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Dorian Danielsen's Illustrated FML

Hello! Or should I say… HI THERE KITTENS. I’m very happy to speak to you again, and this of course has nothing to do with the fact that I’m flying to NYC on Tuesday, not at all. I’ve got a meeting set up with Michael Jordan’s cat. He’s going to teach me how to play basketball, he knows all about baskets. (Kittens, baskets… I’m so ROLFCOPTER).

Anyhoo, I’m not just going to waffle on about my personal life and tell you what I’m going there for, so I’ll now introduce you to a young man who runs a very funny blog. He’s 27, lives in Paris, but is from further south in France. He’s called Dorian Danielsen, and his blog is called Facecam, and the concept is to tell the world stuff that is often funny, only him and his webcam, a bit like a video diary. “I share my troubles and elations, and it all becomes a joyful down-to-earth blog that the whole family can enjoy.”

What does Dorian do? “The short answer is foxhunting, deep-sea fishing and retirement home cheerleader, but to really earn a living, I’m a graphic designer for youth orientated publishing. In my spare time I procrastinate on the Internet.”

I think this interview is going to scare some people, but I’ll take a chance and ask two further questions about his life. What does he like? What does he miss? “What I really enjoy is human interaction. Unfortunately, due a judicial error, I’m forbidden from going within 150 meters of a school. So I just scream out against the injustices of this world in the only free space left: the Internet.”

His education started with a diploma in Taxidermy, then he started a flower delivery business. He was then mistaken for a graphic designer while delivering flowers to a publishing house, due to the fact that he was playing around with a drawing pad. “I’ve been there ever since. But I intend to go back to flowers one of these days!”

Such a rich life which makes me envious. I guess the next FML artists will feel a little jealous. And you haven’t seen everything yet!

Cats or Dogs?
Cats, definitely. They’re more convenient, they fit in a pie.

Your last favorite movies, records, books and comics?
The Avengers is very good, but I recently discovered Chronicle which came out not too long ago and which is well worth a look. Musically, besides Skrillex, nothing has recently caught my attention, so I’m listening to Tom Waits at the moment. As for comics, the list is long… very long, so to sum up, the latest BRPS is cool, Rabagliati’s Paul series is very sensitive and in a lighter style, Gen by Hiroshima is good too.

Which are the main artists you admire, and whose blogs you visit a lot?
YodaBlog, Bastien Vivès, Jaime de Paris, 20th Century Cowboy and in a totally different style, the latest Les3Gras.

What are your passions, hobbies, vices and favorite things in life?
Cf. Question 5: The short answer is foxhunting, deep-sea fishing and retirement home cheerleader, but to really earn a living, I’m a graphic designer for youth orientated publishing. In my spare time I procrastinate on the Internet.

Tell us a joke. If not, your own personal FML.
So, it’s the story of a nun… No wait, a crazy painter. Well, not really, he’s painting a wall. No, that’s not it. He’s painting a ceiling and Batman walks in and asks him the time, so the guy knocks his fries over. Or the other way around, I can never remember.

Do you have a phobia? If so, what it is?
I have two, dead birds and whales. But living in Paris, I only encounter the first category…

To end it off, ask yourself a question you would like to have been asked, and answer it.
-Do you think Scully should’ve got off with Mulder?
-No, she should’ve got off with me!


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Ok, that’s it for this week, but before I go, here are three videos because I’m happy and I’m off to pack my suitcase. Don’t get involved in stupid games with drunk guys from Eastern Europe. Never react like this when you get eliminated from a reality TV show. And finally, be careful, looks can be deceiving. See you soon!


You’ve got talent and would like to take part in an upcoming illustrated FML? Send me an email to [email protected] and supply your blog’s address or some of your work.

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  • Nice art-job, I like your idea with the frame :)
    Also, your faces are really expressive o.o

    #1 - On 08/31/2013 at 3:21pm by SaintJimmy21

    See in context



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