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Today, I tried to get out of my boyfriend's car in an angered exit because he got a text from the woman he's been cheating on me with. I ended up tripping on my purse, falling out of the car and face-planting onto the sidewalk. FML


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On 03/26/2014 at 3:50am - love - by Bishy123 (woman) - United States (Washington)

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I was not aware he was cheating on me until I read the text. He is no longer my boyfriend.

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Today, I learned the hard way that when I ask a cute girl if she's artistic, it sounds like I'm asking her if she's autistic. FML


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On 03/25/2014 at 1:32am - love - by Gibsonsgfreak21 (man) - United States (California)

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Hey everyone! I'm the OP!
Didn't think my post would be this popular! I don't have an accent- I'm from SoCal, but I was in a crowded class so it was hard to hear, so she just repeated what she thought I said. I've been talking to her for a while, but I asked her if she was artistic because we were really bored in a 3 hour class, so drawing would've been a fun distraction (although I can't draw to save my life). When I told the story to a couple friends, they thought I said 'autistic' instead or 'artistic' as well, so I guess she wasn't the only one. Also- I've done a lot of work helping children with autism. I've never say 'autistic' because i believe in ability before disability (ie. Saying, "A boy with autism" is better to say than "an autistic boy"). I explained what I meant to say and she laughed, so the FML isn't THAT bad. :)

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Today, at my job as a bouncer at a music venue, a guy got his nose broken in a rowdy mosh pit. When I went to help him up and see if he was okay, he said, "It was an accident, please don't kick me out," but the word "please" came out as a hot spray of his blood across my face. FML


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On 03/24/2014 at 2:53pm - work - by ColoradoGirl420 - United States (Colorado)

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Hey All. I did immediately go wash up once I confirmed that he was okay, he thought I was going to kick him out for moshing, I don't think he realized quite yet that his nose was broken, he was pretty drunk. And I am a chick, not a dude :) I get tested regularly anyway, but he and I did have a conversation after he went and cleaned himself up too. I explained that I was worried about disease and he looked positively horrified at the thought and insisted that he was clean. But I did get checked, came back all good. And I love my job, it's only part time, I only work the big shows, been doing it for a while and this is the only time this has ever happened to me. It didn't scare me off like my boss thought it would when he saw me marching off in a huff to the ladies room to clean myself up! lol

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Today, while we were having sex, my boyfriend asked me, "Who's your daddy?" I actually started thinking about my father. Total buzzkill. FML


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On 03/24/2014 at 11:32am - intimacy - by AsianSweets - Canada (Ontario)

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OP here! Hey guys, so just to clarify, I don't have any daddy issues and I know who my father is lol. It just caught me off guard that my boyfriend asked me that so I thought about it literally first instead of how my boyfriend meant to say it for fun. But either way was a buzzkill.

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Today, I went on my sixth date with a guy I was beginning to really like. He asked if I'd mind if his friend Pete met up with us afterwards. I said sure. Turns out "Pete" is his penis. FML


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On 03/20/2014 at 1:13pm - intimacy - by KEA_08 (woman) - Canada (Ontario)

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OP here, he was a lovely man until this. Weeks before this date he talked about Pete as if he were a real person. I thought I was going to meet his best friend...which I guess I did in one sense.

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Today, after finishing an essay at the library, I fell asleep and had a dream about the essay crawling out through my laptop screen and trying to kill me. I woke by the librarian shaking me and telling me to stop screaming. I was mortified. FML


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On 03/20/2014 at 12:48pm - work - by systematicpanic (woman) - United Kingdom (Leicester)

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I'm in second year of uni, and it was a nap i took to psyche myself up for starting the next essay I have to submit by Monday :P so yeah stress is the word!

