(VIDEO) Woman Claims To Have Had Sex With Over 20 Ghosts, And She's Looking For One To Settle Down With

On the bright side, if she continues with ghosts, there is no chance of this woman procreating.

Amethyst Realm, a 27 year old spiritual guidance counselor from Bristol claims that she has had sexual encounters with 20 different spirits. Yes, you read that right. We're talking ghosts, people. 

Realm claims that the ghosts give her orgasms, and that she is no longer interested in having sex with real men. Realm is even looking for the right ghost to settle down with, and possibly even have little ghost babies. Not right now though (I mean, sure, she's only 27, and that would be crazy.)

"It was kind of like a weight, I felt a pressure on my thighs. At the same time physical breath, and stroking," Realm says during her interview with ITV's This Morning.

Her full appearance on the talk show can be seen below. Trust me, it's worth it.

Have you ever had an encounter with someone from the beyond? Was it as saucy as this? Please, lord, let us know in the comments below.

By Nadine / Wednesday 11 July 2018 15:32 / France
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  Dustin Allen-Duwayne Lakey  |  16

Would they call it lyfing?

  jellenwood  |  34