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The FML shadow

Don't go anywhere! Not only is there a British artist with us today, but there's BATMAN! How can we top that? We can't, so I could tell you about how this week we found an vaccine for acne, about how Nutella got legal in the US, about Meryl Streep's Oscar speech after receiving her third statuette, and about how Mattel somehow managed to create the Marty McFly skateboard, you wouldn't read it anyway. So let's get to the interview:

-Sye hello, welcome on FML, first of all, is Sye Watts your real name?
-My real name is Simon Watts, Sye is a nickname which has stuck with me since high school. I prefer it to Simon, it has fewer letters. Sometimes people misread the 'y' as a 'u' and I end up being called 'Sue Watts', but I feel that just adds to the fun of things.

-Then, I'll call you Sir Watts. How old are you?
-Sounds good ma'am. I am twenty four, I'll be turning twenty five this August.

-And where do you live? Because if you live in England, I got that "Sir" thing right.
-Hah, well I haven't been knighted just yet, but yeah I live in the North West of England. Close to the city of Manchester.

-Manchester England, England. So I got that part right. Now let me try to guess something else... you're an artist and you have a webcomic, am I wrong?
-This is spooky...  you are spot on. Quick, what did I have for breakfast this morning!

-Eggs, bacon, pudding and plain milk oyster stew because you're English?
-SO CLOSE...  I had Cheerios. Don't tell the Queen though, I might get kicked out of England for not having a Full-English.


-What is your job Sir?
-At the moment I am a full time Student, studying Media and Performance at the University of Salford. I've been picking up a few independent art projects and web-design gigs here and there, on the side.

-So what do you want to do after that?
-I have no idea. Ideally I'd like to be working as an artist. I've done a lot of project work with young people, particularly disadvantaged or minority groups (such as LGBT) which I'd like to continue on a more regular basis. My degree at the moment is serving to help me survive while I work more on the skills I need to help me survive as a freelancer. The economy isn't the best right now, I'm lucky to have the chance to study and work on my art (and comics) in my free time without worrying too much about my finances.

-Let's talk about your webcomic, Syeonline, I can't help but find a resemblance between the main character and you...
-Ahh, you have a good eye! Although considering the main comic on SyeOnline is a journal comic, it was the obvious choice to give myself the starring role 

-Is it 100% inspired by your life or do you invent stories too?
-Yeah, so far everything which has a comic strip has been happened in my life. Although it is from how I experience it, so it tends to have a more comic twist. The plants on my window really are bitching about each other. 

-(I knew that bitch plant thing immediately, bitchy cactus am I right) And that's what really enjoyable about your webcomic, it's because it feels real that it's so pleasant to read. How do you draw? Photoshop, pencil..?
-(Totally) Well, Steven the Gay Stormtrooper is produced entirely in Photoshop using a graphics tablet. The Diary Comic is more traditional, I thumbnail and rough in blue pencil, ink using pens (although I'm doing some experiments with a brush at the moment) then scanned, and coloured in Photoshop (using a graphics tablet).

-That's not very common to see a webcomic made "traditionally". Last question Sir Watts! I know, saying goodbye is difficult, but you have to be strong (or you can also make a comic about it), why did you choose that story?
-Hmm, good question! It wasn't the first story that I had an idea on, but this story sort of gave me a chance to be a little silly. Which was quite hard when I thought about it, because the story is so silly to begin with! It was a case of "How can I make this stupider?" I'm pleased with the result 

-Plus, Batman is like the sexiest man alive. Yes, he exists. And I know he's reading this interview. ([email protected], you now what to do bat boy). Thank you Sir Watts, that was a great interview!







Sye's webcomic :


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  • Anything that can integrate Batman into it, is a win in my books.

    #1 - On 03/08/2012 at 2:09pm by joeinthedark

    See in context

  • nice interview ;)

    #2 - On 03/09/2012 at 9:59am by jfranco

    See in context



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