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FML says Cheese !

Ahoy ship's boys and girls ! Today we're heading to France. Be ready to face rain, storm and beer because Lille is welcoming us, and believe me, it's not Los Angeles. Do you all have your raincoats?

-Bonjour ! First of all, present yourself ma jolie.
-I'm Marine Serre. As my parents love Brittany, they wanted to give me a name in relation with the sea.

-How old are you?
-24 years old.

-Where do you live?
-I live in Lille, a city in the north of France, and I work in Roubaix. Lille is a really pretty city with a lot of old buildings. It's smaller than Paris, but it's nicer to visit. It's not always sunny but at least you can eat great food, like the "welsh"… and drink beer.

-Okay, you have all our attention. What's your job?
-I'm a 2D artist, I currently work at Ankama, it's a French office who did Dofus and Wakfu, plus other animations. As far as I'm concerned, my job is taking care of the interface and icons on a hack & slash project.

-What is "hack and slash" ?
-It's a type of video game : Diablo and Torchlight are a pretty famous example of hack & slash.

-Here on FML we've welcomed numerous animators, or artists who work on video games, and they all told us it was originally a passion from when they were kids, a lifetime dream. Can you confirm this, was it the case for you too?
-Yes! When I was a kid I wanted to be an animator for Disney. Finally I didn't choose to create animations, I chose to do illustrations. But this passion for drawing has been with me since I was a little kid.

-Do you have some freelance projects?
-Not yet, my job takes up a lot of my time. But I have some personal projects moving slowly on the side!

-Can you tell us more about them?
-It's a little vague for now, but I'm doing some research on a project which would be between comic and an illustrated album. I would like to do some kind of travel journal, based on a fictitious character I imagined a few years ago.

-Why did you choose this FML and why did you choose to do an illustration for FML ?
-I accepted to draw an illustration because the contact went well! And I selected this story because I was immediately able to picture it, with the family's face in the background, it made me laugh so hard. Plus, it's the kind of thing that could happen to me, haha.

-That's the point, we all have a FML moment at one point in our lives. Before we end this interview, speak french, it'll make this interview seems cultural and sexy at the same time.
-Venez voir la bretagne, mangez des crêpes et beaucoup de muffins




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