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Toonhole Month: part two

STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING because today Ryan Kramer, our second artist from Toonhole, is here: he's funny AND he likes to answer all type of (weird and brutally honest) questions. Plus, we'll talk about thongs. You don't want to miss that.

-Ryan, you're the second Toonhole artist to be published on FML (what an exciting month) how does this sound to you?
-It sounds awesome!  When Toonhole gets love, it makes ME feel loved.

-Do you need love Ryan? You know we have a lot of lady fans and they have a thing for artists. Go on, introduce yourself to those lovely women.
-*cat growl*  Hello ladies out there.  I'm short, balding, have mild anxiety issues, and I'm 2 years married. What a catch eh?!

-There. We lost half of our audience (but we welcome cougars and perverts, yes, they're always there.) Where do you live? Oh, let me guess, because you're married, I'm assuming you don't live with the rest of the Toonhole crew... am I right ?
-Haha, yeah.  I live in the suburbs of LA.  If I could convince my wife to live with me in a house full of cartoonists, I'd probably make a better lawyer than an artist.

-Tell us more about the artist's life.
-It's pretty great.  I work a day job at Nickelodeon studios where I can cut my teeth and sharpen my skills.  Then at night I work on my own cartoons for toonhole.  I somehow squeeze a social life in there somewhere too.

-How do you know the other guys from Toonhole? From Nickelodeon?
-I went to college with them.  We were all into the same cartoons/humor.  Chris and I are working at Nickelodeon, Mike and John are both at 6point Harness studios, working on some cool projects.

-Which one is the coolest? (you can tell us, we won't tell.)
-Mike is the one who can probably kick my ass out of the three. So, Mike.

-Roger that. How old are you anyway?
-I'm 28...and I must apologize for throwing you off course with my manly physique and dashing good looks.  Even though you can't see me, I know I can have that effect on women.

-Yes, it's pretty impressive, I'm doing my best to not screwed everything. What are your biggest inspirations ?
-My favorite stuff is like old Playboy cartoons, Mad magazine, old Looney Tunes.  But lately I've been getting a lot of inspiration from stand-up comedians.  Making people actually laugh is what I want to do and those guys are the masters!  Louie CK, Dave Attell, Greg Fitzsimmons, Chris Hardwick, Aziz Ansari, Adam Carolla... all I do is listen to podcasts these days.

-How would you like to see Toonhole evolve?
-It would be great to make a living doing it!  (Everything always seems to come down to money... geez)  I love growing as an artist, but to see Toonhole grow as a successful independent business would be super rewarding.

-I read on some forums, theories that Toonhole could possibly save the world. Maybe can you tell us more about that ?
-We've all been working on one particular three-panel comic strip for the past 7 years that we're planning on hand delivering to all the leaders of the free world. That's all I can say before I put myself in danger.

-Oh give us an hint, is this going to solve the financial crisis?
-Okay, okay...I'll give you a small hint.... Yes.

-Nice. Ryan, now it's time to be honest, why did you choose this story? Is something going on between you and men wearing thongs?
-I love tapping into weird shit that really exists.  I wouldn't say I'm INTO wearing thongs, but I'm not opposed to it.

-And now we lost the last half of our audience. I guess it's time to end this interview. Thank you very much Ryan for your participation (and your honesty, and to give us your phone number, just in case one of us loses his thong, we'll know where to search.)
-Haha, it's been a pleasure! Thanks for putting up with me and my honesty.




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