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Today, I was fired from my dream job for being pregnant. Apparently, you can't teach children while growing one inside you. FML


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On 07/20/2015 at 10:29am - work - by mrsmahdi - United States (California)

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They fired me in a clever way by telling me they didn't have anything for me to teach and that me going on maternity leave was too hard on the students I had so someone else was doing my classes. So I was not officially fired so much as pushed out and replaced

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Today, the AC broke at work. I work in a hotel and every single guest asked me if I knew how hot it was in the lobby. It was 96 degrees for 7 hours. I definitely knew. FML


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On 07/20/2015 at 3:32am - work - by lissabobissa (woman) - United States (California)

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Hello everyone! OP here. Anyways, it was pretty funny after a while how all the guests kept trying to make small talk about the heat while I was visibly sweaty and annoyed (attractive, I know.) Luckily we have a shuttle and I periodically just went out and sat in it for a few minutes with the AC blasting in my face so it helped a little. Also, my boss called in a technician the next day who fixed it. Hopefully it doesn't happen again because it was horrible and having to wear long sleeves, a vest, and a tie as the uniform didn't help! :(

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Today, I witnessed the most awful park job ever. Without thinking, I found a piece of paper and wrote on the back, "Nice park, asshole". Turns out it was an old airline boarding pass, and my name, address and phone number were neatly displayed with the message. FML


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On 07/17/2015 at 12:12am - misc - by Queensland - Australia

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Hey guys OP here. No stabbings or death threats as of yet, but still keeping low for a few days.
Additionally, I highly doubt that the vehicle owner would come to my house as this happened in Sydney and I live in Brisbane! When I get back home, however, I assume I'll have a letter or two... :)

I'm not too worried though. The idiot is a Subaru driver, he'll probably pussy out.

P.S. Up the maroons!!

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Today, my boyfriend didn't break up with me, but his mom did. FML


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On 07/16/2015 at 5:04pm - love - by veryunluckygirl - United States (Kentucky)

veryunluckygirl's comment about their FML

OP here. Let me explain a bit. I knew it take more than 300 letters to explain everything. He's 17. It was not his idea at all. We've figured out how to make this work out. But this is how it went, she told him that we could only be friends (and still hang out though) but if we continued dating she was going to call my mom and tell her that she knows that we've been having sex. My mom would have believed her so we decided to just tell his family that we are "just friends" we're still dating right now. But once he turns 18 it's not her decision to not let him leave anymore. In the past 9 months she said that she doesn't hate me. That it was just the "environment I live in" which I find extremely idiotic. I mean I live in a good home and with good people. But it's whatever. Once he's 18 he probably won't have anything to do with his parents though.

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Today, after working a double shift, I got home to total pandemonium. My dogs had crapped all over the house, my kitchen was soaking wet, etc. My mother, who just moved in with me, was sitting on the couch, saying she had no idea what happened. FML


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On 07/14/2015 at 4:16pm - misc - by ArtemisRwill (woman) - United States (California)

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First off, my mom moved in with me because she lost her job and couldn't afford her apartment anymore. I live in a 3 bedroom house, so I was being nice and let her move in. She has no ailments.
Second, my dogs have a door that is open into a dog run. I can't do a dog door because I have a Great Dane and a Bully Pit. I live about 5 minutes from work. I go home at lunch everyday. I couldn't yesterday because I was covering for 2 sick coworkers.
Third, my dogs crapped all over the house because SOMEONE shut their door. And my kitchen was speaking wet (with water) because SOMEONE burned their lunch and instead of using the fire extinguisher, that went outside and grabbed the garden hose.
After I had to clean everything up, BY MY SELF, my mom finally fessed up. I'm trying to get my sister to take her so that I and my dogs can live in peace again.

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Today, an old friend and I reconnected. Everything was going fine until he threatened to visit me at work. I didn't know he knew my place of employment, so I replied, "Do you know where I live too?" He answered, "Would you hate me if I did?" FML


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On 07/14/2015 at 3:44pm - love - by kerripjones - United States (New Jersey)

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Hi! OP here. Just to clarify on some things-
I met this guy in high school and the last time we spoke was in 2011 before he sent me a message less than a week ago.
My Facebook is very private, I don't automatically connect my location, and I have never posted anything to show my current location. I am currently living outside of city limits, on a hill not visible from the main road, with only four other houses, and one road to get to and leave the house. All this made it seem even more suspicious that he knew where I was.
When I frantically confronted, he tried to act like he didn't know exactly where I lived, and said "someone" showed him the general area.
I apologize for the "a" instead of "an". He had just revealed his extra creepy status when I posted this so I was still shaken up and grammar wasn't at the forefront of my mind.
Thank you to all who posted concern for my safety!

