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FML meets your parents

So, you’ve found the perfect match. She's the most beautiful girl on earth. He's the sweetest guy you've ever met. She loves baseball and beer. He loves kids and your parents. Parents, one of the biggest steps in a relationship. Of course you know their daughter or son, and you are madly in love with her or him, but frankly, besides the pictures hanging on the fridge, you don't know who the in-laws are. And it scares you, because your beloved soul mate’s opinion about you can change in a second if you don't have the parents’ approval. Oh don't worry, we’ve already taught you how to deal with a hangover, moving house and an unwanted pregnancy, we won't let you down. That's why our artist is with us today, to help us prepare for this big encounter! Please welcome Sang Han!


SangSang, or Sammy (anecdote time, his family gave him a more American nickname so he wouldn’t be teased as a kid, however, now his family have got used to calling him Sammy while everyone else now calls him by Sang. Anecdote time is over, gosh that was quick) is 23 years old and lives in the magnificent city of San Francisco. But wearing some flowers in your hair isn’t enough anymore, life has changed since we invented traders, Sang is going to move out of San Francisco as he can't afford to stay in the city, so he will be moving to live with some friends in the east bay.


After he graduated from the Academy of Art University, Sang became a freelance artist, working as an illustration and animation artist. He is currently working for an indie game company in Canada, where he's developing an xna videogame (readers note: an xna videogame is an Xbox live community game) called Kaleidoscope. In his free time, Sang works on a comic book that he created, hoping to be published one day. He seems pretty happy to talk about what he’s up to, and we love people who love their jobs, and that's why we ask him why he's enjoying being an artist so much:

" The thing I enjoy the most from being an artist is that I can create a whole imaginary world of characters with just a pencil and paper. I want to become a storyboard artist in the future. I love that storyboarding is putting two things I love most about being an artist together: storytelling, and drawing. "

As Sang loves drawing, creating a blog became a good way to display his work to the world and to network with other artists, that's why Threepeasoup was born during his college days. Sang confesses that it was at first kind of intimidating, and we understand him. There are a lot of artists posting amazing art work on their blogs and websites, and then you look at your own publications and feel like they shouldn't even be posted. But today's artist realized soon enough that there’s a fan out there for every piece of art, no matter what style or technique you use, so yes, it's always worth posting, and yes, it's always worth giving it a try by sending an email to [email protected] to be the next published artist on FML!


Let's get back to the point. Threepeasoup. It’s a strange name isn't it? We tried to understand it by ourselves, but without Sang's help, we never would have guessed. Naturally, a super-creative-cool name was needed. After days of brainstorming, he finally came to a decision with "three piece suit", it sounded so cool and even suave like James Bond. Sadly, the website was already taken, and he realized that it had nothing to do with being an artist. But Sang didn't give up, he kept saying "three piece suit" in his head over and over so much that "three pea soup" came into his mind and he loves it! The name has food in it and is truly unique. James is getting jealous. And we’ve heard Barney is souping up.


So, Sang has two names, he lives in San Francisco, he loves James Bond and food. He even likes food so much he would like to own a pastry shop in a few years. He seems to have a normal life (except he has Justin Timberlake in his iPod) so why did he choose this particular FML?

" I recently had to meet my girlfriends' parents, and I know the feeling of nervousness. Thank goodness her parents were the coolest people ever ! "

And thank goodness they don't own a dog. But wait a minute, we thought the FML Team and Fonzie were the coolest people ever? Anyway, thank you Sang for this illustration!


Threepeasoup (the website) is here:
Threepeasoup (the blog) is here:
is here:

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