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Today, I got an angry call to the phone shop where I work. The caller demanded that we give him his money back. His reason? He said he'd been tricked because his phone got ruined by water "even though he was using the waterproof application". FML


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On 11/17/2013 at 2:38am - work - by OwlSaysBlimey - Sweden

OwlSaysBlimey's comment about their FML

I really didn't think this would be posted, but thanks for all the hilarious comments!

Well, I think I ought to explain it a bit. This person is one of our usual customers and is infamous for being a total idiot. Although this isn't the first time he has complained to us, this is by far the stupidest complaint he's made. He's usually complaining about that the Internet's off and that he can't turn 3G on and so on. Anyway, he didn't get his money back and my boss told him to piss off, so we're all good :).

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Today, I tried to storm out of the room during an argument, but walked face-first into our closed sliding glass door. My boyfriend laughed so hard that he had to sit down. Later, we noticed the nose mark I left. He won't let me clean it, because he wants to show it to everyone. FML


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On 11/17/2013 at 12:31am - misc - by raz_berri93 - United States (California)

raz_berri93's comment about their FML

I just wanted to clarify that later he felt bad and asked if I was fine, which I was. I also laughed at my clumsiness... I was even the one to close that door! Oops. I cleaned the mark (which he hasn't come home to see yet) and there is no violence... It's a funny story within our families now since I'm actually well known to be clumsy!

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Today, during school, I passed out in the lunch line and hit my head on the metal rail as I fell. Rather than helping or expressing concern at all, my friends simply left my unconscious body on the floor. Why? They had to get to the lasagna before the cafeteria ran out of it. FML


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On 11/16/2013 at 11:18am - health - by _sempiternus (woman) - United States

_sempiternus's comment about their FML

For those of you that were wondering- yes, I'm alright. :) I'm anemic, and sometimes it catches up to me and I'll start to get lightheaded/faint. I hadn't been feeling well all day, and thought food might help... Guess I was a bit late.
In regards to my 'friends', I suppose I used the term loosely. They aren't my closest friends by far, but I've known them for years. We were close enough that I ASSUMED the sight of me falling and bashing my head open would be more important than their need for dry, school-food lasagna.
And, in response to one commenter, I didn't expect them to immediately transform into doctors. But it still doesn't feel too great when the people you call 'friends' step over you, sprawled on the ground and bleeding, in favor of food.
And no, I don't speak to them anymore. We had a fall out shortly after this incident. Ah well, highschool is a joke anyways.

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Today, while feeling sick, I decided to go to a furniture store to sit down for a few minutes. I'm now the proud owner of an expensive, vomit-stained recliner. FML


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On 11/16/2013 at 1:19am - health - by maxhhh - United States (California)

maxhhh's comment about their FML

OP here, just a bit of background to the story: I've had a sore throat for a few days, and I'm actually in the market for a recliner so I thought, "I'm not gonna let a sore throat hold me back from getting out!" As I was sitting down and feeling the chairs, I felt an overwhelming dizziness and nausea, and before I knew it, I puked all over myself and the seat of the recliner. Turns out I have a stomach bug now. FML x2... I am getting it cleaned though, so it should be good as new! I enjoyed the comments; Thanks a lot guys!!! :)

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Today, I decided to make what I thought was a pretzel recipe. I ended up eating cooked, egg-coated play dough. Literally, homemade Play-Doh. FML


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On 11/15/2013 at 7:13am - misc - by thecodecat - Canada (New Brunswick)

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I didn't know it was play dough. The recipes got switched. I only ate on bite then I realized what was wrong and threw them out.

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Today, I let my sister hold my newborn daughter for the first time. I heard her mutter under her breath, "I could kill you so easily..." FML


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On 11/14/2013 at 4:33pm - kids - by emirie (woman) - Russian Federation (Saint Petersburg City)

emirie's comment about their FML

So just to clear things up, my sister isn't super crazy, although I was naturally alarmed. She's a little weird and creepy, and has no filter.

Also, this happened a while ago (I had to say today, obviously), it just popped in my head the other day when the same sister told me she's pregnant. She has babysat, and has a step son as well.

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Today, one of the special needs teens I work with confessed his love for me. It was cute until he put his erection on my leg and attempted to hump me. FML


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On 11/13/2013 at 5:27pm - work - by BioChickthcfy (woman) - United States (Illinois)

BioChickthcfy's comment about their FML

All is well, he was reminded to have "nice hands" as well as other things. He lives at the facility I work at, but I will not be working with this youth anymore. Things escalated very quickly and in order for everyone to be safe and be able to learn in an apparently less tempting environment I will be in a different location.

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Today, I donated blood. Afterwards, I regained consciousness on the floor with a half-eaten cookie in my mouth. FML


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On 11/13/2013 at 3:10pm - health - by Haberdashing - United States (Massachusetts)

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Wow. This was my FML. It was my first time giving blood. I'd tried once before but my hemoglobin was too low. So I made sure to eat lots of iron rich foods the weeks before and was fine this time. Everything went really well. But when I got settled at the table with the snacks where they make you wait for 15 minutes I started to feel a bit dizzy. I fainted then. I'd been in the middle of eating my cookie, so it wasn't that odd. The wonderful people there caught me and lowered me to the floor, and I was only out for about 20 seconds. When I woke I was just really confused, and all I could really coherently think was "I have a half chewed cookie in my mouth," and I couldn't figure out how to swallow. They gave me juice and ice and I went back to my dorm to lay down until class. I think it actually went really well, and I'm excited to give blood in the future. I'll just have a larger breakfast and stay laying down for longer.

