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The FML surname

Oh no, God why, we're all doomed, it's happening, AGAIN, it's here, AGAIN, let's face it dear readers, September is back. Sure, it's time for short dresses vs. knee-high socks and scarfs, but even that doesn't help. September means October, and October means November, and November doesn't mean anything but wind, runny noses, cold-but-no-snow and eventually, death. I'm not pessimistic, I'm being realistic. Summer is leaving us, without much of a warning, even worse, by text message. We all received it this morning: "It's not you, it's me, it's better that way, plus autumn is making eyes at you, he's totally into you, you'll be a great couple." Damn, how much I miss summer already. Let's warm our cold hearts by interviewing today's artist!


-Sooooo, what's your name, surname, nickname?
-My name is Luba Pacyga and I'm still waiting on a nickname.

-We can try to find you one right now if you want.
-I think I'll wait until I earn one somewhere!

-Too bad, "Honey bear" would suit you. How old are you?
-I do like honey. I'm 20.

-Where do you live?
-I live in Seattle, Washington

-What do you do for a living?
-I work at a hair salon: assisting, working on clients, organizing . . .

-I have to ask you: how are you hair right now?
-Right now it's still wet! It's going to be colorful and covered in glitter later because I'm going dancing tonight. Well, it's kind of a rave actually.

-So tell us more about your DA account.
I first created a deviant art account when I saw some friends using it and it looked fun. I created an Etsy account when I went on a jewelry-making rampage. I made too many pieces of jewelry (even considering upcoming holidays), so I decided to sell them. Right now, I do not have anything for sale (not for long). I have been preoccupied with other activities. Normally, I sell organ jewelry, circuit board jewelry, and chainmaille jewelry. 

-A lot of people we've welcomed on FML are willing to become full-time artists, would that be your dream too?
-That would be nice! I do like my current job, but working from home as an artist would be fun as well. Although, many artists accept commissions and I hardly ever do that. There needs to be intrinsic motivation.

-What are your next projects?
-I'm working on a chewing gum "painting." After that there will be more jewelry. I would also like to try illustrating another FML, if possible. I had a lot of fun making that thing.


-What's your journey ?
-An art journey? I have been making art for as long as I can remember, mostly sculptures and paintings. I started making jewelry when I was 15. This is my first comic-style art project. 

-What are your inspirations ?
-It can be anything. Maybe other people's art or feeling awake. Sometimes I just get an image in my head.

-Do you read webcomics ? If so, which ones ?
-No, not really. If I happen to see something interesting on deviant art, I will look at it. 

-Why did you choose this FML story ?
-I thought of alternative reasons for why the guy might say, "Yes, Brittany." It seemed funny to change the image of his sister from an adult that he might be having an unconventional relationship with to a kid that is not aware of what her brother is doing. The other FML stories did not give me an image like that.



And yes, Luba is making awesome jewelry that she sells right here. Get in touch with her, she'll be pleased to make you one of her creations. Also, Luba is a painter, but her paintings are not for everyone, this is why there's no images in this article. But go on and check her DA account! 







Luba's DA! Warning: it's PG-17 rated!



If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 



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