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Today, I felt pretty. As I deal with a severe anxiety and depression, I was proud of myself. All until a little girl asked: "Are you a boy or a girl?" FML


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On 05/24/2015 at 9:19am - kids - by hellpop - United Kingdom (London, City of)

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Hey, OP here! c

I just wanted to quickly clarify, I did not expect this to be published I was having a pretty bad day and out of needing to vent so I posted the most recent event. I am a cis female, not transgender. However I have polycystic ovarian disorder and I deal with hair growing in places such as my face which is why I believe the girl asked as I hadn't shaved that day...

For me, the testosterone I have really effects my confidence so this did knock me back a little bit but thankfully I have very supportive friends and wonderful boyfriend who tell me not to worry so much. c:

Thank you for all the positive feedback and comments, it really helps.

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Today, while serving a customer, she told me: "God made you a working class citizen so you could serve! If God wanted you to go to college, he would have made sure you were able to go!" FML


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On 05/23/2015 at 5:04pm - work - by Hyenayena - Canada (Alberta)

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I tried explaining that, but she said that "if you were meant to go to college, your life would lead to it naturally. Your life has led you to be part of the working class, see?"

So pretty much: if I'm not a rich person, I better not even think about going to college.

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Today, my cat has decided she can't eat unless I'm right there with her, so when she gets hungry she finds me and howls until I follow her to her food dish. She likes to eat pretty frequently, and I'm already getting a headache. FML


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On 05/23/2015 at 1:07pm - animals - by VeganVampyre - Canada (Newfoundland)

VeganVampyre's comment about their FML

Hey everyone, OP here :)
Just to clear a few things up, she is a street kitten that I just rescued about a week ago, and she had been attacked and beaten up by other cats quite a few times when she was out on the streets, so I'm thinking this lovely new behaviour is either a) she feels safer having me "protect" her while she eats, or b) she's just realized it's really nice to have company nearby and she's taking advantage since she was always alone before. I'm sure she will grow out of it as she gets more comfortable and used to being here :)
To the people saying I should control her food better- I feed her twice a day, but she prefers to graze rather finish it all at once. And since this is the healthier eating habit, I will not force her to change to a less healthy eating habit. To the people telling me to ignore her- can't do it. I'm so thrilled that she actually trusts me, and I feel so bad that she was on her own for so long that I can't bring myself to ignore her for any reason just yet.
To all the other YDI comments- I rescued a gorgeous, friendly little kitty from a probably short and horrible life on the streets, being attacked by other cats, and in return I got a lovely cuddly companion. Do I deserve that? Absolutely. :)

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Today, my friends made a little game out of my OCD. They like to purposely poke one of my arms so I immediately poke the other one. They think it's hilarious and now do it constantly. FML


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On 05/22/2015 at 4:11pm - misc - by danceinconverse - Canada (Ontario)

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Wow, the range of comments had me laughing to making a disgusted face. Thanks to everyone who was supportive but no need to worry! I'll explain things further but this will be long.
And to people saying "woah I do the same thing!", you most likely have OCD, but DO NOT SELF DIAGNOSE, ask your doctor about it before you prance around calling yourself mentally ill.

For me, I've always done little sort of tensing my muscles and making both sides feel the same games with myself ever since I can remember, especially in the car. It didn't become a problem until high school, when I started doing finger things to each hand to calm myself down, and it escalated into something actually slightly debilitating.

But anyways, so I also unfortunately have anxiety and depression to mix with my OCD, so I've never came out and said to most of my friends I have any of these things, or many people at all. I hate the "Oh just be happy and you'll feel better!" Comments so I tend to not bring it up unless necessary. (Think: having a permanent broken leg, and when people realize, the "advice" they give you is to walk on it and you should be fine).

But anyway, in their defence they just thought I was being silly, I do have a lot of quirks so I don't blame them. If they hadve known it was causing me legitimate panic, they of course would have stopped, but I'm very good at covering up my negative feelings. It did give me a panic attack i had silently in the washroom the first time the original friend figured it out (lightly smacking my arm to get my attention and seeing what looked like me immediately covering the other one in pain, as if the opposite one they actually hit hurt. I would definitely find that funny too). They all had a go at poking my arm to see me poke the other one, and eventually seeing if it worked on other areas of my body. I was laughing along so they had no reason to assume it was genuinely distressing me, even though it was just my panicked (anxiety induced) "aw shit they figured it out I don't want them to know I'm even weirder, I'll just play it off" response.

