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Bouss's Illustrated FML

So, here we are, 2013! Another year in the life of FML; some of us have been skiing; some of us have been perfecting our ninja moves. In any case, thanks for your loyalty through your telephone or computer screen! We’ll be checking out some more amazing artists this year and we’ll get started right away.

This week we’re welcoming 31-year-old Adrien Bousson, alias Bouss, from Marseille in France. “I’m a graphics designer for a metal label called Season of Mist. I take care of band artwork, from technical stuff to sleeves, when a band doesn’t have their own graphic designer. I also take care of creating adverts, web banners, box presentations, bundles, special offers…”

Adrien is having a lot of fun since he gets to meet bands (Saint Vitus, Rotting Christ, Morbid Angel, Tsjuder) he wouldn’t have got to meet as an independent designer. He thus gets to listen to albums months before everyone else and “when you’re a fan of this sort of music, it’s beyond fuck yeah.”

Of course, as with most people who enjoy what they do, he lacks “time, time and more time.”

His latest news? “I’ve just finished the layout for the latest Rotting Christ – a Greek extreme metal legend – (I created everything except the cover), and that’s really satisfying.”

A great job for someone who started his artistic studies with two years at art school, where he wasn’t really comfortable. The two years he spent afterwards doing applied art were a total contrast, and he felt like a cat on a radiator. He got back in touch with one of his first loves: cartoons. Newly graduated, he published some comics, created some cartoons for institutions, a screenplay and some artwork for records. Then he moved to Marseille to start working for Season of Mist.

His projects? “Finish “Ascensions”, a comic book project that I’ve already released a tome of in 2005 and that came to a halt when the publisher told me that he couldn’t publish the rest due to money problems. I’ve got the rights back, and I hope to be able to finish it off because it’s close to my heart. But I’ve got a full time job so it’s tough. I’ve got loads of projects that need to be developed that just need time to be worked on, like one about a pirate that I hope to finish. Another one I’ve got is called “Founky Sguegue” which is about the universal theme of sex in a daft/poetic way. I have a pixel art short film project that I hope to finish in the next few months. I love pixel art at the moment! (I’d love to make a full length pixel art movie…)”

If you like pixel art too, I recommend that you check out Adrien’s blog, there are some really nice things to be seen on it.

Next bit.

Cats or dogs?
Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. I’m one of the many people whose brains shut down into “I’m going to start speaking like an idiot, go gaga and fuck you – and I’m going home”  - mode when I see one of these magnificent creatures, who will one day rule the world. Cats are Good. Even if you have to open the door 342 times a day for them and that they mark their territory on you to show you that you belong to them – but they have a point. (I agree with this answer. Adrien, you are my friend).

Tell us what you liked at the movies, in music, books and comics recently.
I enjoyed the movie The Other Guys, which isn’t recent; the dialogue is magnificently funny and absurd, vulgar and classy, inventive and daft. The Grey impressed me, to which I’d add “Restless” by Gus Van Sant, “La terre outragée”, “Take Shelter”…
Musically, The Algorithm was a big slap in the face, a one-man band that makes music I can’t really define, fun, powerful and you can dance to it. “4247 Snare Drums” by Whourkr is great gring/breakcore. The magnificent last Sigur Ros album, the geniuses from Darkspace who’ve made the most intense music in the world, the excellent Aluk Todolo, Menace Ruine, Khonsu, Igorr, NOFX, Neo Inferno, Solefald (“Norron Livskunst” is great album).

As for comics, Larcenet’s “Blast” are amazing. “Aama” by Frederik Peeters… “En Silence” by Audrey Spiry… And a book that isn’t very new but is very relevant: “Eloge de la fuite” by Henri Laborit.

Who are the main artists you like whose blogs you visit regularly?
The only blog I visit frequently is the unique Boulet, one of the best at first person narrative.

Tell us what you enjoy in life, your pastimes, and vices, everyday pleasures.
The immense total power of drawing. The possibility of being able to create worlds with just a piece of paper and a pencil, and at the horizon no limits to your imagination. Getting lost in the line. The act of creation. My passion: drawing, then. My pastime: I’d say drawing. My vice: I’d say drawing, surprise surprise. My everyday pleasure? Hmmm… drawing. Oh yeah, I really enjoyed Portal 2, a masterpiece. Which means I enjoy videogames (file under pastimes). Another vice: not feeling like not creating (just for the double negative). For everyday pleasures, seeing as I’m answering all over the place: music of course (music is a fuckin’ drug). Waking up to music, working to music, eating to music, dreaming in music…

Do you have a phobia, if so what is it?
I’m afraid of human stupidity, because it knows no limits and you can’t do much about it. There are phobias you can do things about, heights, aging, illness. Against stupidity there’s only 2 alternatives: play along and be as stupid, or shut the fuck up because there’s no constructive dialogue to be had. You can only endure. Which is depressing and scary. Oh, and the fear of happiness as well. Hmmm, I’m being told that this was supposed to be a series of fun answers, sorry.

To finish off, ask yourself a question you would’ve liked to have been asked, and it’s up to you to answer it or not.
Why is the rabbit in “Monty Python and The Holy Grail” so mean?


And to see this week’s illustrated FML, click here.


Not bad for the first illustrated FML of the year, huh? Next week, we’ll be back with more, but for now we’ll leave you with some videos. As Adrien wrote a nice piece about cats, we might as well carry on this theme. That being said, the cat here called Sashimi, is far from being cute. The man in the video is explaining that it belongs to his sister and that the cat hates him. Check it. I’m sure you’ve always wanted to know what a big hungry cat look like when requesting food. Here’s the answer. See you soon!


If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do!

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  • Some of the Illustrated FMLs can be hit and miss (just my opinion) but this one was hilarious!! It was also very well designed!! You sir are very talented keep up the great work!!

    Also... The Other Guys is freaking EPIC!!!

    #1 - On 01/05/2013 at 6:06pm by StingRay_RZA

    See in context

  • That was very creative and funny! I've only recently started to look at the illustrated FMLs, but good job! :)

    #2 - On 01/06/2013 at 12:10am by fobxox

    See in context



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