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Today, I was making a special birthday delivery for a customer. As I handed her the fruit basket, I said, "Hey, we have the same birthday! Happy birthday!" She called me an attention whore and slammed the door in my face. FML


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On 03/19/2014 at 9:38pm - work - by Ma_Nikka - United States (California)

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Heyy! First I just wanna say happy belated birthday to those who shared the same birthday as me: #30 yeti37, #39 Shaowolf, and #66 amvelasco19's dad because I'm NOT an attention whore. So yes the customer ending up calling back claiming that she didn't receive her box of chocolate dipped apples along with her bouquet of chocolate dipped fruit that I delivered earlier. Since she signed the tag showing she had received her delivery my boss said that the delivery was successful and we don't have the box in our walk-in and that there's nothing we can do. We had the box and my boss let me have it. Karmas a bitch. Being in customer service I was genuinely just trying to be friendly as I have been with previous customers. This was the first time someone was rude. However I enjoyed my birthday anyway and thank you all for wishing me happy birthday! :D

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Today, I realized I'm so scared of my manager that I don't even dare to quit my job. The same job I want to quit exactly because I'm so scared of her. FML


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On 03/17/2014 at 3:41pm - work - by outthelabyrynth - Netherlands (Noord-Holland)

outthelabyrynth's comment about their FML

First things first: I'm a girl, and I'm not a prostitute. (That would pay much better, though)

I work at a restaurant with several managers who are all quite nice, but she's the boss of the whole restaurant so she's in charge of everything.

Now the thing is, she's quite nice to everyone... Except to me. I don't know what she has against me, but working with her is like getting a constant shitstorm over you. Always mean comments, giving me the worst tasks, and no matter how I improve myself, it's never good enough. She keeps telling me I'm too stupid to work there (which I'm not, I have higher qualifications than everyone there, but I need the money to save up for college) and when other people make a mistake, she blames me for it.

At this restaurant, when you want to quit, you have to tell her personally. The worst she can do is indeed yell at me. I'm not a shy person, but when people get angry at me or start yelling, I get really quiet and submissive and I feel like shit. I'll probably search for another job first, and then make up a believable story for why I want to quit, so she can't get too mad at me.

Thanks for all the support and I'll do my best to stand up!

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Today, I had an elaborate fantasy of what I would do if I became a cat and how I would make my way to my crush's house to be their cat. FML


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On 03/17/2014 at 8:15am - animals - by emmaavk88 (woman) - United Arab Emirates

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If that was true, double F my life! Luckily he isn't, I made sure of that -OP

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Today, my dad told me that I can't wear leggings on Friday nights, because, "your butt is too distracting for my poker buddies." FML


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On 03/17/2014 at 7:58am - intimacy - by JustClaire95 (woman) - United States (California)

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I'll prob just wear jeans from now on. Though it'd be funny to see them react to a mini skirt lol!

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Today, while I thought I'd never had an orgasm, my doctor informed me that I'm actually having orgasms almost every time I have sex. They just feel like utterly frustrating, slightly painful, unpleasurable and completely unsatisfying muscle contractions. FML


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On 03/17/2014 at 4:05am - intimacy - by HanBroman (woman) - Australia (New South Wales)

HanBroman's comment about their FML

Op here, I know the doctors right. It's something I'd suspected for a while but I guess I was in denial. before it happens it feels nice, like I'm getting really close and then BAM all the pleasure stops and is replaced by frustration and sensitivity until i have to ask him to stop because it's so unpleasant. (I've tried pushing on and eventually it goes numb) and this is predominantly from clitoral stimulation. internally i feel even less. I've tried everything. vibrators, special lube, oral (which I actually hate), all kinds of things. I have an extremely supportive boyfriend who is willing to try absolutely anything but nothing helps and it's been a year since we became sexually active. it's become very hard for me to get turned on now since I find there's nothing to look forward to about sexual activity.

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Today, a lady who works for my husband confided in me that they've been sleeping with each other and now she's pregnant. She didn't know I was his wife. FML


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On 03/16/2014 at 9:40pm - love - by naesha (woman) - United States (Tennessee)

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hey guys. Thanks for the positive comments. I guess she dididn't didn't realize I was his wife. Ib had twin a month ago and I brought them to the office. Here is when she sit down and decided to play with the boys. She went on to tell me about the affair & that shit is expecting. as for what I done I got up and left. I'm currently packing as I type.

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Today, while mowing, I found a baby bunny and took a picture of it. 20 minutes later, I accidentally ran over said bunny with the mower. FML


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On 03/14/2014 at 10:43pm - animals - by KennyJF7 - United States (Texas)

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I'm the OP, and the bunny was in a patch of grass oddly taller than the rest, and I didn't know it was there until I backed up because I thought I hit a tennis ball for my dog.

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