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Today, my sister lost a leg. Immediately after hearing the news, my boyfriend started cracking jokes about getting her a job at IHOP. FML


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On 02/11/2011 at 1:13am - misc - by mariet (woman) - United States

mariet's comment about their FML

Holy hell, I forgot that this made it to the site.
To answer some questions: This happened several years ago. My sister is a soldier, was deployed, bomb went off, lost her leg. I'm not going into details because it's still difficult to discuss. She has a desk job now and gets around fine on a prosthetic.

We did not break up directly because of this. We had a huge row and I threw him out of my apartment. I didn't speak to him for a week. He apologized, said he just felt awkward and didn't know what to say, and I forgave him. We broke up later for different reasons. Mostly he is a nice guy, he had never shown any kind of insensitivity before this (he even came with me to my grandmother's funeral) but this was a bonehead moment.

Some people suggested that I "know it's funny." In a hypothetical situation, it is funny. After she went through physical and emotional therapy, it is funny. I was reminded of this event because we went to IHOP and she jokingly asked for an application, saying she is automatically qualified. But at that moment, when I was in shock and could barely breathe? Nothing was funny. When you hear this kind of news and you are not even sure if your sister is going to live, she is the only one that can cheer you up. So fuck you guys.

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Today, I got a call from my daughter’s teacher asking me to come pick her up. My daughter wouldn’t tell her what was wrong. I left an important work meeting. When I got there she stated her boyfriend broke up with her and she couldn't emotionally make it through the rest of the day. She's 5. FML


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On 02/08/2011 at 12:46pm - kids - by mom21 - United States (Wisconsin)

mom21's comment about their FML

WOW. First off, the only reason I posted this was because I called my husband to tell him about this and he thought itd be funny to post this on here. Now I wish I hadn't. Most of you people are more dramatic than my daughter. I made an account to defend my child. She's five. She was just being silly...

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Today, I found out about my parent's divorce over Facebook. FML


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On 02/05/2011 at 10:36am - misc - by MissCommunicate (woman) - Australia (Victoria)

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I am only seventeen, and that's how I found out. My parents were then quick to give me the "talk".

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Today, while in my doctor's packed waiting room, an elderly woman insisted I take her seat. I thanked her, but politely declined. She began to yell, saying I was "ungrateful", until I sat down. She then left, laughing, as I discovered that she peed in the chair. Apparently, she does this often. FML


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On 02/03/2011 at 5:40am - health - by Summer_Jane (woman) - United States (Oklahoma)

Summer_Jane's comment about their FML

Seriously - you guys rock. I laughed waaay too much reading all your comments. And for all you guys who were asking how did I not notice the pee? -- Yeah, I keep asking myself that, too. - It was one of those crazy patterned (ugly) cushioned chairs, so I couldn't tell it was damp. I_did_smell something, but doctors' offices have a lot of smells (as do elderly people...), so I didn't really think about it too much. But time I'm assuming the worst.

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Today, I found out that in conclusion to working five nights in a row, I'm scheduled to work the night shift on Valentine's day with my ex-boyfriend. FML


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On 01/30/2011 at 12:28pm - work - by Anonymous (woman) - United States (Pennsylvania)

gingerleigh's comment about their FML

it's not a full time job. It's my 2nd job. I'm also in school. I'm not working all 5 nights with him, just 2 including the last, but it's still going to be extreme an extreme over load of work.

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Today, I got home from my holidays to find my flatmate has moved his girlfriend in without asking me. Not only does she walk around naked, she has also redecorated the rooms. FML


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On 01/29/2011 at 1:13am - misc - by iluvpeanutbutter (woman) - Australia (Queensland)

iluvpeanutbutter's comment about their FML

Hi everyone,
I'm the OP here- I know this is ridiculously late, but whenever I tried to post when this was new, FML wouldn't let me. Anyway, the situation was that my boyfriend and I were living together, and a mutual male friend moved in with us as he and his ex had broken up. He started dating another girl, and 6 weeks after they started dating (while we were on holiday), we got home and found she had moved in without our permission.
She had left crap all over the place, and moved a bunch of our stuff into cupboards (e.g. artwork, vases, books etc) and replaced it with her own stuff. As we had furnished the entire house, we were pretty pissed off. We were gone for 2 weeks. When we got home, she was walking down the hallway naked, and in the following days often walked naked from our flatmate's bedroom to the bathroom, or would just wander around the house in a bikini. She isn't hot; she looks like an absolute tramp. I've seen classier hookers on their corners.
She was just an all-around cow. She didn't have a job, so she just used all our stuff (including my expensive toiletries). She had just turned vegetarian, and would pitch bitch fits if we cooked meat in the house (so I made steaks every other night). They ended up moving out about a month later.

