Carter: " Out of the dozens we looked at, this one had the most potential to be flipped around. Most of the entries sort of lent themselves to easy jokes that weren't all that funny, so we kept looking for an idea that we could really twist up."
Paul: " Carter and I went through a lot of them. We were just drawn to this one. I guess we just like to do pee-pee jokes. "


click on this preview !

Remember when safe sex meant not getting caught? Well, times have changed, so don't forget to play it safe. In any case, thank you Carter and Paul for your illustration! Long live the Gremlins !


Carter's links are here:

Paul's link is here:


Hey you! Yes you! You want to be published on FML, have an article written about you, or just draw a pee-pee comic situation? Don't wait any longer and send us an email including your name, your age, a link to your blog/website and a joke at: [email protected] ! And do it before we go off drinking Piña Coladas on Miami Beach !

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