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FML's crap hook ups

Hormones, like booze, will throw humans at each other. It's a scientific fact. The "beer goggles" is the name of the phenomenon where the ingestion of alcohol makes a 3 seem like an 8, and the next morning you wake up and wonder whose bedroom you are in, who that person is next to you in bed, and where the hell you parked your car (and underwear for that matter). Once you've got your brain in gear and had a coffee, you vow to stop hooking up with just any old guy/gal that you can get your greasy hands on. Then, a few days later, you do it all over again. This video shows you just what sort of thing can happen if you're not too careful. It's fun to do alright, especially if deep down you're lonely and start listening to your hormones a little too intently... but watch your step, it's bad for your health in the long run. Just use protection if you're going to mess around, eh? Anyway, check out the FML video guys!


#1372 - Videos - On 04/23/2013 at 9:11am by The FML Team - 55 comments

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  • Pretty sure if my SO ever referred to my vagina as "Chewbacca" I'd have a shit fit, it would also be a long while before he saw "Chewbacca" again...

    #6 - On 04/24/2013 at 10:42pm by BeezGood

    See in context

  • The worst one is with the cheating girl....i hate cheaters!

    #11 - On 05/08/2013 at 7:40am by Kruitdamp

    See in context



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