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You have reached the New FML

Happy New Year with the New FML! Sometime in the middle of next January, FML will be blowing out 4 candles on its metaphorical birthday cake. Yep, it's been four years since we launched what we often refer to as "our baby". The thing is, the baby has grown up a bit since those early days and has developed in a wild way (and here you can choose your analogy based on your age group) a) as if we were playing Pokémon with codes, or b) as if we'd fed a Gremlin after midnight.  As time has spun on, our progeny has gathered a rather large amount of godfathers and godmothers who come and check on its well-being every day. There are now almost 3 million of you who own an account on the website.

The main evolution is in the way FML is visited. Many of you now read us via your phone, and we have to take all of our users into account when doing something major. So today, Monday 17th of December, our team would like to unveil (with something approaching warp-speed excitement) what we've been working on for several months now. So here it is, get this: we would like to announce that today, on Monday the 17th of December, we are launching the new version of the iPhone app, the new version of the Android app and the new version of the website.

Let's have a little look to see what all the fuss in our brainboxes is all about.

Yes, a new design. And that's not some way of saying we've moved a button several pixels to the right and added a picture of a flashing kitten; no, this is a whole bunch of small but effective modifications that should make your visits even more enjoyable. The main new thing is the menu bar, which will stay at the top of the page and will give you easy access to the main areas of the website.

This version of the website has a whole bunch of extra features, one of which is obvious to everyone straight off the bat: the best comments are now displayed on the website's pages (the home page, page 2, etc.). It’s a new way of congratulating our users for their wit and humour.

All the other new features are reserved to the users who had the great idea of creating a (free) accountThe private messages have changed and are now grouped by conversations. Finally, two other features that you can find at the right of the website: Facebook has been integrated (the big blue button) to help share your activity with your friends, as well as your reading progression, and testing your commitment and loyalty.

The badge hunt is back with added heat! No fewer than 14 new badges have been added to the current collection. Public badges, secret badges; some are easy to get, and some are harder than a 400000-piece puzzle of a snowstorm at night while wearing boxing gloves. There’s a bit of something for everyone and for any level of bravery. SO GET HUNTING!

If you're reading FML on your smartphone, we've got lots in store for you today. To avoid any jealousy, everything is being overhauled to prove that we love you, whether your cult worships an apple or a little green robot. To take advantage of all the new stuff, for your iPhone you'll have to download a brand new app to be used instead of the old one, and for your Android phone it's just a case of getting an update, which is available right now.


Amongst the improvements, you'll notice that the design has been totally overhauled and that the badges and private messages have now appeared on your phone. And, wonders of wonders, both of these apps are totally compatible and optimized to be used on tablets. Yep, FML is finally on iPad and adapted for the iPhone 5. 

Get yourself up to date right now by clicking on the link below that corresponds to your phone.

You've now seen what's new. Waiting to introduce you to all these great new developments got us so excited that a bit of pee came out. We just hope that you like what you see. In any case, make the most of it, go nuts, use the website and apps as much as you can because according to a bunch of oddballs and their advent calendar, we're all going to die very soon.

If you have a technical issue, don't hesitate to give our team a shout here: [email protected]. Please be as specific as possible so we can sort it out as quickly as we can.

#1339 - About FMyLife - On 12/16/2012 at 10:04am by The FML Team - 87 comments

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  • It's great that you didn't proceed down the dark path of many other sites, and your changes are effective and not drastic, as so many sites are guilty of, such as YouTube and every site on the Cheezburger network.

    #15 - On 12/17/2012 at 1:52pm by someguy314159265

    See in context

  • I like the new look. And it also seems to be more ergonomic as well!!grats and thanks!

    #1 - On 12/17/2012 at 3:45am by bluevayero

    See in context



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