World Beard Day: To Shave or Not to Shave, that is the Question. Here are 15 Cheeky FMLs about Beards!

Do you love beards? Do you hate beards? Are you a beardless lady with absolutely no opinion on beards? Are you a bearded lady who very probably has an opinion on beards? Well then, perfect! This is the article for you.


They say in certain websites and magazines that beards are as dirty as abandoned truck stop toilet seats. That’s a load of baloney. As long as a body part is washed frequently, it’s clean. Public hair, armpit hair, your mom’s toe hair, is that all dirty too?

Let’s get to the point, shall we? Let me leave you with these 15 FMLs: 

1. Nothing like kissing a pube-y beard.

2. Facial profiling


3. I think this beard is actually a moustache. Otherwise this is the most horrifyingly long nose hair imaginable.

4. A walking before and after photo.

5. Beard flambé.

6. A sign you should stop smoking.

7. Sounds like you shaved yourself from a bad relationship.

8. Dude looks like a lady.

10. It's me, boy!

11. Now there's a man who has honed his beard powers.

12. The most hipster family puts "deconstructed beards" in jars. 

13. A buggy beard.

14. Easier than saying it to your face.

15. Everyone knows the key to his secret Santa powers is his beard!

They say that people with beards have something to hide…and when I say “people,” I mean my mom.

In my case, I’m just hiding my double chin. It’s nice because it gives the impression that I might have a square jaw. Or a neck. Beards are like leg warmers or Birkenstocks. One day they’re in fashion, the next day they’re not, and so it continues in an infinite spiral of time lest the sun implode and the universe cease to exist.

By Alan / Wednesday 30 August 2017 17:11 / France
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