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Resounding with FML

Crazy week, don't you think? I see some readers paying absolutely no attention to this introduction. You just want to know more about today's artist, right? I understand. But how would you feel if I told you more about seahorses instead? Not interested? Okay; let's start the interview then.


-Hellooooooooooooooo Jessie, you're our today's artist. How does it feel to be an FML artist?
-Pretty awesome. I've checked out FML many times and get a good laugh from it. Feels good to be a part of it.

-Let's get a chance to know you. Where do you live?
-Monroe, Michigan - pretty small town south of Detroit


-How's life over there?
-Pretty mediocre really. The economy hit Michigan pretty hard but I can't imagine it's much worse than anywhere else. I've got my family and we are doing well, so can't complain.


-Are you living with your family? How old are you?
-I'm 32, married 12 years to a wonderful woman and we have 3 children together.


-How's your family's reaction to you being an artist? Are they proud, or do they just wait for you to pay the bills?
-Well in hopes it will help pay the bills.W hen my wife and I got married I pretty much gave up on any creative pursuits I had to provide for us. After about a decade of hardly putting pen to paper my wife talked me into going back to school. She is nearing the end of her college career and should be able to support us financially so I can pursue my lifelong dreams. My children love it. Every time I finish another page of Dax my kids rush in to read it.


-You don't even let them read it before you publish it? That's mean.
-This has also sparked their creativity, my daughter (who is 11) has begun seriously writing a short story. They see it in progress but the love seeing it completed. My 8 year old is my proofreader. 


-Are you planing to do a webcomic with one of your kids? (That would be awesome.)
-I've told my daughter when she gets going on her story I would love to help her illustrate it. If it could be made into a graphic novel we would definitely add it to the Dax site. I only illlustrate Dax, about 98% of it is written by my long time friend Aaron Balogh.



-Are you going to publish the Dax stories as books?
-We would like to once our readership reaches a level that would warrant it. Since webcomics don't normally reach that level for a few years, we are doing our best not to rush into things.


-We know so little about Dax. Tell us more.
-Well, earlier this year I asked my friend Aaron if he would be interested in doing a webcomic with me. He came back with a character based on a drawing I did back in 1996. Being a space story it would give us plenty of freedom story-wise ... and since he is a huge Sci-Fi buff, would give him a lot of ways to give all of his favorite movies and TV shows a healthy nod. The Girl in the story is sort of a blend of my 3 kids. She is rambunctious, very intelligent, and can be pretty sassy. She is my daughter's favorite because I based "Girl's" look on her. Dax has entered it's fourth month online and we already have a lot of story changes in the works for 2012, mostly because I am learning how to use all the drawing tools available to me.

-Being a fan since issue #6, I can guarantee it's getting better and better. Last question before we let you go be an awesome dad again: why did you choose this story ? (I mean, besides the fact that farts are fun.)
-Well, after I read through the entire list a couple times, it was the one that I got a really instant visual on. There were a couple others I liked, but I didn't think I could give them the punch they really needed. But mostly I knew farts are funny. My kids were rolling when they saw it. At first the guy with the baseball cap was going to be the culprit - but then changed my mind that the "mom" would make it that much funnier.

-I bet your wife loved it too. Thank you, Jessie, for taking part!




's website :



If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 


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