But the next time they saw me they had forgotten it all together almost, and now they only do it occasionally in a weird "insulting your friend to let them know you love them" kind of way. Those times I can genuinely laugh at. I'm all for making fun of myself and I get that it's pretty funny, and also it kind of helps me in a weird way.

But if the level it was at the first time hadve continued after the first time, i 100% would have explained to them why it's not ok, and I can guarantee they never would've done it again. And advice to anyone who is dealing with something similar where it does genuinely bother them, really, let the people know. If they patronize you for it, they are strait up dick nuggets, don't take their crap.

Sorry for the novel but hope i cleared some things up!

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Today, was my first experience having sex. It was also my first experience with a condom breaking. FML


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On 05/22/2015 at 12:27pm - intimacy - by Vexatious - United States (North Carolina)

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Update!! Not pregnant!!!

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Today, it was the first time a guy has shown any interest in me by calling me pretty. I was so shocked that instead of saying thank you, I hid behind the nearest object and promptly giggle-snorted. FML


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On 05/21/2015 at 4:01am - love - by WolfAvenge (woman) - United States (Arizona)

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I actually do have his number! We go to film school together but haven't hung out much. We were at a shoot for a fashion show. I totally plan on talking with him more, maybe asking to go out on a date soon too ;)

Since I joined the film club we will be seeing a lot of each other from now on anyway. I just want to hang out with him more first though, but I'm definitely interested if he still is XD

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Today, my grandmother yelled at me for driving erratically. I was "driving" in a video game. FML


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On 05/20/2015 at 2:35pm - misc - by Paws_Cat - United States (Massachusetts)

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I like how everyone assumes that I was playing Grand Theft Auto. I wasn't. Also, this got published fast! I was expecting it to be a day or something!

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Today, I woke up to my roommates "pet" snake casually lying in bed with me. I then got yelled at for screaming and scaring the snake. Apparently, it's my fault that it bit my chin. FML


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On 05/18/2015 at 10:27pm - animals - by earthlyscum - United States (Illinois)

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Fuck that, I'll eat the damn thing first

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Today, I surprised my 7 and 1.5 year old girls with a princess dinner. I quickly realized it was a scam when the "princesses" arrived looking more suited to a bachelor party. I was able to quickly get the girls out, but have spent the evening explaining why Pocahontas was heavily tattooed. FML


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On 05/17/2015 at 11:38pm - kids - by colorfun - United States (Indiana)

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It was advertised as an event for children. The guy running the event refused to pay for the professional princesses when they showed up, ready to perform. I think he intended on scamming everyone since he had the other slutty costumes on hand. The whole thing was a disaster! Police were called, parents were screaming obscenities and threats, etc. My local news station just finished running the story.

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Today, I went to a domestic violence counseling group. I was the only male there, and I explained that my girlfriend punches me in the face in front of my kids. Everyone started laughing. FML


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On 05/16/2015 at 6:16pm - misc - by SOTS4335 (man) - United States (Arkansas)

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OP here. Two of my sisters actually ended up beating the shit out of my now ex-girlfriend and moving me and my kids in with them. Kinda hard to defend yourself when you have muscular dystrophy and you spend most of your day in a wheelchair. But Thank GOD I'm done with that psycho-bitch. And fuck those assholes at that therapy session.

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Today, not thinking and being pissed off, I threw my phone in the car, making a decent sized crack in the windshield. FML


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On 05/16/2015 at 1:18pm - misc - by sheldon103 - United States (Ohio)

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I actually didn't throw it that hard, it bounced off the dash

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Today, I had the most excitement I have felt in the last two months when I went to a drugstore and they had my favourite bandaids. FML


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On 05/16/2015 at 12:33pm - misc - by BananaCoconutty - Canada (Ontario)

BananaCoconutty's comment about their FML

They were the Scooby Doo Bandaids! Lol

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Today, I got my driver's license. My dad made multiple copies of his insurance cards for me to give to people when I inevitably hit them. Because "Let's face it." FML


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On 05/16/2015 at 12:16pm - misc - by JillianJuneBug (woman) - United States (Maine)

JillianJuneBug's comment about their FML

Lol, my dad always had this type of sense of humor. He was mostly serious about this though, so we keep the 10+ cards in the glove box.

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