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Today, the guy I've been dating for 3 weeks showed up at my house at 7 AM. I was about to give him a kiss when he said, "Good morning, is Sarah here?" I was confused until I realized he didn't recognize me because I had no make up on. FML


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On 07/14/2015 at 2:42am - love - by sarahxHx - United States (California)

sarahxHx's comment about their FML

Hey it's OP. We stood there for a good 5 seconds until he realized it was actually me. He sincerely apologized and he said he hope it didn't offend me. He's a really nice guy and I'm happy to be dating him! :) We went hiking that morning. And for those saying I wear too much makeup on, I don't. I simply have super light eyebrows and eyelashes, and girls here would understand that doing your eyebrows and putting on black mascara makes a HUGE difference. For my face, I only wear a light coverage tinted moisturizer. You're all so quick to judge. SMH.

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Today, while walking alone through a sketchy neighbourhood after a party, I learned that I look too broke to even rob and "not worth the bother". Overhead from a guy waiting for me in a bush with a flashlight and his equally charming friend. FML


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On 07/13/2015 at 8:30pm - misc - by ramherr - Sweden (Skane Lan)

ramherr's comment about their FML

Hi, OP here!
I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised reading all these comments! A whole lot of you got humour too good to be true. Really brightens the day!
Firstly no, I'm not complaining over not being mugged and that was not the intention of this FML, I simply think the fact that even muggers see someone as ''not worth the bother'' FML-worthy. But all and all I'd rather be seen as poor than stabbing material, all days of the week!
To those of you wondering what I was wearing, it was a black tank top, jeans and a pair of shoes, nothing special.

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Today, I finally got up the courage to quit my first job. I spent hours determining the most professional way; the method, and the wording I would use. In the middle of the phone call, my manager hung up on me. FML


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On 07/13/2015 at 2:22am - work - by anniemonkat (woman) - United States (Ohio)

anniemonkat's comment about their FML

OP here.
Yes, a letter would have been better, but I was scheduled for a shift that I couldn't make it to, due to having two jobs and time was of the essence. If I called off of my shift, I was afraid I would be fired. Furthermore, they would not let me find someone else to cover my shift, believe me, I tried.

The shifts would not have coincided if either place would give me a schedule. But they wouldn't.

Work was also closed, so I couldn't go in person to explain. I gave as much notice to my manager as I possibly could by calling. I had no contact information other than the store's phone number that I found online.

At the time of the phone call, I was TRYING to give my 2 weeks notice but the manager hung up before I could. Oh well.

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Today, I woke up and texted my girlfriend, "Good morning" like I do everyday. She responded with, "I'm dating somebody else". FML


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On 07/13/2015 at 12:15am - love - by Steve97 - United States (California)

Steve97's comment about their FML

Hey this is OP. I didn't know this got posted until looking at the new fml's. This happened this weekend a few days after my birthday no less. Part of it is my fault I've been working hard doing two jobs to save up enough money to hopefully move in with her someday. But this left me with barely little time to spend with her and she took it as me losing interest in her so she started dating someone else without me knowing and I didn't find out until she admitted it hours after I texted her.

I still talk to her and she does feel terrible but whatever. Thanks to everyone for the support and I'm just taking it one day at a time now.

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Today, my girlfriend heard a great quote about not letting anyone drag her down. She took it to mean, "break up with your boyfriend." FML


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On 07/11/2015 at 1:47pm - love - by GoldCyclone - United States (Iowa)

GoldCyclone's comment about their FML

To clear things up, I have been in love with her for 3 years, and we've been dating for 2 and a half. She's always seemed happy, and said that she wouldn't date someone she didn't have feelings for, which is why this came as such a shock to me.

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Today, I realised that my boyfriend gets a boner every time I cry. FML


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On 07/11/2015 at 10:30am - intimacy - by Hollzbananza (woman) - Australia

Hollzbananza's comment about their FML

To answer some of the questions...
Firstly, it's not like I cry every day.. we have been together for almost 4 years so he's seen me cry quite a bit over time.

It's easy to notice when he's sitting in front of me or hugging me to console me. And if we're all being honest, sometimes it's just obvious that someone has a boner.

My initial reaction was to be shocked and angrily ask if he likes to see me in pain but it's kind of hilarious when I'm not actually upset and crying.

I agree that I don't think it's because he's trying to take advantage of me. Boners can have a mind of their own, and it could be an intimacy thing I guess since he's caring and always comforts me when I cry. Who knows...

Thanks for the laughs, I enjoyed reading the comments :)

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Today, my dog brought me a a dead rabbit. It so happened to be the rabbit a group of neighborhood kids were looking for after they lost it yesterday. I just had to hide a body for my dog. FML


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On 07/11/2015 at 8:09am - animals - by savannahsboxxx (woman) - United States

savannahsboxxx's comment about their FML

I love my phone any who they came out and said she'll have to pass a test or she'll have to go on a dangerous dog list. I personally will know she'll pass but it's not like I trained her to kill there rabbit it was animal instant. It happened in my yard while she was on a tie out. so it's there fault for not being responsible with there rabbit.

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