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(VIDEO) Woman Realizes She's Been Calling Her Neighbor By The Wrong Name For 14 Years

Now THAT is what we call an FML.

Most people are familiar with the awkward feeling that is forgetting a person's name that you know you should definitely know by now. But at least in those instances, you're in on the awkward. When Stephanie Aird, a comedian from Hartlepool, England, discovered that she's been calling her neighbor by the wrong name for over 14 years, it was a whole new level of awkward.

Aird recalled the story in a video that she shared to her comedy Facebook account, Stephanie LOLS. The video was apparently great for her comedy career, as it has been viewed more than 1.8 million times since being uploaded. 

"I was talking to another lady over the road and I go: 'How is Mavis doing?'... She said: 'Who's Mavis?'"

"I said, 'You what? My neighbour, Mavis.' She said, 'You haven't got a neighbour called Mavis.' I said, 'Aye I have. George's wife, Mavis.'

"She goes, 'Do you mean Sylvia?' I go, 'Who's Sylvia?' She said, 'George's wife.' I said, 'I've called her Mavis for 14 years.'"

The best part of the story? Aird has been sending Christmas cards to her next-door neighbours....and receiving cards back from 'Mavis and George'.

If the story wasn't enough to get you laughing, you've got to see Ms Aird herself tell it. 

By Nadine / Tuesday 14 August 2018 17:31 / France
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