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Happy FNew Year

Now Santa's back in Lapland, we've all opened our awesome/great/okay/mediocre/awful presents, it's time to say goodbye to our dear family and to welcome our drunk friends. They're surprisingly embarrassing but we still love them, don't we? It's basically the same when it comes to the worst FMLs we received this year. You probably thought they were destroyed inside one giant black hole? Hell no, some of our moderators kept them in a secret place (all we can say is that it's in Arlington, and it's a five-side polygon. Don't ask for any more details please) and they brought them back today, just for you. Lucky readers. 

Leave your brain outside, you don't need it to read what's following:


#1 "Today, I saw some random band had a song called “somebody to love”. I disliked the video and commented “stop copying Justin beiber!” the song was made 40 years ago. FML"

#2 "Today, I found out that my toe is big"

#3 "Today,cousins=DOOM? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?????"

#4 "I have no idea what miscellaneous means? So i just picked it….Umm … Yah….. FML"

#5 "A few days ago we where aloud to bring our IPods to music at shcool one girl forgot Hers so I let we listen to Mine it said I’m a new way of gospel so she told the teacher I was listing to “inappropriate” music"

#6 "Today, I heard a Spanish song on a country radio station, what is this world coming to. Fml."

#7 "Today, I went to the dentist. His name is Doctor Omans. The Beta fish in the bowl in his office was dead. FML"

#8 "Today, I like Turtles , they’re so awkward they’re like im green what of it , so what if im slow . FML"

#9 "Today, when someone asked for the real Slim Shady to stand up, 5 other people stood up with me. FML."

#10 "Yesterday i had dream about eating a giant marshmellow and when i woke up my pillow was gone FML."

#11 "Today, I was reading a FML post to my boo an I asked ” That’s crazy right bay” the response was WHAT YOU SAY!!! FML"

#12 "Today, my chicken ran away , i named him maurice ): i then realized , he wasnt a chicken he was a hippo. then i realized he was my dad FML"

#13 "today , i got aids from watching mylie cyruses drug tape"

#14 "Today, I sold a parachute on ebay that had a big hole in it but instead in the description I wrote it was in great condition and not used yet. I got an e-mail from the person who bought it. Turns out he was paralyzed on his skydiving trip with his wife and has a 6 month recovery in the hospital. FML"

#15 "Today, i was eating my daily severed chicken head when all of the sudden its headless body pulls it a spoon and starts beating me with it. Fml"


There. Hopefully 2012 will bring us a lot of new FMLs. May they be good or not. Now it's time for the FML crew to go to the awesome party we organized, and all we have to say to you is : 



Happy FNew Year our dear FML readers



Today, I went out for New Year's. When I got back, I found my house had been broken into. I found a note saying, "Happy New Year, sucker." FML



The illustration was made by Aleksandra D.Chabros, check out her website!

#1173 - Illustrated FML - On 12/30/2011 at 8:43am by Alice - 12 comments

Top comments

  • It's fun trying to figure out which ones are trolling and which ones actually think we're going to believe them.

    I think the one with the marshmallow was seriously trying to trick us.

    #2 - On 01/01/2012 at 2:34pm by humorizer

    See in context

  • This makes me even more ashamed that all my FMLs were rejected... at least these abominations saw the light of day.

    #8 - On 01/02/2012 at 10:09pm by rcbarnes

    See in context



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