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Welcome to the new FML!

Our website is now 2 and a half years-old, and we thought that this would be the ideal arbitrary time to unveil what the whole team has been working on for the past few weeks. Here’s thus the new Fmylife. To go on a magical mystery tour, step right this way…


"This is an evolution."

And not a revolution, to paraphrase the guy with the black turtleneck sweater. Ever since our website was launched, it has tried to follow the same policy: to have a clear and simple appearance, and to keep the spotlight on the content, i.e. the FMLs. You reading this right now proves that you like our concept and ethos, and we kept these notions in mind when we started thinking about how to jazz things up a bit.

As you can see, we finally plumped for giving you more or less the same as before, but improved and updated. The website has been streamlined and given a bit of an overhaul, some stuff has been moved around, and pages have undergone some alterations. Nothing too radical, but some parts of it have been given a lick of paint, panels have been beaten into smoother shapes here and there, all with the sole purpose of making your time spent with us more pleasant, and your interactions with the website easier. And of course, we’ve also added some funky new functions.

The categories are obviously still present, and do the same things as before. Underneath them, three new buttons will give you a quick and obvious access to random FMLs, the Top FMLs as well as the page containing all of the illustrated FMLs.

Everything has been redesigned to make things clearer. One thing hasn’t changed though: your account settings are still available via the “Edit” link. However, two new links have materialized, notably “My Comments” which will take you straight to the comments you are following, and a new function that will display all the stories that you have commented on. Everything concerning moderating has been moved to “My Profile”. 

The website is now tailored for anyone with a visual handicap. To access the adapted version, just click on the link at the bottom right-hand side of the website.

Previously, the only option you had in the comments section was to be able to follow certain comments. That’s all in the past. Today, a powerful organisation system has made its appearance. It makes it possible to display comments in a page format (dividing up the list of comments into pages of 50 items) but also sort them according to the amount of votes (the comments are reorganised to display the more popular ones first). You’ll also be able to choose to display your own personal comments only. And the possibility to flag comments is back. If a comment seems to be out of line, you can click on the little signpost, give the reason why you’re flagging it and sent it to us. This function should however only be used in extreme cases, just to help our moderating team weed out offensive stuff.

And are there any really amazing new additions? Yes! The little progress bar which has appeared in your member’s area when you recently logged on to the website has maybe given the game away, but that’s too bad. A new function is now available which should be a great addition for all the loyal FML users, who have lost count of the amount of time they devote to the website. The badges have arrived!
These little guys will congratulate your activity and loyalty, and will be credited to you when you perform certain things on the website. Some are publicly visible, some are secret, and once you’ve got some, you’ll be able to display them with honour on your comments as well as on your profile. There’s a whole bunch of them to be collected, and you already know that you want them all.

Click here to discover the badge page


This article doesn’t cover each new addition to the website, but you’ll soon be able to work out what’s different, and we have made quite a few changes. Don’t hesitate to look around the website to check everything out (and maybe earn some secret badges on the way). If you come across a technical glitch, if something doesn’t happen the way it should or even if you come across a small spelling mistake, please feel free to send us an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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