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By  bluejello2001  |  17

I'm sorry that your wife's involuntary biological process is messing with your plans.
Do you not know roughly when your wife is due for her period? Or is she just irregular?
Maybe you'll just have to find other ways to enjoy your trip, if you two aren't into period sex. Have fun!

By  shannon2348  |  14

Oh for heavens sake. You act as though she's now completely useless to you. Guess what? You can still have sex even with her period but even if you couldn't your attitude sucks. ydi

By  sourgirl101  |  27

Maybe it’s not the husband but the wife that doesn’t want to have sex when she’s cramping and bleeding down there? Menstrual cups work wonders but if you don’t have a participating partner not much the husband can do in this situation. Having your period can mean limiting some forms of foreplay to those that aren’t vampires.