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If the title got you here because you thought FML was going to shut up shop, then I'm evil. Of course, today's headline only refers to the great comic Pen Goto created for us! Speaking of today's illustration, no animals were hurt in the making of this comic, so no blubbing, okay? The little kitty is fine, he's just missing a tail now, but we all know tails are useless. Alan can confirm this. Pen Goto, here we come!

-Hello dear "Pen Goto", what's your real name?
-My real name is a mystery! I usually prefer to be called Pen.

-How old are you lovely lady?
-I'm 21.

-And where do you live? Because if you're a British citizen, you're just a middle-aged woman, and if you're from the United States, your life has only just started.
-I live in the United States.  I didn't know that about British citizens, that makes me feel young!

-Ooooh, it means I'm allowed to talk to you about alcohol, sex and drugs. And that's great because that's exactly what I'm NOT going to talk about! Are you a student?
-So I can't talk about raping the caps lock button, drinking root beer, and being addicted to the internet? Darn. Yes, I am a student.

-What are you studying?
-I am studying web design and animation. In animation I learned how to use 3ds Max, Maya, Mudbox, and Motion Capture.  And in web design I use Dreamweaver and Photoshop. I learn a lot about the programs so it's nice.

-Why did you choose animation over illustration?
-I love film and animation and I wish to pursue a career in that field.

-Neh, that answer is just too polite. We wanna know all the dirty secrets. We haven't welcomed many animators on FML, it seems like a difficult field, so, why would you choose it?
-To be honest, animating is difficult for me and I prefer to avoid it if I can. If it's 3d animation, I like to model and texture. If it's 2d, I like doing concept art and story development. It is hard work and a difficult field to get into... And my dirty secret, I just like telling a good story and presenting that story in a sequence of events.

-So, what would be your dream job?
-My dream job would be a director for an animated movie, like Miyazaki or Tim Burton.

-That's what I was going to ask, what are your inspirations?
-Miyazaki and Tim Burton. Their storytelling is full of magic and the message stays with you. You can watch their movies and hit replay all day long.

-We can see in the FML you drew that you have a dark side (Tim Burton's style). Why did you choose this story?
-It's a sad story, but the way the author wrote it is very humorous. It has that dark humor that I enjoy and it was very easily to visualize.

-And thanks to you, it's now easier for us to visualize it. Thanks for taking part.
-Thank you for having me and make sure I sound smart in this interview!








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