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By Orange - 4/12/2019 01:00

What is my pastime?

Today, my parents went through my room and found a journal that I started writing in 2 years ago up until now. They read it and now they know I'm bisexual, and my favorite pastime is listening to them having sex. FML
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  PenguinPal3017  |  19

uhhh wtf dude


When has a regular wall ever been enough of a physical boundary to prevent sound from travelling from room to room? I can close my bedroom door, and hear my roommate in the kitchen on the other side of the house. Which is why I suggested OPs parents soundproof their room if they want to carry on unencumbered by his creepy behavior. If they're too freaked out by the revelation, they may have to kick him out. Whatever they do, they should have him see a therapist no matter what.


How do you use software to encrypt a book? At no point does OP say they write it on a computer. If they did, they may have had the foresight to lock it when leaving it unattended, just in case. But given the creepiness of their "favorite pastime", it's good that it's now out in the open, because the 'rents can try to find out what the fuck is wrong with their child.