With The "Ask A Question" Feature Annoying Everyone On Instagram, This Artist Found A Cool Way To Get Creative

The "Ask me a Question" feature on Instagram has been a big FML for anyone who got over playing the question game in middle school.

When you're justr trying to go through your friends Insta-stories, and you have to sift through a million questions, it can get annoying quick. But you have to admit that it is cool to be able to ask those bloggers or artists you follow the questions you've been wanting to ask. Russian artist Andrew Tarusov found a creative way to reply to all the questions he was getting on his Instagram about his artwork... by drawing out his responses! Bored Panda did the original compilation, and we cam through with our favorites. Check it out, below. 

There you have it. Weirdos on the internet everywhere, but at least some people are finding out how to find the fun in it. 

By nadine / Friday 13 July 2018 17:45 /
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