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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome today's artist! Today is special, because the artist is maybe a he, maybe a she, maybe his name is Harry, maybe her name is Paula, the truth is that I don't know much about him or her. I think it's a ghost. At least, if he/she's a ghost, he/she was kind enough to stop haunting the old manor he/she lives in, to answer my questions. Disrespectful kids from the suburbs, take your elders for example. 




-Shoe, welcome on FML, I guess Shoe Lace is not your real name... am I right?
-Oh no no, that's just some of my Internet account names, I usually just go by "Von" in the real world.

-So are you a lady or a gentleman?
-Haha! I like to keep it a secret. Then people can only judge me by my artwork and personality.

-Such a girly answer. Or boy's. Ah, I don't know! So you'll be Lorenzo Von Matterhorn to me. How old are you?
-Very obscure! I'm 23 now.

-Where do you live?
-The south of England, where the sea is brown and unwelcoming.

-What's your job? Or are you still a student?
-Ah neither, looking for a job, quit uni a few years ago.

-In what field are you searching? Maybe there's a potential employer reading this interview, go ahead and sell yourself!
-Haha, anything really! Need the money support my artwork, I'd like to just do freelance work, I also enjoy animating, not enough to do my own stories though. I'll basically take on any field of art but with normal jobs, I'd have to choose something stimulating as I get bored very easily. Though that's not exactly selling myself! Though if anyone needs a chocolate tester, I can make time.


-Oh and if you need an assistant, I'm here to help. Tell us more about your website!
-I'm just figuring out my art style. So I'm just putting most of my work up until I can figure out what's happening. Hopefully when I do have a secure style people can go through my website and laugh at all my old work and how bad it is. The black soup though, the name, its just meant to mean anything can come out of it. Which is a good excuse for me to not restrict myself and do as I please. The making of it was pretty special though as me and my partner, Joshua, were thinking of names for it and said it at the same time, in perfect scary sync. So it had to be done.

-Partner as you're working together?
-Yes yes.


-What are your next projects then?
-I'm remaking a plush at the moment, a kind of mascot for the site, and I'm waiting for an image of mine to be published in the pictoplasma character compendium. Which is out in about 2 days I think, but that's more present, for the future? I don't know, I like to work very quickly, so when I get ideas I usually get it done within a day or two, I'm very impatient but it makes me learn quicker so I can churn out work as it were. I never really have future stuff!

-That's kind of awesome. Which webcomics do you read?
-None! Though the FML strips do keep me entertained, I'm glad I could be part of that.

-And last for not least, why did you choose this FML story?
-It seemed funniest to me, it was the one that was open-ended enough for me to draw horrifyingly, haunted biscuits. Which is always fun to draw.

-Always. Thank you Lorenzo Von Matterhorn for your participation!
-Thank you Alice Cooper for letting me!
-SHHH don't reveal my secret!






Shoe's website :

If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 


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  • It's a chicken having an orgy with a deformed dog and an evil unicorn dragon with two horns.

    #1 - On 05/03/2012 at 6:37pm by Cad6

    See in context



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