Good morning ladies, gentlemen, and everybody else... yes, everybody else, because today is "everybody else" day. You're not a lady, you're not a gentleman, it doesn't matter, you can be both, 50/50 or 25/75, it's okay, in fact, it’s great. Why are...
By FML Team / Thursday 3 September 2009 21:40 /

Good morning ladies, gentlemen, and everybody else... yes, everybody else, because today is "everybody else" day. You're not a lady, you're not a gentleman, it doesn't matter, you can be both, 50/50 or 25/75, it's okay, in fact, it’s great. Why are we so obsessed of being 100% made of female or male chromosomes? That sucks. Here at FML, after a projection of Victor Victoria, we decided to develop our hidden female or male sides. We are not the only one to do so, take a look around you: David Bowie, the Gossip, Sarah Palin, Brüno, none of them would be categorized to a single, and sad, panel. They all want to break free, and so do we. Supported by Mrs. Doubtfire, let's welcome today's artist who made this great illustration about gender confusion, Paul Westover !

Paul Westover lives in Eugene, OR, with his wife Jennifer and his three kids, Conner, Alec and Alyssa. He went to college there and received his degree from the University of Oregon in Digital Arts cum laude.

Our artist for today is a freelance illustrator and designer. Until recently, his main job since he graduated has been creating illustrations for standardized tests, for both the elementary and secondary levels. Once, someone told him that millions of kids would be seeing these illustrations, so, as you can imagine, he takes more than a little bit of pleasure in the idea that maybe, someday, a kid will see this illustrated FML and say, "Hey! That's the guy who drew 'How many donuts can I fit in this box?' ". And if you're that kid, just tell us how many donuts were in that box. But today, Paul's here thanks to his web comic ‘Woody After Hours’. He works with the writer Ben Carter, whose major accomplishments to date have been eating the World's Largest Gummi Bear™ and drinking his bodyweight in Diet Coke on a daily basis. Basically every kid’s dream. WAH is a web comic about a late night show in Raleigh, NC. It's quite a new web comic, as the website was launched earlier this year. Paul confesses that the best thing about it is that it gives Ben and he an opportunity to collaborate with other web comic authors/artists, as their characters are guests on the show. They write (together with Ben) and draw their own material, afterwards, Paul incorporates it into the artwork that he has created to complete the guest strips.

Paul loves illustrating. Since he was a little kid, he has always had a fondness for comic books. Once, his stepfather gave him a box of his comics when he was around the age of 8. As with Robin Williams, he was immediately hooked. That's how he decided to be a comic book artist when he grew up, influenced by comic artists such as John Byrne, George Perez, Mike Grell and others.
"The farthest I think I ever got was showing Mike Grell some work at a con and him saying "I was on the cusp of breaking in." I was still pretty young at the time, and I let life get in the way of following through on that dream. Well that, and a predisposition towards procrastination. My five year plan has always been to come up with a five year plan. So, it's nice to be working on a webcomic now. It kinda feels like I'm following through on something (albeit several years later!)."

When we asked Paul if there was anything else he liked, besides illustrating, his answer is close enough: animation. His dream would be to create independent comic/horror animated serials for the web or TV. But, as operate a web comic is difficult and absorbing enough time (but don't worry, is updates are always on time, he swears, and we believe him), he just can't find the right moment right now. He has been teaching animation to his 9-year-old daughter, who is 9, so they’re keeping it in the family.


"-Time to say goodbye Paul, but first, we would like to know why you chose to participate to the FML illustrations and why did you choose this particular story?
-I saw all the cool kids were doing it, so I wanted in! Plus, I absolutely love this site! I like to finish a long day with a visit here. It always makes me feel a little bit cheerier, because what better way to lift one's spirits than the pain and anguish of strangers? As for the particular FML I chose, it was really difficult. There is so much potential in a lot of these items. For me, at least with this one, when I read it, I immediately had a visual that made me chuckle. The ones that let your imagination run with it a bit are always the best!"


You're illustration fits perfectly with what you just said. Thank you Paul !


Woody After Hours, is this way: http://www.woodyafterhours.com/
Paul's personal website is this way (and believe us, it worths taking a look) : http://www.paulwestover.com/


And now here's a little instruction manual on how to be our next published artist: send an email to [email protected] which starts with a hello and ends with a goodbye, including your name, age, and a link to your website/blog. If you don't have one, attach some of your drawings. It's not that complicated is it? Don't waste any more time and send an email now!

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