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Today, I asked a co-worker why he was wearing sandals, as they are not allowed under our strict dress code. He got extremely angry with me and stormed off. Ten minutes later, I got called into our boss' office. Apparently, he told her that I walked up to him and asked to suck his toes. FML


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On 11/13/2013 at 4:00am - work - by feetfreak (woman) - United States (California)

feetfreak's comment about their FML

Hi. This is the original poster.

1. I was not trying to boss him around or be a tattle-tale. We work at a warehouse store and his job requires him to regularly perform heavy lifting INDOORS and heavy lifting OUTDOORS when he has to help customers carry things to their cars and load them. The guy was relatively new, so I was concerned about his safety. I thought maybe he just left the house in a hurry and forgot that he was wearing sandals. I've accidentally almost left the house in my running sneakers only to quickly run back and change.

2. I wasn't trying to be nosy, I was just genuinely curious and was not going to report him or try and get him in trouble. I am not a narc. We were making what I thought was polite small talk. Guess I was wrong.

3. To the people telling me to mind my own business: if you had toilet paper stuck to your shoe or broccoli in your teeth, wouldn't you want someone to tell you so you don't walk around all day looking like a fool?

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Today, a girl came up and hugged me. At first I was frightened, but then I asked who she was. Turns out she was the kid I babysat for 3 years. She cried when she realized I didn't remember her, then threw gravel in my face and ran away. FML


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On 11/12/2013 at 1:43pm - kids - by haleymcaldwell - United States (Arizona)

haleymcaldwell's comment about their FML

I babysat for her when she was 3-6 and it's been a long time, years. She looks incredibly different. She used to be blonde, for instance, and now has dark brown hair.

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Today, my sister introduced our parents to her new boyfriend. He's my boyfriend, and he told me he was going to be out of state for a few weeks on business. FML


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On 11/12/2013 at 12:39pm - love - by Alice99 (woman) - United States (Washington)

Alice99's comment about their FML

I feel like my post didn't have enough information.
No, my sister did not know we were together. I had not introduced him to my family yet.
Yes, I did break up with him. No, I did not feel bad about it.
Yes, my sister ended it with him after I told her what was going on.

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Today, the day before I'm supposed to leave for a long-anticipated trip to Europe, my mother admitted that she's never paid for it. She only told me she did so I would stop hinting that I wanted to go. I gave up Christmas for this trip. FML


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On 11/12/2013 at 12:45am - money - by MyUsernameIsBest (woman) - United States (California)

MyUsernameIsBest's comment about their FML

Hello all, OP here! :] I must say that I am so surprised that my late night ranting on FML made it on the site. XD Well I thought I'd elaborate a bit. x]

First of all, it was a trip with my high school AP European History class to Italy and France. It was all planned out, everything was included in what we pay online, and I already had gotten my passport. I got a part time job early last year when I found out about it to help pay for the trip, and I earned almost $850 to put towards funding it, as well as earned my own spending money. I had to give her the money because the tickets were being paid for from her account. I have no clue what happened to the money I gave my mom for the trip, but for the record she was not supposed to pay for the entire trip. A few days after I gave her the money I had earned, she texted me while I was at school telling me that she had signed me up for the trip and that it was paid for, so I stopped reminding her about it. She had already told me that if I helped earn money for the trip I could go.

Secondly, the "I gave up Christmas" part referred to the fact that I agreed with my parents that I would be willing to give up getting presents on Christmas this year and the last to somewhat make up for the money they were putting towards this trip. On Christmas last year I got nothing, but I was fine with it because I was expecting to be going on this trip. They didn't tell me then that I wasn't going, they just didn't get me anything and let me keep believing.

Thirdly, by "hinting", I literally just meant occasionally hinting that I wanted to go on the trip. I left the brochure laying around, forwarded emails from my teacher about fundraising options, mentioned it when my mother asked about my day at school etc. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a dang coward about inconveniencing people, never asking for things, never getting in people's way and always trying to avoid causing them trouble.. But when I realized I really wanted to go on this trip, I went about hinting about it, I wouldn't say that I was pestering her all that much. x] I did remind her about paying, but only after she told me I could go if I got a job to help pay for it. :P

On the bright side, at least I have the spending money I saved up. :P

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Today, I was quizzing a girl at my college, and I noticed that when she answered a question, her ears wiggled. It was cute, so I pointed it out. She burst into tears, and the guy next to me said, "Way to make her feel insecure, douchebag." FML


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On 11/10/2013 at 5:06pm - misc - by Tao26 (man) - United States (Missouri)

Tao26's comment about their FML

My exact words were "Hey, your ears wiggle when you answer questions, haha. That's cute." Not the smoothest thing to say obviously, but I guess I should have kept my comment to myself.

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