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Today, I was out with my boyfriend, and I had an epileptic fit. He had never seen me have one, and it freaked him out. He rang me later to dump me, as he didn't want to go out with someone who acted like a 'spaz' in public. FML


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On 01/27/2011 at 6:28am - love - by gmarina789 (woman) - United Kingdom (Coventry)

gmarina789's comment about their FML

Hey guys, thanks for posting all your comments, I have read them all. Firstly i'd like to say that epilepsy is a condition that can't be helped, so i'm kind of stuck with it and its not necessarily genetic. I am proud of who I am and I wouldn't change who I am even if I could. Secondly, I did tell my ex that I had epilepsy, I told him straight away so he was aware of my condition; to not tell him would have been unfair. Thirdly thanks to all the people who understand what its like and have written messages of support, I really appreciate it. To those who have written 'negative' comments, you are entitled to your own opinion, just don't share it with me. Being called a 'spaz' or saying that 'i'm sick' or 'not normal' is uncalled for. I'm currently studying Medicine at Birmingham Uni to try and help those like me, and all i'm going to say is how ironic would it be if one of you who have said i'm 'not normal' came into a hospital where I was working and I saved your life...I guess you wouldn't be saying stuff then. Again, thanks for all the positive comments :)

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Today, my ex boyfriend apologized for being a jerk to me and threatening our relationship. When he was done, he asked if his apology earned him enough points for a blowjob. FML


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On 01/21/2011 at 12:15pm - intimacy - by IHateDumbExs (woman) - United States (North Carolina)

IHateDumbExs's comment about their FML

Haha he didn't come to see me, he came to where I was volunteering to pick up his little sister. He just saw me in passing and asked.

And no, his apology was definitely not worth a blowjob.

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Today, my boyfriend proposed to me with a voice card. It said "Marry me Amber?" I'm not Amber. That's his ex. FML


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On 01/18/2011 at 1:16pm - love - by dubblechic - United States (New Hampshire)

xXDubbleChic's comment about their FML

I dumped him on the spot

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Today, I posted a status on Facebook saying I was depressed and needed someone to talk to. Someone commented on it saying "Just kill yourself". It got 20 likes. FML


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On 01/15/2011 at 12:38am - misc - by Zmeilerr - United States (Pennsylvania)

Zmeilerr's comment about their FML

Thank you guys for all the advice/comments.

I think it was just a bunch of dumb idiots from my school just messing around, but nonetheless, I took it seriously. Again thanks.

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Today, I went to school prepared to speak in front of a whole bunch of kids and talk about how great my middle school is. I spent an hour on the speech and took the 45 minute drive there. Turns out the coordinator of the school only called me in to pass out brochures. FML


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On 01/09/2011 at 2:14am - misc - by sureloved97 (woman) - United States (Nevada)

gottaloveit97's comment about their FML

I wrote this before I made an account. I just wanted to say that I wasn't detailed enough. She told me we were speaking. I no I didn't misunderstand because there were other girls and they made notecards. anyway thank you for the responses to my FML and btw, for whoever asked up above, yah I go to a gifted kids middle school :) thank you !!

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Today, my husband of 19 years took our children out for dinner, told them he's gay, then sent them home to tell me for him. FML


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On 01/08/2011 at 8:56am - intimacy - by trifioso (woman) - United States (Massachusetts)

trifioso's comment about their FML

I am the OP, and I thank those of you who offered support to me, and my children. For the record: my husband and I divorced a month ago. I asked him REPEATEDLY what the status of his relationship was with his roommate, and he looked me right in the eye every time and denied they were involved. Two weeks after the divorce was granted in court, he told the kids the truth. FML only accepts stories that start with "today...." so yes, I fudged that bit a little.

They have been together for two years. We were still in marriage counseling when they started up. And no, I didn't know. Seriously. I didn't, When someone you have known and loved for 20 years tell you something, you tend to believe it. Until you find out your whole life was a lie, that is.

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Today, I'm getting over strep throat. The antibiotics they gave me make me have diarrhea unless I eat yogurt in between each pill. That wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't lactose-intolerant. Yogurt gives me really bad gas. So I have to choose between painful gas or diarrhea. FML


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On 01/08/2011 at 5:16am - health - by anon7113 (woman) - United States (Washington)

anon7113's comment about their FML

One, I do take an enzyme to help me break down food. It's called Similase. Both acidophilus (sp?) and lactaid don't work for me at all. I've tried.
Two, even if yogurt doesn't have lactose in it, it doesn't change the fact that it gives me very painful gas.
Three, my mother won't take me to get soy yogurt.
Four, I would have asked the pharmacist for a substitute, had I been the one picking up my medication. Unfortunately, my mother didn't realize the problem when the pharmacist was explaining the "eat some yogurt to help with diarrhea side effects" part.
Five, whoever said to get a different pill is obviously not good in this area. Most antibiotics can cause diarrhea and the only way to get rid of the strep bacteria is to take antibiotics. So really, I don't have much choice about the pill.

Just some clarifications. Thanks. :)

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