World's Worst Dishes Honored In Swedish Museum

From fermented fish to maggot cheese, it will exhibit 80 culinary curiosities from around the world.

The Disgusting Food Museum, dedicated to gross delicacies worldwide, will open on October 31st in Malmö, Sweden.

From Scandinavian fermented fish to Sardinian maggot cheese, 80 culinary "specialties" from around the world will be presented from October 31st to January 27th, according to the museum's website. Don't worry about each feature lasting that long of course - for the sake of freshness, many of the dishes will be replaced each day. In addition to this, foods with the most shocking and vomitous odors will be kept in special jars to protect the public. They don't want anyone passing out!


Disgusting dishes from all walks of life will be on display together for the first time. Visitors will be able to check out such delicacies as Hákarl (an Icelandic fermented shark dish), the durian (a Thai fruit known for its atrocious smell), Peruvian roasted guinea pigs, casu marzu (the Sardinian cheese infested with live maggot larvae), bull penis, and Surströmming (a Swedish dish made from fermented herrings).



"We need to question our ideas of disgust if we're going to consider some of the more environmentally friendly sources of protein, like insects." museum curator Samuel West told The Local. West is already famous for his Museum of Failure in Helsingborg, which was filled with products and ideas that never stood the test of time. Of his two museum ventures, West said, "They're both fun, but the food museum is much more relatable and much more interactive. You can only sniff failure to a certain extent. But if you have rotten shark in your face you wish you were never born."  


So how about it then? Would you go to this exhibit or is your gag reflex a little too strong? Which of these dishes would you dare to taste (if any)? In the reviews on the museum's website, Gollum says "I especially loved the bull testicles!"


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By Gloria Borger / Wednesday 3 October 2018 10:38 / United States
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Top comments
By  Glowworm56  |  25

To be perfectly honest, the grossest thing on that list to me is the Peruvian roasted guinea pigs. Never mind the bull penis or the live maggot infested cheese, the idea of eating something that is considered a pet in the United States disturbs me.
Balut ( which are duck eggs that still contain the developing embryo of the duckling) absolutely repulses me too. Do they feature that at the museum?

  tapdancecolumbia  |  14

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but animals die daily even when humans aren't involved with them.