(VIDEO) Netflix Special Claims They Tricked A Man Into Thinking He Was Invisible. The Internet Is Not Believing Any Of It

Come on, Netflix, seriously?

Is there actually another meaning behind the Netflix clip everyone is talking about?

For those of you who haven't seen the video, it's basically just a clip from the Netflix series "Magic for Humans" which, for some reason, really took off.

The clip is about 5 minutes long and shows the host, magician Justin Willman, and a bunch of people who help convince one guy that he is invisible. The concept is nice, but there are many things about the clip that are a bit too unbelievable, and people on the internet have called it all out. Check out the clip below. 

Though it is an entertaining video, anyone who believed that the trick may have been organic will be feeling pretty foolish after scrolling down to the comments. It seems that every single commenter had something to say about how undeniably fake the video was, with some people pointing out that the two men who became invisible are clearly wearing microphones. Others pointed out that they recognized the actors before from other small roles.

"Netflix, come on , you are insulting us with this crap, obviously average actors and a lot of editing, this is not magic or entertaining for anybody with a functioning brain," said one commenter.


"And this is why Netflix got rid of their review page because everything they put out is terrible and they don’t want people calling them out on it." 

Before you go and say that this is a clear FML on Netflix's end for underestimating everyone's intelligence, there is another point of view to the whole thing. One Youtube commenter pointed out that the very first sentence of the video is the host saying "If the tiniest bit of evidence will make us believe the unbelievable, what would I have to show someone to make them believe the impossible?"

"The only ones being tricked in this video is us, the viewers," said the commenter. "The very first sentence the guy says at the start makes complete sense..."

So, what do you think? FML for Netflix, or for the viewers who'd believe it?

By Nadine / Friday 31 August 2018 10:59 / France
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